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Most realistic trade partner?

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53 minutes ago, stirs said:

Belichik has also never spent hundreds of millions in FA like this year.  He might trade up

Belichick spent millions in building a team to compete right away this season. I can see him trading up for the 2nd best QB in this draft, but that’s not going to happen. Wilson is going to the Jets a division rival. I don’t see Belichick trading up for the 4th or 5th best QB when he could get Trask, Mond, or Mills in the 2nd. 

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On 4/13/2021 at 8:34 PM, MHS831 said:

I see trade ups (Denver to Atlanta 4 or Miami 6, for example) and then maybe New England or Washington with Carolina (8).  Here is why:
Atlanta wants to move back--it is the smart move.  Denver is the closest to Atlanta, so they might trade up.

However, if Denver does not trade up, the Panthers then become the trade target because everyone thinks Denver wants a QB.  NE, Washington, and maybe even Philly, Chicago, etc could be on the hunt.  If Lance survives Cincy, Miami, and Detroit, we will get offered a ton. So watch Denver--they may move up with Atlanta or Miami.  --and if they are not aggressive and think a QB will fall to them, teams will want to move up to 8.

Here is the plus side:

If 4 qbs go early, then that leaves three other players that I consider to be generational talents:  Pitts, Sewell, and Chase.  However, Waddle and Smith are not far behind.  And if a team reaches or takes a jaw dropper--and I see a player like Parsons or Slater or Darrisaw possibly being that player, then it could drop one of those players to us.

In that case, I am not sure I trade--Chase, Moore, and Anderson?  Are you kidding me?  Pitts Moore and Anderson?  Tough to cover those guys.  Sewell?  Forget LT for a decade.

We've also said we like Pitts, that we'll go BPA, and that we're stacking QBs. Even ATL likely doesn't have a plan yet.

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I think we will likely trade down. Rhule wanted to last year but Hurney didn't. Hurney is gone and Fitterer seems okay with trading down. Then again Seattle hasnt picked in the top 10 in a long time so it might make a difference. Still if we could swaps firsts and get next year's first as well as a few other picks it would be worth it. Otherwise stay at 8 and get a stud.

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