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  1. Rhule has Tepper by the balls. Ladies and gentleman, Tepper proves to us regular joes that even a 1/2 brained idiot can be a billionaire.
  2. Ventusky has triangle getting 8 inches and Charlotte just an inch
  3. Brad P said we will have some heavy snow showers today between 7pm and 10pm. He’s not sure how much snow tho.
  4. It’s mostly sleet and not freezing rain. I’d take that. I actually took kids and dog out to go nuts. They loved it. About 2 inches of snow and sleet.
  5. Temps. You can see arctic blast from NE
  6. It’s flurries in Columbia SC
  7. Ventusky says 8.5. Also NOAA
  8. Duke energy predicts close to one million residence will lose power from this storm in NC and SC.
  9. Come to my house. I have 4 young kids. I don’t know what quiet feels like.
  10. AccuWeather is increasing ice probability in Charlotte to almost an inch. Oof
  11. And there goes the National media. You happy now, Tepper? Here’s your spotlight.
  12. Yea, I almost got one yesterday but decided to pass. Good news is 20 miles south of Charlotte they will get just rain so that should not impact any services or logistics long term in our area.
  13. I honestly think Rhule says this poo so he can get fired and get $40M for free. I think he hates being here. Tepper poo the bed big time. Tepper need to grow a pair, man-up, accept he screwed the pooch on this one and rip the bandaid off in order to move forward. Otherwise he will get clowned in 2022 by National media as the most inept owner.
  14. Charlotte will get fuging smacked by this storm. Projected close to an each of Ice and another inch of snow with up to 40mph wind gusts.
  15. Snow is trending up. AccuWeather has us at 6 inches and Ventusky at 2-3 inches. Neither of them had us getting any snow accumulation this morning.
  16. It sounds scarier when you say 3-4. 1 inch is not scary enough
  17. All freezing rain in Charlotte. Better get your bread and milk. 40mph wind gusts and 3-4 inches of freezing rain. Cold air on the ground will get trapped by warm air 1/2 miles above. It will rain big time and turn into freezing rain as it comes near ground.
  18. We can also convert Moton salary to bonus and create additional $10M+ in cap. Possibilities are endless.
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