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  1. This is def rubbing salt in old wounds....all this and still no Lombardi!
  2. Sacks happen will replace the Keep Pounding chant lol
  3. I'd rather lose with Cam than Sam. I fell asleep multiple times during this game and never had any hope in the two minute drill! Cam brings excitement no matter what
  4. How was that not grounding? Yes he was outside the tackle box but no wr was in the vicinity.
  5. Damn ol Dutch that wanted one more big score lol. Pretty analogy, I hated him SO much in rdr2.
  6. Renamed my Roomba to Matt Rhule cuz he sucks and wanders around aimlessly and constantly gets stuck!
  7. No because he has lost the locker room , team has quit, and he throws players under the bus. Not many players will play hard for him. Only guys playing for a contract would.
  8. Well when you say"your Panthers" and post from Tampa ..makes me believe you were a bucs fan.
  9. Wont be surprised if they cut Cam. To make Sam clear cut #1, shoot me now.
  10. Youll be the same once Brady retires...enjoy the greatest gift to ever luckily fall in your fuging lap. Brady didn't choose Tampa due to it being so great...he only wanted warm weather.
  11. First step is to admit the problem lol. I'm shocked he took some blame.
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