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  1. that could have been last year but rhule was too fixated on BC's "short" arms.
  2. i don't know...it kind of makes me chuckle. boring day at work, though. doesn't take much to entertain me.
  3. but most 6th rounders don't fare much better than UDFAs. It's really not like you're losing out on much of anything. it's all a crapshoot that late in the draft. they are essentially disposable. we didn't know 100% what JJ was going to be doing that year and beyond so I can kind of understand using that essentially disposable pick on a position that we might need that is kind of (barely) important. Of all the issues I have with rhule & co., this is waaaaaaay down the list.
  4. it's a 6th round pick. not sure what all the fuss is for. i'm shocked if any of them ever last more than one year on the team. draft pick on a long snapper at all is a head scratcher, but still....it's just a 6th rounder. they're all shots in the dark at that point.
  5. rhule keeps pouring that koolaid and tepper just keeps drinking it.
  6. and even at that, rivera is kind of just ok.
  7. why would it be an issue unless you like players getting concussions?
  8. would have been less of a suspension had he hurt/assaulted females.
  9. hey, if it means trading him away for anything i'd be willing to say he's turned the corner and he's guaranteed to be an all-pro. just take him. take him back home to cali.
  10. We know what both Sammy and PJ bring. We don't know what Baker and Corrall bring. Find out what you don't know.
  11. good job putting it together. i don't know what would have take more work...making it look that good or finding highlights from last season.
  12. Fixed title for accuracy. We've got a hurt rookie on pup and we go out and pick up a CB who is always hurt and considered the worst early pats draft pick in years.
  13. Big time CB? Sorry @TheSpecialJuan I'm tired of this clickbait poo.
  14. Because we need a racist prick posting stuff from white supremacist sites in here.
  15. I don't expect him to play year one, but he should
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