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Reich's last year in Indy


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9 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

We have big, "road grader" type offensive line personnel but we're running a zone blocking scheme that requires smaller, more agile linemen to be effective.

It's roughly equivalent to sending a big blocking tight end on a speed route while asking a small scatback to single block a defensive end.

Yes, but this has apparently happened before with Reich in San Diego and Indy. Was it always because of this?

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16 hours ago, ForJimmy said:


This article highlights a lot of what went wrong Reich's last year in Indy and boy does it sound a lot like what we have going on here.  A seasoned vet like Ryan still struggled in Reich's dated schemes.  He finished with 6.6 YPA 14 TDs 13 INTs in 12 games with a QBR of 44.9.  That's with Pittman as a solid WR and Taylor as a great RB.  Their wins were 20-17, 12-9, and 25-20 all low scoring and the one games they scored 36 was due to 5 FGS a special teams TD and a defensive TD.  He had one solid game against the Jags but outside of that it was a terrible year.

 Ryan was a seasoned vet at the end of his career and he couldn't survive in Reich's most recent offense.  We are now throwing a rookie QB in a very similar situation with possibly less weapons and expecting better results.  The quickest way to fix this mess is to move on from Reich like the Colts did and of course Fitt can follow him out the door for assembling this roster and hyping up how we were just a QB away...

I posted some highlights of the article below and tell me if it doesn't sound pretty damn familiar.

"The Colts' offense has been among the worst in the NFL. Ryan, 37, produced touchdown passes at the lowest rate of his 15-year career. Meanwhile, he threw interceptions more often than he has in any season since 2009. Most of all, the Colts (4-9-1) are enduring one of their worst seasons in the past decade."

In the season opener, Ryan was under consistent pressure. The only thing worse was the manner in which Ryan responded. He fumbled four times, losing one, and threw an ugly interception. Ryan's second-half heroics allowed the Colts to secure a tie and allowed Ryan to save some face.

But in Week 2, when the Colts were embarrassed again in Jacksonville in a 24-0 loss, it was becoming clear that maybe they weren't the team Ryan thought he was joining. By Week 7 against the Tennessee Titans, it was apparent the pass rush was getting to Ryan and severely impacting his decision-making. He was hit 10 times, sacked three times and threw a pick-six in the 19-10 loss. The synergy Ryan hoped to develop with his new teammates seemed nonexistent."

He had an adjusted QBR of 41.3 (23rd in the NFL at the time) and led the league with nine interceptions. But he'd also been sacked 24 times, and the Colts, shockingly, ranked 29th in yards per rushing attempt. Too much of the load was falling on Ryan. That was never the intention.

Sad on all fronts 

as long as he had luck, things went better, then again, luck got the hell beat out of him too

In the nfl, nice, collaborative guys finish last.  Alpha males with a clear vision is what is required.   A lot of people think Andy Reid is a nice guy, he is, but as HC, there is no doubt who is in charge

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