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  1. We going to need a lanky, long strider type on offense. ATL isn’t having to worry about the long ball.
  2. Bro needed to change to “0” to match the stat line he puts up in a quarter of his games.
  3. Elite POTENTIAL as a one trick pony speed rusher. Hasn’t shown to be elite yet. Will never be an elite complete edge.
  4. Hindsight is 20/20, but even in hindsight. fug no. I think we felt we’d get the Burns deal done. He’s forgetting he’s never had over 12.5 sacks in a season and he’s a complete liability in the run game. Still he’s more valuable that a WR who isnt a difference maker.
  5. You weren’t getting Bryce without giving up another player or another first. I’d like the first over a “good” receiver. I’m not hating on DJ Moore, but he never had that thing that the elite WR have.
  6. DJ Moore was not a game breaker. Full stop. DJ Moore broke one game and then got a penalty and lost us the game. Good player, but I can’t believe some of y’all are suggested we should’ve traded Burns instead of Moore. Ewwww.
  7. Can’t play a football to save his life. Gets in great position up to the catch point. It’s like he’s paralyzed once the ball is in flight
  8. Kamu tackled like a bullfighter in pre season. Yep bullfighters don’t tackle.
  9. He has a ton of effort. But running into the chest of an offensive tackle does not a pass rush make.
  10. I’ve got to think we can grab a RB or TE off the waiver wire better than the guys we have. I’ve got to think we can get someone better than Jammie Robinson and DJ Johnson out of a Home Depot parking lot as well.
  11. Wasn’t there a motherfuger hyping his performance over Chinn’s on this board like last week? Draft crush simps are something else.
  12. Hunt kicked some girl in the ass, big whoop. She was a rando, she wasn’t his girlfriend or family member. Random street hoe. She bucked up, wanted to get physical, she hit him in the face and got kicked in the ass. y’all still talking about this guys character and pearl clutching.
  13. Y’all some negatives. We have a good team with good depth outside of Corner Depth and TE depth. OL is going to be good, best we’ve had in pretty much forever. WR overall talent level is the best since Moose, Steve, and Ricky. We don’t have a Kuechly and Davis, but Shaq will always be serviceable and Frankie is a dawg. Top tier TE talent is down as a whole across the league. Hurst is average. The Panthers went to the Super Bowl starting Mike Remmers, Michael Oher, Philly Brown, and Ted Ginn Jr. Let’s not act like that was a super team.
  14. Nice pissing contest here. The dude is old as fug and the dude only played linebacker for a year in college. He’s an unknown. Just like the majority or the other guys drafted in the 3rd, 4th, etc. some work out and some don’t. I’ll slap a motherfuger that says we should’ve picked Darnell Washington tho. He’s a bitch, with bad knees confirmed. Future XFL backup left tackle, unconfirmed
  15. Only concern with Kobe is his rap sheet. Guys rarely figure it out after being outcasted by that many teams.
  16. That OLB competition got to be fierce. Houston coming in…YGM, Leota, and Barno going to be a dogfight
  17. I’d say we pick someone off the wire for depth there at final cuts. Confident in the 2 deep at end with Anderson and Williams
  18. I’ll say it. You can’t bookend a defense with Reddick and Burns. Both of those guys get washed out too easy. You can never have enough good pass rushers, but you have to be able to stop the run. We could not consistently set the edge and maintain gap integrity with those two playing at the same time, it failed.
  19. Your Washington clip was an extended draft crush moment. It’s over bro he ain’t coming. He’s also got degenerative knees and a poo attitude. Last guy out of UGA with Degenerative knee tissue just retired this week after 5 years of meh
  20. Washington wasn’t…and still ain’t poo.
  21. Anybody heard anything positive out of DJ Johnson in camp?
  22. Steve Smith liked Niko Bolden, in between his ramblings he said something about him. “Steve, tell us about this guy” Steve- “Well y’all know I’m from Santa Monica right….this is the NFL, but he’s a big guy and Charles Godfrey that was a guy”
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