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At 9, The Carolina Panthers Will Select


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Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

I know many of you are stuck on QB, but it just makes no sense to reach on a QB when you have the second coming of Luke Kuechly in the draft.  Before anyone says its a stretch to pick him that high, we picked Luke at the exact same spot in 2012.  This guy has rare size speed combination and the abilty to diagnose a play quickly. As a bonus we have the man himself, Kuechly, to help and mentor him.  He, paired with Shaq, would instantly upgrade this defense. This guy has only scratched the surface of his potential and will be a stud MLB for the Carolina Panthers.



Parsons is a unique talent. As an off the ball linebacker Parsons is one of the best prospects to enter the NFL Draft in recent times. He fits the mold of a modern day NFL linebacker. In a league that is increasingly valuing speed, Parsons will be able to play every down in the NFL due to his ability to get sideline to sideline and run downhill. 

Parsons’ versatility to blitz, rush the passer, run stuff and play in coverage will be a dream for defensive coordinators. You can use him in a host of different ways because Parsons is able to do everything. He is an explosive athlete who has good burst and speed to be disruptive in every aspect of the game.

Parsons is extremely useful when blitzing and pursuing the passer and it is one of his best traits. He is a leader on defence who will start from day 1 in the NFL. Parsons has no where near hit his potential and his ceiling is as high as it goes

The linebacker also has great size for the position. At 6’2″ 244 lbs he can match up against any position and will come in particularly useful against tight ends. Parsons has a great change of direction along with good instincts and high football IQ meaning he will cause problems for opposing offenses. 

Micah Parsons is drawing comparisons to former Carolina Panther Luke Kuechly. That’s because they both share great size, production and speed. This should show the potential Parsons has. Without trying to reach too high too soon, he could be considered one of the greats at the position.


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5 minutes ago, GoPanthers123 said:

If it’s top 10 pick it’s a QB.  That is the number one need.

So pick a project QB in the top 10 just because you need a qb?  No thanks I want a superstar

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1 minute ago, Sean Payton's Vicodin said:

almost as useless in making our team better as the florida TE. off the ball linebackers are worth jack poo in todays nfl. the only linebackers you should be drafting top 10 are 3-4 pass rusher specialists like von miller.

Azeez Ojulari

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I get it.  Millions of ways to do this--but I am taking Sewell or a QB.  Sewell is likely to be gone, so I would take any of the top 4 qbs.  Reach?  not if there is no real chance of getting a QB next year.  I would not be angry with Jones or Trask if we trade back or in round 2...

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