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  1. I was honestly surprised we didn't draft him.
  2. If they were any good we would have waived them by now
  3. That opportunity is not going anywhere.
  4. not putting up with soft players anymore. Refreshing to see a staff that is decisive
  5. Its not a big deal. Chase was very good and Chinn had a few bad games. Im extremely excited that we have a real playmaker safety for once. Burns, Chinn, Brown... Foundation for greatness
  6. Watson has a no trade clause. They cannot trade him without his consent so he does hold some power
  7. Its not a wash. That could end up being the qb pick along with the two 1st round guys that put us over the top in future years.
  8. i wouldnt have given 2 first for jalen, but he is a generational talent. I love Watson and he has thr power to ok/negate a trade while the texans have little leverage. Im not giving 3 1st for any qb. Especialy possible top 10 picks
  9. no way. inwouldnt give more than 2 1sts and a 3rd
  10. no trade clause. couldnt he force a trade with us if our organization was where he wantd to play?
  11. Unreal.. This is why i dont spend money on nfl anymore
  12. Haha how awesoome would it be if Ron and Hurney turned Washington into a juggernaut and Jameis Winston played like a pro bowler for the Saints. Twilight zone
  13. ahh damn does picking your nose count?
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