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  1. What the others in our division may or may not do is so far outside our priority list it’s irrelevant. The remaining coaching staffs in the playoffs right now together couldn’t coach this team to a winning season. To pull off the X’s and O’s You need jimmys and joes. We have neither the identity nor the personnel to establish one if we had it.
  2. Wasting what should be golden opportunities is the calling card of this 3-ring circus.
  3. As much as I want a franchise LT, I want to see BC get his shot. We can still address OL at either G spot or at C with that Linderbaum kid.
  4. I don’t want to say it was, just b/c that’s a lot of great football to “beat out”. However, that’s at least 2 straight days of the best football I can remember watching. That was a good time. I hope next weekend doesn’t suck.
  5. They can not give up the TD. It can’t end like that.
  6. I forgot what good football looked like. Damn this is fun.
  7. One the best games I’ve seen in this modern age.
  8. Nope somebody is gonna be a legend tonight.
  9. Couldn’t make sense of it then, still can’t.
  10. Bruh, our 1996 NFC West championship is one of my favorite banners. Its so stupid we have it that it’s priceless.
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