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  1. Don't think he is a franchise QB. A dink and dunk "game manager" type. He needs a good running game behind him. Thats his ceiling I believe. He has a very limited set of physical tools to work with. Sorry, but true.
  2. If your gonna have a game manager instead of a franchise QB, you better have a stout running game. I don't think Bryce is a franchise QB. I hope I'm wrong, but I think that is going to be their bread and butter. Passing plays under 25 yards and possession type football. The long ball isn't in the cards. Run first to set up the pass.
  3. He is not a franchise QB. Doesn't have the tools. Some things can't be taught. Without the natural ability (arm strength and size), puts him behind the eight ball to begin with. He can improve to some extent and probably will over time. A mid tier QB at best.
  4. Almost 500 bills to get season ticket.....no thanks. I will watch whatever is on that week and catch the highlights later.
  5. I was hoping the Canes would provide a ray of hope after dealing with the shite Panthers last year. Obviously, wasn't meant to be.
  6. Probably wants to much $$$. They may wait untill cuts to add a corner....but who really knows. They could sign him tomorrow.
  7. His last big haul before retirement.....can't say I blame him
  8. If Horn goes down, what are they going to do. If history is any indicator, then it will be sooner then later. They took a flyer in the draft and now what. The kid they drafted isn't the answer. Wait around for cuts and find JAG's to get burned like toast? I know Gillmore is no spring chicken, but at least he is a vet with experience to get us through the season. They can't go in to 2024. Something has to give. Obviously the lack of pass rush will only make it worse...... Answers??
  9. Got to have a solid guy next to Horn. Maybe this was part of the plan after all. See how the draft shakes out and if they need a CB, hope that he is still unsigned. Two year deal to secure the backend and get your guy next year for the future. Would be a smart move...
  10. The team has done everything they could to help him succeed. MOST aspects of the offense have been upgraded. If he can't do the job with this group, then it's obvious he isn't the guy. How far into the season does he have to prove himself?
  11. Cooper or Wilson is the pick.
  12. Made some moves to sure up the position no doubt. With the draft and the moves in FA, how much improvement do you expect this season?
  13. Damned if they do and damned if the don't. The psychosis of the huddle remains strong.
  14. I'm just happy to have a team that I can enjoy watching them play. Hopefully, the Panthers will be next.
  15. As the draft draws near, trying to get all my ducks in a row about the picks. Wilson is a very good line backer. Problem is he may be a big risk with his injury history. Would you choose him in the 2nd or hope he falls, or not at all.I have a feeling our ex-middle lB in the front office may want to fill this need with a strong talent. Opinions??
  16. Has there been any indication that Gilmore wants to sign here? Besides Clowney trying to get him here and the Panthers making a play, has he said anything about it? The silence is deafening.
  17. How would you feel if he was the pick at 33? He reminds me of Luke in some aspects. Physical and plays sideline to sideline. Good in coverage and plays fast. D.M probably loves this kind of player and being an MLB doesn't hurt either. Fits the mold he is looking for. Shaq is coming off a major injury and isn't getting any younger. Grab a WR or Edge at 39 and a Center in the 3rd. Possibility?
  18. No doubt the man has made a huge difference at GM. Clearing the table and doing the work to improve this team in one offseason. If he can somehow sign S.G and Horn can stay healthy, then the D has improved. Burns wasn't the guy and Morgan knew it. Clowney actually replaces him easily. Our run defense is now much better compared to seasons past. Putting the money where it was needed. Not drastically over paying while making the team better. Impressed with the way he has worked FA, hopefully he can do the same in the draft.
  19. Meh. Don't see it happening and I refuse to have high hopes again. Young has not proven to be a top NFL QB prospect yet, the offense is a work in progress, and the defense still needs very important pieces. 4 to 5 wins maybe.
  20. We want to improve....not get worse
  21. Take finger out of light socket and ground yourself
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