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  1. Maybe the bro from Tennessee we drafted will work out.
  2. FWIW I saw in a Reddit post that Corral beat the poo out of him. Gretzky’s son has a very punchable face.
  3. Good. Suck with Darnold, fire Rhule, bring in Brian Flores, get back on track.
  4. This is just the dumbest fuging thing. We’re going to get fleeced by Houston who are by far the dumbest team in the league. Deshaun Watson better pan out or this sets us back a decade
  5. Just blow the whole goddam thing up and start over. It’d be better than the horseshit that we’re going through now
  6. A bad o-line would be an upgrade over what we have. Plus we got the guy that got Joe Burrow murdered last year.
  7. Say it with me folks…Offensive Line. Yes - Brady hasn’t shown the ability to adjust to defenses in the NFL. But for the love of fug, our God damn poo show of an offensive line has been an issue for most of our franchise existence. People act like football is a super hard thing to figure out. It’s fuging not. Build a Goddam offensive line. Use actual draft picks, high ones to draft players worth a poo. Spend money in free agency on mother fuging offensive linemen instead of trading a 2nd rounder on another goddam corner. Trade anyone or anything of value for offensive linemen. fuging anyone. I’m tired of this team doing the same poo year after goddam year. fuging idiocy front office, ownership, and coaching.
  8. Pay half his salary and let the other team pay the other half.
  9. I don’t know if I’d use the word cancer, but Darns was definitely the biggest problem. Cancer is usually associated with attitude. He’s a weak ass bitch, which guys aren’t going to respect. But it seems like he at least wanted to do well. He just lacked the tools.
  10. Win or lose, we finally have what we’ve been missing: leadership.
  11. If we trade him and pay half his salary like we did Teddy, I’m assuming that goes against the cap, right?
  12. As if we didn’t kick the poo out of him enough with the shitty lines he played behind, now he’s coming back to an even shittier line. It’s like he has a death wish.
  13. You would think paradis would step up and at least be a leader. Even though he’s ass
  14. I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day and having the leadership conversation and came up with maybe Shaq? But he’s been hurt. I thinK it’s a valid point…there doesn’t seem to be leadership. And I think that’s the biggest problem. As far as Cam goes, no. He’s gone. We destroyed his body with a poor O-line. I loved those years too but he gone. I’m hoping someone will step up as a leader and right the ship. It could happen. The next few weeks should be interesting.
  15. When healthy CMC is the most dynamic player in the game. Dude is a walking hamstring injury. It will never be any different. If someone is willing to take his contract and trade us a player for him, do it. Enjoy the 5 games per year he plays for you.
  16. I really hate the Huddle right now
  17. And what’s the plan if he goes to jail or gets cancelled and is permanently banned from the NFL?
  18. I think we should get rid of him after this game. He has showed zero ability to adapt to the NFL game. I don’t care who replaces him. Let Rhule, and if it doesn’t change then he can be gone too. I would settle for mediocrity at this point because we aren’t even sniffing that. All the trades were cute in the draft but still didn’t address the offensive line
  19. We better bring in every lineman waived or cut to see if they can offer anything. Because what we got is dog poo, wrapped in cat poo.
  20. Did Fit-dawg get us some real NFL O-lineman that I’m unaware of ?
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