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  1. Nothing better than a bunch of dumb kids risking permanent damage to their lungs or death just so they could get wasted watching a game. Give me muh liberties AND death, bro.
  2. I think there are several teams we are going to face that worries me this year because of our OL. The jets aren't one of them. People are overestimating the Jets and also overestimating Darnold level of panic proneness.
  3. I tried reading it again. Oye.
  4. Yep. There's no guarantee that I've even got that long. I just want to see it at some point.
  5. Sure. I've only got 20-25 good years left anyways and I've gone 26(?) years without one. I just want us to get at least one ring before I or my brain checks out. That said...I don't think Tepper will be that guy and I don't think that Tepper will be the owner at that point either. He's no spring chicken.
  6. Bingo. He was very much grasping at straws for anything....and it was pretty much all anecdotal reasons. The reasons why we should win this game are legit and many.... Which is why, if we lose, the meltdown that happens I will very much be a part of. Not only is this a should win, it's a must win because if we don't them something is REALLY wrong here. And I would also be banning all of the "I told you so" crowd, just out of spite and because I can. -signed, the "you don't want me pissed off" mod who doesn't care what you think
  7. And ...as a fan....I have no problem with this.
  8. I think our OL is.....well...not great. It's full on worrisome. That said, our OL > Jets OL. Also...their DL vs our OL is a concern, but our DL vs their OL?
  9. Yes ...I would be quite happy with that. Nothing spectacular, just don't fug up.
  10. Frikkin don't let him leave without a contract. Guy can do both. Don't need him to be Hester. Just need him to have some experience doing the job and not fumbling....wait 16 fumbles in 5 years with 6 lost? Meh....keep looking.
  11. It was a coin toss decision between him and Grier for the back up job. He shouldn't feel comfortable.
  12. That's key. We just needed a push over the hump. We've got CMC back, we've got an upgrade at WR, TE, and we've got a QB with an arm who doesn't play it safe....and then there's that defense that for better. I think most of those one score losses turn into wins this year.
  13. I'll roll with this, except I think no fewer than 30 TDs.
  14. He was a decent pick up....until we drafted Terrace and Shi. I have no problem with us picking him up and then cutting him. Always work to make the team better and then cut loose the weak links, regardless of who they are, when or why you acquired them.
  15. I'm not at all giddy. I loved Cam while he was here. Wanted him here when he was at Auburn. One of the most exciting played to ever play the game....in his prime. I think he should be given a yellow jacket for what he accomplished before this team ran him into the ground and the refs declared it was open season on him. He's a shell of what he was and while I've said 1) moving on from him was the right call and 2) I thought he would be the starter by the time we played the pats this year....I never expected in this. I never expected it, but it doesn't surprise me. He's not the Cam that played here 5 years ago. Superman is super no more. He's a memory. He's our past. It pisses me off that we didn't get a ring with him and Luke here. I'll always be bitter towards Ron, Gettleman, Hurney, Shula, etc....but it's over now. Time to move on.
  16. I'm surprised..... Surprised anyone expected him to be anything but boring.
  17. All of this very true and worth pondering and worth working to change for people who don't have the voice, power, or resources that others do. There are those who can leave or change their circumstances but are too stubborn. But there are many others trapped in a cycle of poverty who just cannot do it and needs help. One thing to be sure of for those who will be hit by the storm, help will be coming their way. There are people who always rise to the occasion... people who act out of a sense of compassion rather that fill the world with more verbal vomit.
  18. Just keep JJ. He's reliable. It's good to have a reliable commodity. Replace him when he actually does retire. Between the two of them, JJ is the only one that has trade value, but I'd rather just keep him and cut Fletcher lose.
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