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ROUND 1 - New Jersey (3) vs. Carolina (6)


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Ok, I respect that fact that you're a Canes fan, and that you're stoked we won. And yes, he is a great goalie... BUT seriously, calling him a pussy??? Marty is probably the best goaltender who ever played, and tonight was one of the 4 or 5 times in his career I've seen him lose it. For you to call him a pussy shows that you either a) Don't respect his abilities and the way he has changed the game (I.E those cute little trapezoids behind the net) OR B) you just don't know much about hockey.

I hope it's the latter, because for an intelligent hockey fan to say that about Brodeur does nothing but make our fanbase look stupid. The guy has an upstanding attitude, never turns down an interview, never turns away a fan and first and foremost is an amazing hockey player AND person. He blew his lid, every player does it from time to time, especially when their defense plays as poorly as his did tonight. I'm hoping we got in his head, but with the kind of player he is we may have done nothing more than light a fire under his ass.

Show some respect fella, because I'm 100% sure you havent gone through 44 years of living without losing your lid from time to time. And don't throw me any $hit saying "the great ones never lose it"...thats poppycock, I've seen Wayne Gretzky get ejected from a game in Greensboro when he was with New York, and I'm sure no one was calling him a pussy afterwards.

Thanks Dad, I was a little excited after the win.

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