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  1. i merged and cleaned up the two threads. hope i didn't screw anything up. @Verge please check it over and see if it's ok. Loved the analysis and I appreciate all the pre-draft work you do.
  2. agreed. kind of a hidden gem almost that could be a huge difference maker in what we are doing.
  3. yes! Again, thanks for pitching in.
  4. I can't remember much about the season last year. Had a lot going on like most people so it was all pretty much a blur. By the time the season got started life was all about work and recovering from work so I barely paid attention. I'm trying to think of what this team might look like going forward, but without a better understanding of what we were able to do with who we had, it's kind of hard. So who were the standouts on offense and defense? Think about the obvious and the not so obvious that you'd like to see more of going forward. The guys that should be included in the plans fo
  5. I just know I'm feeling more giddy about this team than I have in years. Ever since that damnable SB loss, I've just felt pretty blah about this team. This year feels fresh and it feels like it's finally being put together correctly. It has been deconstructed, torn down to it's foundation, and being rebuilt into something special by people who are very forward thinking and have a clear vision of the future rather than trying to hang on to the old school.
  6. impressive and pretty fun to watch highlight reel of Ramsey
  7. I think this guy is meant as a backup to darnold. the sandlot style of play is very similar, though darnold has a bigger arm.
  8. adding the last couple...Spencer Brown and Peyton Ramsey
  9. sharing the burden of proving who he can be and who they believe he can be. it's not on Darnold to prove he can be great. it's on the team. it's on the coaching staff. its on all of them together. in NY they gave him nothing. they just threw him out there in some half thought out scheme on a team with crappy leadership and a bunch of meh players. that's not what he has here.
  10. About 8 starters WR- DJ LT- up for grabs LG- up for grabs C- Paradis (blah) RG- up for grabs RT- Moton RB- CMC FB- up for grabs TE- up for grabs WR- up for grabs QB- Sammy Sam Sam DE- Gross-Matos DT- Brown DT- up for grabs DE- Burns LB- Shaq LB- Perryman LB- Reddick CB- Horn CB- up for grabs S- Chinn S- Burris and i guess PK and LS are kind of up for grabs though I think that ammendola and fletcher will be taking over those spots.
  11. and i'm actually pretty fluent in leadershipspeak (which that was) and what he said was we believe he can succeed and we are going to give him the chance to succeed without hanging a noose over his head.
  12. Exactly the right mindset to be passing on to Sam and to all of us. Take the pressure off and just let him/help him grow. It's not "do or die". It's just "learn to live".
  13. keep Zylstra. ST security.
  14. really good stuff. seeing a lot of this kind of thing being said.
  15. that's what I'm thinking. they'll have a stout offense, but that's kind of why we've been building the defense we have. while they throw all their eggs into offense, their defense is still going to be pedestrian.
  16. My thoughts too. Not ideal, but that's where he was last year and they like him. We probably won't have a specific free safety or strong safety, just safeties we use back there. But i also think we're going to be messing around with formations and personnel so much I don't think it matters. It's kind of a non-issue, imo. I have always considered it that way, tbh. The two roles are mostly interchangeable and situational anyways.
  17. Average grade: A- (3.55) Draft Pick Grade Weight Jaycee Horn A+ 20% Terrace Marshall Jr A- 15% Brady Christensen B+ 10% Tommy Tremble B 10%
  18. it is awesome. also doesn't sound like jj has a spot on the roster next year. moving on....
  19. i guess only 4. what a bummer. we might be done. supposed to top out at 90 total players heading into training camp.
  20. Post them when you see them and we'll keep the first post updated. OSCAR DRAGUICEVICH III Punter Washington State Cougars RS-SENIOR (2020): Named to All-Pac-12 Conference Second Team and Associated Press All-Pac-12 Second Team…named to All-Pac-12 Second Team by Phil Steele…third in the country averaging 46.7 yards-per-punt on 19 punts…put eight punts inside the 20 and recorded five of 50-plus yards…had a long of 78, the 7th-longest in WSU history and tied for 2nd-longest in the country in 2020…named to Ray Guy Award Watch List (top punter)…named to preseason All-Pac-12 Third Team
  21. and we still have udfas coming. we'll stick them all into one thread though.
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