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True Grit

Nov 13 2013 05:39 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
I have been struggling to put into words what the Carolina Panthers were missing over the past two seasons. Then, this morning, it dawned on me. It wasn't toughness, it wasn't talent...

It was grit. The Panthers were lacking in grit.

You see, grit is something you don't teach in the classroom. It can't be acquired through practices. It is an intangible that often goes overlooked in the NFL, but is perhaps one of the most important. Grit isn't toughness or talent. Grit is the ability to use those traits to persevere toward a unified goal. That is precisely what the Panthers have discovered this season.

I believe grit made its way into Bank of America stadium by way of Buffalo. It was the loss in Buffalo that literally put the grit in Ron Rivera's stomach...

"Seriously [the loss] eats at me," Rivera said. "It friggin' pisses me off to no end. And maybe that's what it took. Maybe that's the revelation I needed."

Since then, Ron Rivera is no longer a calculated signal caller looking to minimize risk at all cost. Rivera has reached back into his past, found his inner Ditka, and emerged as Riverboat Ron.

From there it has spread on to the field where Cam Newton now is able to put early mistakes aside and focus on winning. The Panthers defense is now able to close games instead of the inevitable fourth quarter collapse.

The 2013 Panthers have grit.

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while we were missing a few things, luck was also one of them.  it seemed like we didnt win our first coin toss until after week 13 or something like that.  i also want to say, our opposing FG kickers only missed one FG last year.  we had bad bounces, bad breaks and so forth that were almost just weird.  anyway, we have had a little luck this year.






You must be in training to work for the media. This has got to be the most deceptive spins I have ever read. Talk about doing everything in one's power to weaken the image of a player while pumping up one's team. The Receivers made way more mistakes than Cam but I guess you simply equated their mistakes to that being on Cam also. So sad.


you are extra retarded if you think this commentary was anything other than a compliment to cam and the team.

you are extra retarded if you think this commentary was anything other than a compliment to cam and the team.

i find his name ironic, because he is one of the extreme Cam apologists/excuse makers.

Be careful dropping the "g" word. You might summon that RG INT loving pedophile. 

I sorta like grits. I do like rivera's revelation. I definitely love the john wayne true grits theory. my personal theory is that it's when rivera decided to lose the ballcap and start donning the black and blue jacket. he looks like a badass on the sideline now.

you are extra retarded if you think this commentary was anything other than a compliment to cam and the team.


He is!

The win at SF in a 10-9 slug fest was our turning point as an organization under Ron's tutelage.  We proved to ourselves that we have what it takes to win, instead of letting doubt creep into and make its bed in our collective psyche.  I sense there are great years to come barring injuries.

I thought Grits was banned :dw:

That article on Rivera visiting Dika, Madden and the old timers where they advised him to stay true to his self was the signal to him that throw back football was his calling. I'm glad that he listen.


Now we have the new "Monsters of the Midway"of which Rivera was a signature member.



Although "stay true to yourself" was what all the girls put in the school album in my day.

Nov 13 2013 04:49 PM

Been saying all along that the most physical team wins. This team finally has it.