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  1. Super impressive. Few interesting tidbits for me in that list... the bucs have 2 guys on that list (well...3 but they can't take credit for Antonio Brown, but he's still there). That's a big reason they got a ring and a big reason why drafting a stud like Horn was necessary. Also... surprised to see Koren Robinson so high and Calvin Johnson so low. Of course Koren was 21 when he was a rookie but Megatron was still just 22 as a rookie. Nothing poignant about that... just interesting to me.
  2. The only thing I could see holding him back from another 1k yard season is the number of targets he'll get because of attention he will be garnering and a solid WR corps presenting more open options for Sam. But it's looking like DJ is about as money as Smitty was where you don't need him to be totally open...just get the ball near him and it's his. This offense is going to be a 'pick your poison' type of deal, though. Defenses have to worry about DJ, CMC, Robbie (hopefully), Terrace, Ian Thomas (j/k...but seriously Donald and Tremble) and Shi (I'm a believer). And then there's Chu
  3. He'd rather see us lose with PJ than win with Sam.
  4. I had to put it on mute half way through. That guy's voice....oye. Liked watching the clips of Brown. He's gonna beast this year.
  5. • While the Panthers waived quarterback/tight end/wideout Tommy Stevens on Tuesday to make room for former Ohio State WR C.J. Saunders, Rhule said some of the players who have been cut recently could end up back with the team at Wofford. He also indicated there will be more roster churn to come. “This is a time when we’re going to see as many people as possible.” Saunders worked with the returners during Wednesday’s special-teams period. Looks like we're going to be seeing a lot of new faces in the next few weeks and we'll be seeing a lot of faces go that go. In the middle of it all we'll
  6. The Robbie/Terrace situation almost reminds me of Keyshawn/Jarrett.... hopefully with better results (I'm confident it will be, though).
  7. It's a different ball game. Yes it's football but it's college ball. They have a loooong running history and a large market and it's not trying to come off as an alternative to the NFL. Those guys aren't pro yet. The ones who have plans to go pro...it's not their dream to go to the USFL. It's to play in the NFL.
  8. Oye. They all fail because there is only one pro league. Not enough people are interested in watching the guys who couldn't cut it in the NFL.
  9. It won't take long for Thomas to become the 3rd best TE on the team with the least amount of reps.
  10. I wouldn't worry about FS vs. SS. there's not a whole lot of difference between the two jobs and abilities anymore. Just think safety. Both guys back there will largely do the same job.
  11. Same thing with Fox and Rivera and a lot of teams. Even ones that do differentiate between the two will cross-train and prepare the two. Responsibilities all boil down to about the same during the game anyways depending on the offensive attack. Cover center field and watch the run. Both guys need to be good in coverage and both need to be stout against the run. Emergence of the spread offense has pushed safety in this direction even moreso.
  12. Don't get too caught up in the delineation between FS and SS. Quite often there's very little difference between the two. It's essentially a meaningless designation. Responsibilities will be the same for both safeties.
  13. I wish I could ignore some.
  14. Yeah, I remember being 20 and talking to my dad when he was 45 and thought that was ancient. I'm 51 now. I'm less than 15 years away from getting medicare and drawing SS. Insanity.
  15. But basically so was Stevens. Switching out one for another. I guess it was obvious that he wasn't going to be a QB for the team do they tried him out at TE but that didn't work either. I wonder if tight now it's about finding curiosity players to see if there is a gem somewhere.
  16. Just curious what they see in this Saunders kid or how they envision him fitting in.
  17. That OL and what they have tremble doing. Also, who is doing punt returns?
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