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  1. Those that supported the trade almost universally made the argument: If Darnold can be average, we’ll be dangerous.” Welp, that’s a little better than average and we’re 3-0. Good call.
  2. Texas or no, I’m not giving up the potted meat. mmmm…processed pink meat paste.
  3. Colin is a turd. He just happens to like our QB. …lucky us.
  4. He wanted more in his bonus. But he signed it the next week. This is the madden thread right?
  5. Joe was a pain when he played. From the looks of things, he raised a fine son and I’ve got no ill will towards the man at all. Hope they come to a decision they can all make peace with.
  6. I completely agree the talent has gotten better. What I’m trying to say is Chinn was making those splash plays last year and now that he’s on the back end, Shaq has reaped the rewards of being in that spot on the defense. He hasn’t wasted it that’s for sure.
  7. We’ve not been a good team even with CMC going 1k/1k. He’s missed significant time, and he doesn’t have a huge library of house calls. Bad team, gaps in playing time, volume touches guy, does his work between the 20’s. What kind of coverage does he warrant exactly? He’s our guy so we love him and think he’s the GOAT. No underlying social issue here, just context.
  8. That’s gonna play hell with D-coordinators in a couple weeks. Is he back? Is he out? What do we do? hehehe
  9. Yep, when NY fans were screaming at him I doubt they were smiling and sending positive vibes.
  10. Agreed. This defense suits him. But if im being honest, I think Shaq has benefitted from Chinn moving back a level.
  11. Wall to wall panthers? I don’t give a damn about the other 100 mil football fans or their teams, my team is all that matters. Thats not too much to ask.
  12. They never tested him. AJ will be tested immediately. No time to ease in, Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, Zeke and Dak are not gonna take it easy. The season has officially started. 10 days to destiny.
  13. The only thing that tells me is if it were me, they’d need the cart.
  14. I wouldn’t say one way or the other. Make Dallas prep for CMC and without him. That’s 2 game plans. 1 is hard enough.
  15. Roger Goodell and NFLRA get together on Wednesdays to swap angry fan letters like trading cards. They then take their favorite ones back home, put them in the fireplace and set them ablaze using $100 bills. They also kill a baby seal, but I’m not sure what that has to do with the letters.
  16. Wait. You’re telling me we could trail in a game?? Hasn’t happened yet this season, crazy man. After three games I’m sure it would’ve happened, if it were even possible. pfffft… trailing in a game? HA!
  17. Yes, but which is easier? 10pc puzzle or 1000pc puzzle?
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