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2014 World Cup: Round of 16


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Brazil 1 (3)

Chile 1 (2)


Colombia 2

Uruguay 0



France 2

Nigeria 0


Germany 2

Algeria 1




Netherlands 2

Mexico 1


Costa Rica 1 (5)

Greece 1 (3)



Argentina 1

Switzerland 0


Belgium 2

United States 1

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The Swiss are indeed a trap team,  Argentina is in troubles.

Winner in bold.










France (biased) :D











Costa Rica





Switzerland  surprise!


Belgium   (EU solidarity with "Belgium fan", sorry Cam)

United States

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Messi could win the game with 2 moments of greatness. He could also disappear for the duration of the match. Chile has a great chance but the referees will favor the host nation. Netherlands is the sort of team that will impress you then lay an egg.

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My picks: Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Argentina, Belgium


So basically I went with the eight group winners.  I think if one falls it is most likely to be Costa Rica, Argentina or Belgium.  I think Brazil will win but closer than they would like.  I feel pretty confident about Colombia, France, Germany and Netherlands.  Had Suarez not lost his mind again the Colombia-Uruguay game would have been the one I was most looking forward to.

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