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Jeep peeps


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Not trying to be a dick here...

but why would you want a vehicle of that particular type and outfitting with a cloth interior?

I see that and I think of all off the mud and dirt and knee deep water I would put it in.



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If you are just getting it to play with then it should be fine.

2004 was the first series of Rubicons (my model).

I see its had lift work down. I am always weary of such. When you start fuging around with suspensions and engines and such rarely is the work done to professional quality and its easy to get fuged.

As for the price, Jeeps hold value extremely well. Its really absurd. Long as you know what you are getting and what you are getting it for you have no real worries tho.

Make sure they haven't fuged with the engine. Cant remember if it has the I5 or v6. Both are solid engines tho.

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The inline 6 has been basically the same engine for 50 years. Even though the engine was taken over by ChryCo. in 2006 it's pretty much the same AMC engine. All they did was some minor tweeks to reduce noise and reinforced the block with extra gussets. It's been a solid engine for a long time running.

The engine isn't the thing you have to worry about with Jeeps, it's the other parts.

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