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  1. Don't play/be so dumb. Weak attempt at subliminal message. Saying PJ will start. That's delusional. Now if another wannabe pro league like the XFL starts back up or he goes to Canada.....maybe then. But with the big boys, he's a toddler.
  2. I like cats, but they should stay outside because litter boxes stink. Therefore, we should always have an outdoor stadium.
  3. That's what a leader does. Shoulders the blame rather than passing the buck.
  4. I think we go 4-2 against NFCS 3-1 against NFCE 1-3 against AFCE Beat the Texans Lose to the Cardinals Beat the Vikings Finish 10-7 Get wildcard and win one playoff game. Then 2022 Superbowl run
  5. Well, their fans obviously know us pretty well...guys like our stud edge rusher Harris. But I think they'll line Harris up against their rookie RT George Washtub. I think they've got the potential for some decent runs with their scatback William Easterbunny. That WR, Joe Chowder, they picked up in FA could do some damage as well. I am worried about their pass rush, though, led by Ortho Pedicson...that guy is a beast. All in all I'm not really worried because their new HC, Ernie Salami. I mean he coached in Canada, right? How much could he know? The biggest thing I think we've got going for us is their rookie QB, Zack Morris. Dude is overrated.
  6. "it's been YEARS" and you joined September 29, 2020?
  7. Yes. Our secret weapon. I did my research.
  8. We win 27-10. Sam throws 1 INT early causing a massive meltdown, but settles down and throws 2 TDs (1 to Robby), and runs one in himself....and he doesn't get sacked. Kicker doesn't miss anything. Meanwhile, Zach throws 1 TD, 2 INTs, and gets sacked 3 times. Welcome to NYJ.
  9. He's the guy wearing the bunny suit.
  10. Fwiw, jets fans.....I wouldn't blame you for not taking the trade for @CPsinceDay1. He's likely gonna be cut from here anyways next week so you can pick him off the trash heap afterwards. Why you'd want him though.....
  11. Hey Jets fans.... I know you're lurking. I've got another trade for y'all. @CPsinceDay1 for a slice of caprese pizza from Joe's.
  12. Oh...and they seem to be oblivious about our D. They won't be once the wrecking crew keeps pounding through their weak OL and knocks their receivers on their asses.
  13. @CPsinceDay1 is on my poo-list. I mean he was already there, but he's showing himself to be an even bigger turd. He will probably be banned, but I'll do it after the Jets game.
  14. I think it's not humanity as much as it our overly libertarian spirit in the states that puts self over common good.
  15. He's saying that the RG is unvaccinated.
  16. The best part of humanity is giving up comfort for the well-being of others.
  17. That's why we play the game on the field and not on computers.
  18. I'm not hating this idea. Curious about that PR job, though. Reactivate Saunders?
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