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Welcome Nick Kelly to Charlotte FC

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    • I think there's a lot of truth here, but I will say something that may not be popular. I think Cam was a good QB that had could have been great. The GM never did enough to protect his blind side, but Cam never did enough to consistently fix his weaknesses as far as inconsistent mechanics, holding on to the ball too long, and simply consistent solid decision making. I don't know how much of the blame goes to the GM and unimaginative, old school OCs and an an HC, and how much of the blame was Cam's. But, it was a combination. Hell, they even drafted twin towers to help Cam out, but then they never got him an exclamation point at LT. Cam had great moments here--piercing that skin of the elite, but he never completely punched through. And, he is running out of time to get it done. I think this season will be his last opportunity (and I am rooting for him, unless we somehow get in the way).  I say all this because Luke was truly a great MLB. His elite play and consistency was rock solid! I think Luke was a greater LB than Cam has been a QB. I will admit that it's more difficult to be a great QB, but I don't believe that Cam and Luke should always be necessarily linked as the the main reasons why we were semi-successful during the Rivera era. I believe that Cam was an imperfect cracked wooden crutch that also held us back in some respects, while Luke was made of strong aluminum alloy that we could always depend on to get the job done. Just an observation and attempt at an objective opinion based over a period of time. It's my take and I'm sticking to it.
    • Seeing Brandon Beane in the top 5 of GM's that are drafting makes me die inside. fug JR, Bean would have been amazing here. Sigh. 
    • I mean it's the same for any of these professional talking head analysts.  Jeremiah, Brooks etc would all fail as GMs. That's why they're talking heads rather than in actual Front Offices.
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