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  1. They traded multiple picks for him, picked up his 5th year option, and didn’t draft or sign a single other QB. They didn’t give up the farm for him, but they sure didn’t give him any competition or bring in a backup plan. Pretty close to all in this season.
  2. The answer seems to be at least that Darnold needs to be benched
  3. You sure about that. Darnold is a bust. Panthers went all in on this loser. Another guy might have gotten the team to rally around him. Darnold is a bonafide chump no one believes in.
  4. Me either. The common theme has been Tepper though. Maybe everyone hates him
  5. Well if stuff people are saying on twitter is always true I might need to pull over to the side of the road of life and reconsider my existence on this planet
  6. Sam Darnold is getting worse by the snap and if he continues the rest of the season as the starter, the Panthers will not win another game. The offense has completely given up on him. Darnold is throwing “Hospital Balls” as Steve Smith put it. Receivers are dropping balls because they’re worried he’s going to get the killed by throwing them into defenders. He feels pressure that isn’t there and is just completely ruined. I blame the GM and coaching staff for not drafting Justin Fields or Mac Jones, or at least signing a veteran backup. Darnold was a risk no matter how you put it and they didn’t bring in a competent backup plan in case Darnold failed and now the season is ruined. Yet another MISERABLE Panthers season under David Tepper.
  7. The level of effort the Panthers are showing today has shown me that the team has given up. Rhule might lose the team this season. It might be time to bring in an NFL caliber staff.
  8. I don’t think the Panthers are winning another game this season
  9. I think this team has given up. Rhule might not last the season if this level of effort continues
  10. Steve Smith is spot on with his “Hospital Balls” comment. Darnold throws his receivers into more dangerous positions to get destroyed than any other QB I’ve ever watched.
  11. Two closely matched bad teams going at it. Should be a miserable game with a bunch of mistakes by both teams with neither really having any interest in actually winning the game
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