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  1. The coaching staff here already confirmed that he was brought in to be the starting Nickel. I don't care too much about the comments from the DEN board, a few reasons: 1) If memory serves MIller, and Chubb missed considerable time. 2) Their defense as a whole was 21st in the NFL, so if you think we were bad at 18th overall well, there you go. Compared to the pass rush we can put together, and the fact he'll primarily be on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best receiving options it stands to reason he should be able to contribute above board once we really get rolling in the next few games. I don't expect a ton tonight.
  2. I'm not looking for a ton from him in his first game back, I think we see the impact inside the next 3-4 games overall. Nickel had been such an achilles heel for us having options at that spot is an oddity in and of itself. Hartsfield looked good in Week 1 but was injured Horn & Burris (a former corner now Safety) played a ton of snaps at nickel vs NO And now we add Bouye into that mix, with Chinn, and the other corner depth. All of a sudden the secondary many were concerned about is turning into a strength, with relative depth.
  3. The poo people say here is nuts. There is NO way Burns doesn't break the bank if he continues to perform ala TJ in PIT. Between, a 5th year option, the FT, and the eventual extension he will be here.
  4. He's an OLB, on the EDGE of the defense, and he's typically in a 2pt stance. Calling him a DE is a stretch even if you see some hand in the dirt alignments from him.
  5. I agree with you, but I'm not ready to say ''contenders'' just yet, the Dallas game should be a good measuring stick. Saints put up TD's on short fields versus GB but not yards. I will say I was surprised to see how well we got after Jameis, but being able to play man and pressure is a far cry from the soft zone, and 7 to 10 yard cushions we lived in for a decade under Rivera.
  6. With no tape on him, imagine if we could have actually game-planned a bit and if the offense hadn't stalled out to make it a closer game than what it was.
  7. Said team would have to be WILLING to give up said kicker. You're not gonna trade for a Gano, Butker, or a Tucker. Prior and even current management screwed the pooch at this position. If memory serves, Gano was cut in favor of Slye under Rhule / Marty as a cap casualty so there may not have been a choice. Rivera / Marty lost Butker off the PS, they should have assigned a ghost injury and set him on the IR (see Fletcher).
  8. That's why you draft a Jaycee, and sign a Bouye to have alongside Jackson, with Chinn / Burris as the single high with the other in the box to help versus the run or blitzt off the edge. It was a thing of beauty to see us in press outside, and all the bodies mugging the LOS with a Safety ALSO coming off the EDGE. Wasn't none of that sit back poo, and give them the easy 3-5 yard dumps + YAC. I know you can't do that every snap, or versus every team, the point is we FINALLY have this as apart of the defensive arsenal, we can play coverage, and get AGGRESSIVE.
  9. 3 down in a 3 point stance is an Odd front. 4 down is an even front. 3 is an odd number. 4 is an even number. So yes, odd fronts.
  10. This, I hate those dumb lazy assessments, Darnold >
  11. It was an antiquated way of thinking for sure, the best teams have their core guys, but the teams with a core AND DEPTH always got he furthest. That's why I am happy to see the emphasis placed on talent at the 2nd and 3rd string positions. I wasn't happy with the Horn pick / Darnold trade. HOWEVER I'm not stupid either, I could see what they were attempting to do -- BUILD A FULL TEAM. See SF, and if the current QB isn't it, then we can always trade up IF we have a FULL TEAM in place. To this I can tip my hat as it is also a solid plan, and so far it's paying dividends.
  12. There's nothing wrong with a 4-3 defense, the issue is it's HARDER to find fits for it based off the players colleges provide. Look back at 2013, we had dominant EDGE rush with Hardy and Johnson and a top defense. Johnson eventually got old / injured; and we never replaced Hardy as the young up and comer (Kony Ealy / Jared Allen). Part of the reason for the change was to have better need / draft fit since there are more talented 3-4 EDGE guys versus traditional 4-3 DEs.
  13. He's young why wouldn't he, he obviously has aspirations, and the trend in the NFL is YOUNG offensive minded prospects. Is he ready...no I don't think so, I'd say 2-3 years including the current.
  14. He coached a 3-4 for the San Diego Chargers and they were one of the best in the league at the time, then he went to CHI and coached a 4-3, also another year of high end production. The issue was in our 3-4 was injuries / age / and talent drop off showed it's ugly head. We had no young talent on defense, and it never saw the field, we also relied on a heavy zone scheme, that veterans picked apart because after Bradberry, and rookie Donte' we didn't have any corners, I think Mike Adams was still around at Safety as well and he was like 37 ish. Just an old slow team in key spots man.
  15. Most times the first year of a transition is tough, it also hurts when you have a BAD defensive coordinator. If memory serves Eric Washington at the time. At the time the personnel was interesting: 3-4 DE - Short and McCoy, traditional 3t DT's seemed to make sense as 3-4 DE's (Size with relative athleticism for the position requirement) -- Short gets hurt EARLY DT - Dontari Poe -- fell off a cliff as he was a true 3-4 NT, and had played it for KC, backed up by Butler, who is more a 3t than a NT, but was 6'4'' / 325 OLB - Bruce Irvin / Mario Addison / Rookie Burns & Miller -- Burns had the wrist and was a ST's gunner and still managed 7.5 sacks, I think Mario was around 9, and Irvin around 7 ILB - Kuechly and Thompson, since the DL couldn't eat up space we saw Luke look human for the first time in our lives, and he eventually retired. _______________________________________ More than ANYTHING under Rivera we RELIED on veterans too much, and we got OLD, and fast, there were no succession plans in place, so once we were old and slow like we were in key spots on defense it showed.
  16. Snow gives off Dick LeBeau vibes from the 2000's Steelers.
  17. To add, Bouye is the nickel, his return won't impact Jackson, this was a point of emphasis in some of the coach press conferences. Now will we see him inside / outside sure, and it will be game-plan specific I'd imagine, just like we saw Jaycee in the slot vs NO.
  18. Noticed this a lot in pre-season and across Weeks 1 & 2, I know we've all heard the 4-3 Under talk, but I've been seeing odd fronts regularly from the defense, and I LOVE IT! With buys like -- Burns / Haynes / Reddick / Luvu able to stand and move, drop, and rush it's been nice to see what we've been able to do when you pair that with -- Brown / Jones / Fox / Gross-Matos / Roy Nixon on the DL Below is our pre-season, starting defense versus PIT in game #3 Left to Right DL - Brown / Jones / Fox EDEGE / OLB - Burns / Reddick ILB - Thompson / Carter Jr Secondary - Horn / Jackson Safety - Chinn / Burris ___________________________________________________________________________ Below from the 2nd quarter versus NO, this actually looks to be a sub package for Nickel (3-3-5 alignment) another Odd front variant In this one looks to be from left to right... DL - Nixon / Jones / Fox EDGE / OLB - Reddick / Burns MLB - Shaq Secondary - Horn / Jackson / Melvin Safeties - Chinn / Burris _____________________________________________________________ It's nice to see the athleticism, and versatility we are starting to employ after years of the heavy zone, and static alignments under Rivera. Anyone else notice this, what are your thoughts?
  19. For those that didn't notice this, Jaycee played several snaps in the nickel position, not sure if it was due to man assignment, or keep Melvin on the perimeter with Jackson in zone. Either way having Bouye back, allows us to feature our FULL compliment of secondary starters at the cornerback position. I fully expect the coverage to improve, and facing a back up QB, on what is likely to be a bad team overall is a good point to return. I want to keep seeing us beat the teams we should beat, if it's not a playoff QB on the teams we face, I feel like our roster overall is as good, or better than most.
  20. He was limited in practice this past week, and left the game with a hamstring.
  21. To have a chance at a 2nd round pick we would have to trade back, as the 2022 2nd is the current starting QB on our team. So I FULLY expect us to trade down a time or two in the 2022 draft in an attempt to replace the 2nd we traded. I wouldn't call that cute, I'd call it the smart thing to do.
  22. Running behind Miller and Moton has been fine, I don't even recall Miller's name being brought up, it's the LG position that was PITIFUL. Almost every run off the LG was stuffed, I'd like to see Brown there, stop the ''versatility'' talk and put in a road grader at that spot.
  23. Or maybe handling teams worse, or worse off is a sign of a solid team. Win the games you're SUPPOSED TO WIN. Under Rivera we often played down to the competition and lost as a result.
  24. This, his value NOW is as a spell back, and gaining experience, he has the ability. No reason to be worried about his stats.
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