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Luke Kuechly wins DROY

Feb 02 2013 07:29 PM Zuck Fod Carolina Panthers
Luke Kuechly was named the 2012 Associated Press NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year on Saturday night at "NFL Honors" after Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was awarded that honor on offense one season ago. Newton's award was no surprise, and neither is Kuechly's.


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:: before

He looked so uncomfortable up there

Dude is a football player, not a speaker, hahaha

He actually did a pretty good job...
Herbert The Love Bug
Feb 02 2013 09:35 PM
Clay Matthews was about to cry because his shower buddy didn't win.
Just jumped off my couch great things to come
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edit:Gotta love the Panther-colored tie too. Nice touch, dude.
Great job Luke!
Good things lie ahead
Dude really is Clark Kent, lol... He seemed really uncomfortable in accepting the award and even tried to walk back down the stairs to his own seat, lol. Keek is awesome.
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He did a good job.
How can you the lead the league in tackles and not at LEAST be a alternate to the pro bowl?? I still dont understand that one, but its over and done with.

When photographing the Panthers defense this year often I would just keep it on Keek, chances are he would be where the play was. True story.

Same thing I did watching it on TV. Keep your eye on Luke....aaaaaaaaaaaand.............end of play.

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Is this the first time in NFL history where a ROTY didn't make the Pro Bowl?

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It's Groundhog's Day for the Panthers...

/opening line for Disturber Sunday article.

congrats to luke!! thats awesome!

im hoping we go oline in the first two rounds this year, dont know if the big uglies will get much recognition for roy awards...possible though, if we get one dominate enough.
I kinda cringed when he tried to walk back to his seat after his reward, before going backstage, lol.

Is this the first time in NFL history where a ROTY didn't make the Pro Bowl?

That again says everything about the Pro Bowl. What a joke!

Congrats to Luuuuuuuuke.
This is great news to wake up to! Congrats Luke!
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Congrats Luke the force is with you. We need to keep this ROY thing going