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  1. He did say that didn't he....next man up. This draft has a few to step in and fill his spot.
  2. That would put the icing on the cake. Find a guy to pair with Burns and let them both loose. The top four edge rushers in the draft are all quality, Turner or Verse are probably the top two. Hopefully one of them will fall to the cats. That would make this draft and F.A one of the best they have ever had. Add the shiny new toy at Q.B, and they are good to go.
  3. Someone who can run fast and catch the ball.....that's the post.
  4. To small....sorry. May have everything else, but he will be flattened like a pancake. Give me the guy with some size with just about the same intangibles.
  5. The Twitters say alot of sh#t that isn't true...nature of the beast.
  6. What's the answer if they don't get a quality WR. Need a fall back plan without panicking. I'm sure the brain trust is trying to figure something out without selling the farm. Thoughts on what they do if the previous possibilities flame out. Obviously they wouldn't want to put the rookie in that spot and have it fail. Drafting a WR at the 2nd spot is really not an immediate answer. What u all got???
  7. Personal opinion is that they need to get the WR's in FA (trade for Hopkins and sign Chark). Use the 2nd for a player that could add pressure in the new 3-4 scheme. Who to trade for Hopkins is debatable, but having those two on board this year would solve many issues on the offense. This draft has big guys with speed that could be MOVED AROUND/HYBRED type player with size and speed which would add much needed pressure. A missing piece in the defense for sure.
  8. Never happen....the new regimes got this.
  9. Most of us have been pissed off and very negative of the sh#t happening with the team since he took over. He has made some huge hiring mistakes that have cost this team dearly. He appears to have learned to hire the right people and to actually let them make the important decisions. Getting out of the way and allowing the experienced football people to do their thing is paramount to having success. Thumbs up to the changes happening and to the man for having the foresight to let it happen.
  10. Need to ensure that the running game is top notch them. Have to make it dynamic enough to help a less then stellar WR Corp succeed.
  11. Ask the 'taints....they been doing this for years.
  12. What the hell do some of you guys want. He was signed to serve one purpose and one purpose only. To mentor the rookie and fill in if needed. Who did you think they would sign to fill this role at a low ball price?
  13. Interesting to see what the offer on the table is. Have heard nothing about him really. Hopefully it's a competitive offer. Multi year deal or another one year offer? Good player with stuff left in the tank. Opinions?
  14. No matter who they draft, they need a serviceable starter right now and a mentor. It could be a full season untill any 'rook' will be ready. Do they get a JAG to plug in and hope for the best? Don't think CAP space will allow for much more then that actually. Maybe a trade? Options to hold down the fort are.....
  15. This is what happens when you sign a good player that a team needs to a one year deal. Sometimes bite the bullet and have the future in mind. He was a good player before and really provided help in a position of great need. Now the damn bidding wars begin.
  16. Stroud. No short QB's please who are short and also light. Talent wise they are very close. Give me the taller guy with some weight on his frame.
  17. What do they do. They need the guys to catch the ball no matter who the QB is. What do you think they do... FA or draft or both. What u got?
  18. I could live with improved Darnold and a solid coaching staff to lead him. Of course a good run game and Oline would be a big plus. Rethinking this Carr thing after listening to some feed back. Maybe it is best we don't jump quickly.
  19. So you want to trade half the draft this year and a one next year (and probably a player), to get a rookie who could possibly bust. Meh
  20. Guy has been to the pro-bowl four times so he has talent. Would you go after him and steal him from the Saints (possibly) and use #9 for a position of need? Would that be the better way to go at this time? I believe he was released out right today.
  21. Will Kunkel of FOX Charlotte is either full of crap or actually knows what's going on. According to him B.M is not returning as OC. He gives no details about any replacement in the works. Just that his "sources" tell him that he will be replaced. Take the information as you will.
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