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  1. Jake wasn't elite, but he was good and he did well enough in games where he didn't have the greatest personnel around. For example the 2004 season. The only reliable guy he had was Moose. The rest was hurt early or was some flash in the pan smiling goof named Keary Colbert. Still managed to pull off nearly 3900 yards passing, 29 TDs and 15 Ints.
  2. Yow. Blacklisted by the players.
  3. Mike McCoy was horrible, but he was horrible because he was useless and didn't do anything which was fine because Jake was an old dog just doing his thing. Then they got Rip who got in Jake's head and screwed him up. They tried at some point to back off and let Jake be Jake, but it was too late. I have to admit I was glad to see a QB coach that did more than pal around with Jake and tell him to throw balls into a bucket like McCoy did, but Rip was a micromanager to the extreme. That coaching staff just dropped off a cliff when Henning was fired. No coaching change they made fr
  4. They tried fixing Jake after the Cards fiasco to try and make him more conventional and it broke him.
  5. I don't want to see a Sammy that tries to play safe, mistake free ball throwing high percentage passes. I want the scrambling gunslinger who's buying time to make the big plays wherever they show up. That's a Cardiac Cats type of QB that makes it fun to watch.
  6. Careful or he's going to tell you come up with a list of QBs that meet some ridiculously narrow set of criterion to prove to him that Sam won't be some big failure, as if his pinheaded opinion and approval means anything at all. The guy is a troll.... one of a few around here I'm losing my patience with.
  7. I'm excited. Can't wait to see him play.
  8. Loving the T&A TE combo already. Giddyup.
  9. I used to flip back and forth between direct and dish because I live out in the boonies. Got too frustrating and too expensive so I quit. YouTube tv (for sports...mainly football. My dad also uses my account for sports and news) Netflix (had been using their service for years renting DVDs. Just made sense to switch to the streaming service. (My parents and sis also use this account.) Amazon (was a prime member for years before I watching. Sooo...I was paying for it anyways. Don't consider that an extra expense.) Hulu (I use my sister's account). When I find a show I w
  10. I expect lumps. As long as I see continual growth I am quite ok with it.
  11. Ron tapped the brakes and we had cracks show the last several games of the year. There were signs of a problem and the broncos were able to exploit it.
  12. They got the wind knocked out for what should have been just a moment. Then they had to play both the broncos and the refs. A good coach would have been able to 1) get their heads right and 2) adjust their gameplan to put something together that works. We didn't have a good coach. Cam would have been able to get that team fired back up. The broncos knew it and the refs knew it and that's why the headhunting happened. They (broncos and refs) took Cam out of the game the only way they could.
  13. I think he's the guy, but if he's not they aren't going to hold on to him for years trying to prove he is. This isn't Hurney's team anymore. It's not Rivera or Fox's team. These guys will make bold moves to try and find the right guy and move on quickly if it doesn't pan out.
  14. They could do any damn thing they wanted because they knew the refs weren't going to call anything on them.
  15. Agreed. Their defense was legit, but we had the better team. We got outcoached (and then there were the refs).
  16. That's the panthers story since the beginning. Being constantly relevant was always sooo close.
  17. We could have won that game. Broncos attacked cam with cheap/illegal shots and late hits one after another after another after another while the refs looked the other way. They had to do this because the panthers would have won. Their defense was good, but Cam was better. They had to take him out by whatever means was necessary. That said there were things that could have been done and adjustments made to offer Can more protection. They could have known that the Broncos ere going to spend time studying everything we do knowing they we rarely deviated from what we did. They didn't ha
  18. Sounds like another brilliant coaching decision made by Rivera's predecessor. Even if you have confidence in your strategy, you plan for failure and you adapt. Rivera &co. didn't. They rarely ever did. And when they did, it wasn't by choice and they were never truly committed to it. When it mattered, Rivera always reverted back to his original tendencies. Riverboat Ron was an illusion. Paddleboat Ron was the reality.
  19. It was his team. He didn't adjust. Team wasn't ready. When things went sideways he didn't adjust nor did he help get the teams head back in the game. Lots of things working against us, including the refs, but what Ron could have managed and controlled better, he didn't. They looked ok out of the gate, but refs knocked the wind out of us (it was a catch) and we struggled to breathe the rest of the game. We needed a reset. We needed a leader to get us right mentally. We couldn't depend on Cam because he had his own battle to fight trying to dodge defensive players taking late
  20. Probably. Just seems like there's been more of an unwarranted PR campaign for Thomas than others. It's just weird. They want him to step up I think, they just don't have the confidence in him which is why they brought in Donald and partially why they drafted Tremble.
  21. Exactly what I was thinking. They are really working hard to build or feign (not sure which at this point) confidence in him. Fake it till you make it I guess.
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