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  1. I'm hoping 2 years don't want it to be a mistake renting out our old house. So far we are 1 for 1 on on time rent payments.
  2. So right now Clyde is a champ on leash walking and does very very well. Doesnt react to much just very chill. He also respects our other male dog and walks away from him instead of getting upset back when Finley gets in his feelings about me giving Clyde attention. We are working on sit and wait for food. He's an awesome sitter but the wait will take some time. We are giving him a super short wait - ok right now because he was so malnourished when the other family found him a week ago so as long as we get him to wait for us to put the food down that's a win for right now. We had one pee inci
  3. I think he is already very attached to our other pups eventhough one of them still isn't sure about him. It will definitely be hard to let him go already and I'm pretty sure my wife wants to keep him so hopefully he finds a home quickly or we will probably end up with a 4th dog lol
  4. Anyone have any experience? Advice on how to move on when they find their forever home? We took in this sweet boy yesterday. I've named him Clyde.
  5. Someone was posting about his lithium mining and plastic production for his cars not being very environmentally friendly either. Hoping he announces a move to tron. Faster more energy efficient and lower fees than bitty x like 1000
  6. If you're playing crypto for 30% gains you're doing it wrong
  7. also one of the dogs continues to poop in the basement. No clue which one and no clue why. They are outside all the damn time.
  8. Day 24 of the big ass house saga. Got the back acre and a half of grass mowed in an hour and a half today. Not cautious this time, just let it rip. Finally moved most of our clothes up from the basement and into our closets. To be fair we were waiting on the painter for 20 of those days
  9. Fun fact... you buy crypto on robinhood and you don't actually own it.
  10. poo on you specifically for saying teddy was a winner. What did that noodle arm ever win?
  11. I halfway think Wallstreet is using doge to try to make crypto out as a scam
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