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  1. I was just going to say that once DeHaven sees what our team has become it's going to give him cancer all over again.

  2. I'm surprised we threw it on 3rd. Should've had a Newton option run maybe. Either way, good to put points up first and set the tone on D.
  3. I'm so sick of seeing a holding call every time we rush the passer. These refs are garbage and the NFL has no interest in making it any better
  4. Funny that they've missed every single Holding call against the colts.
  5. Lol well I like him better then PJ at this point. Let both of them duke it out.
  6. He retweeted somebody telling him to call him over to carolina.
  7. Money is the champ! He utilized his talent to make money and win titles. How can you deny he's one of the best?
  8. Those kind of guys have leverage. They're top tier players. They both went on to win 2 superbowls each. DGB doesn't have any kind of leverage
  9. This guy will have not played for 25 games. Give him a break.
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