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  1. You would think. If she was out v any money I'd understand but she wasn't outsourcing anything and hadn't done anything for our event. I get she would be out income and that sucks and I get it but we would happily have had the wedding there until she said oh the outdoor event space that was in your contract yeah I'm not going to have that
  2. Specifically says in contract no postponements so they breached contract (imo). Then changed price nullified contract (imo). Then refused to provide things that were in contract if they agreed to move date. We will see what small claims says. If not we will just blow up negative reviews of her business and hopefully cost her more than 7000 dollars
  3. There were lots of water activities but now that I'm thinking about it it may have been adults only
  4. Yeah I want Radford or some random ass school to buy 5 top guys and go make a run. Makes things more interesting imo. Jim's always been a whiny bitch
  5. She is literally the best child in the world. Been on 8 or so flights already and not cried once. But she doesn't typically cry on a day to day basis. The only issue we have now is it's hard for her to sleep on planes (same for me) when we go to London take off time will be her bedtime so I am hoping her and I just knock right out. I've never been able to sleep a wink on a plane.
  6. Club med turks and Caicos was great and 25% the cost of beaches
  7. Only 2 of the active 30 NBA teams have never been to the NBA Conference Finals: the Charlotte Hornets and the New Orleans Pelicans Lol
  8. Even if I had bally sports I wouldn't watch. That's the best part of the NFL most teams have a chance to be really good at least once a decade. The hornets have not won a playoff series in what 3 decades?
  9. Yall did play for a national championship last year right?
  10. I have the same concerns about Scheyer
  11. Go to hell carolina go to hell!!!! I can't pretend to gloat this is the first game I've watched all year. But 4corners can suck it!!!!
  12. None of the Duke guys look like they're ready for the NBA. Maybe they come back next year
  13. Neither team appears to be that good this year. I hope yalls run to the championship game last year let's Davis stick around for way too long
  14. Do you think if MJ knew that Clifford would be the only person that would take the job that JB still would have been fired? Jordan is an idiot and surrounds himself for idiots. Maybe will luck up and get the number 1 pick but I doubt it.
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