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  1. We suck again. What a total meltdown in clutch time. Freddie blows
  2. 0-17 on PP? shorthanded goals? nothing is going our way
  3. Cant argue against it. We are very undisciplined on defense. Rangers are so much better at getting back and not turning over the puck. shorthanded goal? jesus
  4. We had every opportunity to win despite the refs obviously tilting the game. Tic tac calls on us all night while they are punching and boarding with no calls. Pro sports are just a popularity contest. Our PP is trash right now. We are just playing catch and trying to be cute. Kuzy and Noesen being out is a huge wtf
  5. They gonna be so f'in mad. I can't wait. Let's hope they lose their composure again. I was laughing out loud.
  6. So, he can raise his football acumen and become a better owner. If you know any successful business owners, they tend to get involved. If I paid $2.3 billion for a football club, I would certainly make some decisions and put my mark on it. The fact that he wants to get better and has already shown he will admit his mistakes and retool quickly is a good sign.
  7. 3 consecutive 50 win seasons is elite. Go Canes!
  8. I think as an owner he is allowed to critique and get explanations for play calling post-game. If anything, I'm glad he is interested in learning more about the game. I'm sure most if not all owners do this.
  9. Exciting stuff with our run defense. Robinson and Clowney will be great additions. After looking at the photos below the article- I would love to be in the weight room and see what everyone is lifting. Seeing Brown, Hunt, Clowney, etc... go to work would be cool.
  10. He should have excelled in a 3-4 system. More possibilities for scheming 1v1's. He was never a good 4-3 end because he gets beat down in the run game.
  11. Totally agree. The best way not to get hurt it to get drunk before the game. That way when you get ragdolled in 1.7 seconds you don't tense up.
  12. I would be ok with this. Wilson at 65 may be worth the risk. Where is Worthy and Chop taken in that mock?
  13. LETS GO! This is the most important signing of the last 5 years.
  14. This. If he's had 2 major injures in college, he will definitely get hurt in the pros. Injury prone linebackers can be had later in the draft. We don't have the luxury of extra picks to take a risk on. Looks like a stud though.
  15. I'd rather have Dionte and a 2nd rounder than pickup an aging vet on an inflated contract.
  16. He went to high school 40 mins from BOA stadium.
  17. ygm, clowney, wonnum, and chaisson.. feels like we got some real potential here
  18. its feast or famine. The 2 years prior to his injury he was good. He has major injury concerns and is coming off a torn acl. IF he stays healthy and gets on with AR, they could be tough.
  19. why would you sign someone who stays on the injury report most of the time? Terrible for morale
  20. Scott Fitterer is the gift that keeps on giving. No wonder Seattle was happy to see him go.
  21. I think we need to go center early. Maybe that guy out of Duke. We are one injury away from Cade Mays starting. Corbett's not even a center
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