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  1. Horn injury is on the refs for keep extending drives for Houston with bullshit calls
  2. When your defense can apply constant pressure with 4 guys, it will be top 10 D.
  3. So far it has been somewhat quiet with one major storm hitting the US but keep an eye on West Africa because it begun popping storms in a latitude that can really threaten the US.
  4. We watch NFL so we can get away from our reality.
  5. I like Samuel but with CMC back, he became expendable.
  6. The less the better.
  7. If starting QB gets hurt, they won’t be looking so smart.
  8. Brown and Christensen are our top OL that ride the bench. I take it Rhule wants to ease them in but that could cost us games/starting QB.
  9. I will lose faith in Rhule and his analytics if he can’t see the obvious and we fail because of it.
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