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  1. Good win boys…defense was downright nasty. OL shaky but held for the most part. Some good play calls but also some predictable red zone stuff. ST still a joke and kicking is a liability. Other than the bonehead pitch, I’m impressed with how Darnold looked. Lotta zip on the ball with good accuracy
  2. Yea, but who do you put on the practice squad that will inevitably be signed by another team and ball out ala Harrison Butkner?
  3. Gotta keep him for another 2 weeks. So unfortunately, this jackass
  4. Rhule shaking his head like he didn’t know this kicker is trash
  5. And this began the comeback against our loveable, yet dipshit, Panthers
  6. Gotta score more than 17….can’t expect to win against the saints with a quarter left with only 17 points
  7. Even on an incompletion, moose finds a way to felate the saints
  8. I feel like Moose Johnson should just go down to the saints sideline and start blowing them
  9. We’ll see how he does against a real football team
  10. Yay…another crap lineman to sort of protect the quarterback. If Sam or anyone else survives this year, it’ll be a miracle
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