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Charlotte FC - MLS Expansion Draft - December 14th


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Congrats to NYCFC on winning the MLS Cup but as of around 6:15ish EST, all eyes of the MLS are now on Charlotte FC.

The MLS Expansion Draft is set for this Tuesday where Charlotte will add up to 5 players and this year, DP’s and Under 22’s are not automatically protected (Generation Adidas and Homegrown’s are).

This guarantees that Charlotte will have the chance to add up to five really solid players.

Charlotte FC is officially on the clock.




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Haven’t had time to look over the full list but I’d really like to add CB Anton Walkes from Atlanta United.

Hyndman is the popular name from Atlanta because he’s a former USMNT player but he’s coming off of a knee injury and makes just under $1M per year.

Walkes is a former member of the Spurs U23’s and could use a change of scenery. He’d be a day one starter at CB.



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So after looking over each teams eligible player list… I’m really intrigued by the following players.

Atlanta - CB Anton Walkes: Walkes is one of the best available players in the draft and would fill an instant need for us as he’d slot in immediately as a starting CB. Having played for the Spurs U23’s, he’d be another player on our back line with English Football experience (Christian Fuchs/Leicester). If Walkes isn’t selected it’s solely because he requires an international player slot.

Austin - RW Jon Gallagher: A young Irish winger who has gotten better each year in the league. I don’t believe Gallagher will be selected as there are better options but he’d be an interesting selection for a Charlotte FC team that is really focusing on young players.

Chicago - N/A: This one is tough because Chicago is ass… They really don’t have a player that we’d be interested in as all of the players that would be worth our while have contracts that are set to expire on 12/31 making the selection pointless. If Alvaro Medran or Luka Stojanovic were under contract past the new year then they would be options, as they are not, there is nothing that will peak our interest here.

Cinncinati - CF Yuya Kubo: Kubo would easily be the selection from Cincinnati, he’s a youngish Japanese forward with a lot of creativity. However, due to the fact that he’s an international designated player, it’s highly unlikely he’s selected.

Colorado - CF Diego Rubio: Rubio seems to have worn out his welcome in Colorado and there are rumors that he wants to return home to Chile. He does have one year left on his contract and with all of the minutes that he would get here in Charlotte along with a change of scenery, he could be a nice player to build around. I also wouldn’t completely count out GK Clint Irwin. He’s not needed, but Charlotte seems to be infatuated with hometown players (Bronico, Lindsey).

Columbus - RW Marlon Hairston: Hairston is a versatile winger who can play up and down the right side of the pitch. There may be better options than Hairston but his versatility and contract could entice Charlotte… not to mention he was loaned to the Charlotte Independence back in 2014/15. Another option could be Josh Williams and if this draft was held four years earlier he’d be the pick no questions asked. Unfortunately his age and injury history pretty much guarantees that he won’t be picked. You can only have so many 30+ somethings on your back line (Fuchs).

Dallas - N/A: Similar to Chicago (other than the fact that Dallas doesn’t suck), there is nothing here for Charlotte. Bressan might have peaked the gaffers interest because he’s a Brazilian with a ton of experience in Serie A but his contract is up on 12/31.

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D.C. - N/A: If Junior Moreno was under contract next year then he’d be a very interesting pick, unfortunately… he isn’t. The only other option would be Chris Odoi-Atsem. COA has quite the story as he beat cancer not too long ago. He’s still coming into his own as a young defender and there’s just better talent available in this draft.

Houston - N/A: Not a whole lot available from Houston other than young goalkeeper Michael Nelson. He’d be a solid backup to Sisniega but we aren’t going to waste an expansion pick on a backup GK. Joe Corona might be tempting because he’s a household name but he’s never truly lived up to his potential, it’s best to stay away.

Kansas City - N/A: Literally nothing, every player exposed by KC has a contract that is set to expire on 12/31. We could always draft Ilie Sanchez and try to negotiate a contract with him but there are better options available than risking a pick to do that.

LAFC - RB Tristan Blackmon: This one is pretty obvious, you take the young right back and run. Blackmon along with Lindsey would provide Charlotte with great depth at the right back position. The other option is to select Diego Rossi and collect the huge transfer fee when his deal to Fenerbahce is complete. However, LAFC would never let this happen so there has to be some sort of deal in place between the two teams. Essentially Sisniega and Blackmon for not selecting Rossi maybe?

Miami - N/A: Nothing… zilch… nada… Miami’s unprotected list is what it looks like when you pay over the hill has-beens. There’s nothing here for us… no… definitely not Matuidi.

Minnesota - RB Romain Metanire: Metanire is a very experienced right back and would be penciled in as the day one starter at the position for Charlotte. The deterrent for Charlotte is likely to be Metanire’s salary and the fact that he would take up another international slot. If Charlotte selects a RB from Minnesota they might go with a less expensive option in DJ Taylor, bringing him home to North Carolina.

Montreal - CDM Victor Wanyama: Wanyama is the best chance that fans have if they are hoping to see Charlotte FC land a “big name” player. Even still, it’s unlikely that Charlotte would be willing to take on the former Spurs’ salary and in the process lose a designated player slot. Not to mention, Wanyama doesn’t seem to fit quite as well as Alcivar does with what Ramirez is trying to accomplish in the midfield.


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New England - LM Ema Boateng: We could do a lot worse than adding the Ghanaian from the winners of the Supporters Shield. Boateng is a creative midfielder and would get a much better opportunity in Charlotte than he did in New England.

NYCFC - RW Ismael Tajouri-Shradi: ITS would fill a big need for us at the right wing position and though NYCFC has tons of options to choose from, ITS’s positional value to Charlotte could lend him to be the pick. There are also rumors that Jesus Medina could be headed to Charlotte. If that’s so, I’m hopeful that it would be a signing after the expansion draft since Medina is not currently under contract. Adding both Medina and ITS would be huge for Charlotte (note: only one can be selected, preferably Charlotte selects ITS and then signs Medina as a free agent rather than drafting Medina’s rights and then having to negotiate a deal with him).

Philadelphia - CB Stuart Findlay: If you don’t take Walkes from Atlanta then maybe you take Findlay from Philadelphia. Findlay has spent time with Newcastle and has developed into a proper center back. Other options for the Union include Cory Burke and the young but talented Jesus Bueno.

Portland - CB Larrys Mabiala: This one is tough, Mabiala probably only has one or two more solid years left and there are better CB options available. The thing with Mabiala is that he wouldn’t take up an international roster slot. Andy Polo, the winger from Peru, could also be an option. However, it’s unlikely we use an international slot on a player that is coming off of a very serious injury.

Salt Lake - N/A: I don’t see anything from Salt Lake that would be enticing. Justin Meram would have been an interesting piece if he was under contract but once again, Charlotte shouldn’t waste picks on players who don’t have contracts.

Seattle - CB Abdoulaye Cissoko: The young French player could be an option. He hasn’t quite hit his stride in Seattle but the potential is there to be a solid starter. However, I think there are better CB’s available.

Toronto - LB Kemar Lawrence: You can certainly do worse than the Jamaican international. Lawrence is proven in the MLS and if it wasn’t for Fuchs I’d have to think that Charlotte would be all over this pick. Fuchs can play center back so maybe Lawrence will be too enticing for Charlotte to pass up.

Vancouver - CB Florian Jungwirth: Jungwirth is similar to Mabiala, he’s a solid older CB that will decline in the next two years. However, he doesn’t require an international roster slot.

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I’ll list my five picks below:

I’m operating under the impression that Ruiz and McGree will have green cards by the time the new league year starts meaning that we should have six international roster slots available (Alcivar, Corujo, Mello, and Sobocinski taking up the other four).

Armour, Bronico, Lindsey, Fuchs (Green Card), and Sisniega (US Passport) won’t require an international slot.

My top factors are age, salary, and performance.

With that said, I would select:

CB - Anton Walkes - Atlanta

CF - Diego Rubio - Colorado

RB - Tristan Blackmon - LAFC

RW - Ismael Tajouri-Shradi - NYCFC

LB - Kemar Lawrence - Toronto 

I went heavy on defense because I think you need an experienced defense to compete right away and I’d prefer to beef up our midfield and wings with DP’s.

Our lineup would look something like this: (if we draft Lawrence then you move Fuchs to CB, he has experience at the position with Leicester).

GK - Pablo Sisniega

LB - Kemar Lawrence, Adam Armour

CB - Christian Fuchs, Jan Sobocinski

CB - Anton Walkes, Guzman Corujo

RB - Tristan Blackmon, Jaylin Lindsey

CDM - Jordy Alcivar

CM - Sergio Ruiz

CM - Riley McGree, Brandt Bronico 

LW -

RW - Ismael Tajouri-Shradi

CF - Diego Rubio, Vinicius Mello

When it’s all said and done the most likely scenario is that we select two or three players and make some trades. One way or another, this is going to be interesting.




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Welp… this dropped a few minutes ago.

I’m hoping that we keep Walkes and don’t flip him to another team. As an expansion side, you can’t do much better than him at the CB position.

I also have no idea on the validity of this tweet, but adding Blackmon and Walkes would be huge for our club.

This right here is a little concerning, not sure why you’d draft Medina when you can sign him on a free transfer while also drafting ITS from NYCFC.

And of course… TRADES!



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