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  1. @MHS831 yeah definitely. He has charisma and he wasn’t baited by any questions about Brock the top tight end taking all the publicity.
  2. Trying to gather an understanding why you feel this is helpful. What would be the purpose of this since his football acumen has shown to be much lower than his business acumen?
  3. After what we went through last year maaaaaaaan I only want one of the top 3. I have trauma watching that turnstile from last year.
  4. Agree with everything in your assessment. I think Gilmore may still be in our future. Don’t forget we resigned Troy Hill who should start at nickel. He is really good at run support and he can help on the outside too.
  5. I live in Columbia, SC. He was a dual threat QB coming out of high school that played receiver too. He was rated as an athlete coming out of highschool so he had learning to do in terms of positional nuances. He didn’t convert completely to wideout until his sophomore year in college I believe.
  6. That’s not completely true. He was a dual threat QB that moved to wide receiver. He didn’t get outplayed, he never played the position before college.
  7. Yeah I agree,You almost have to take one with either one of those 2nd round picks or the 3rd round pick because we are light on corner now.
  8. This team is not attractive because of the meddling owner. Carolina already had to deal with the small market but you look at the bumbled trades and the lack of patience shown not only for the Panthers but the soccer team too. Soccer team made the playoffs and I believe Tepper still fired the coach. Smart coaches are going to do their research. I know money talks but getting fired and blamed for a football team’s downfall can ruin a career for an up and coming coach. This league will move on to the next shiny ornament. I am interested to see who Tepper can convince to come here. I want Ben Johnson, but you guys know you wouldn’t come here if your life long dream is to lead a team to a Super Bowl. Moving from city to city is part of the process, but no coach wants to move around every year unless it’s for a much better opportunity.
  9. Was that article supposed to be a trash indictment ? I have seen articles 3x worse about the Panthers this year with Frank Reich. I don’t want Bieniemy, but if he is straight trash, then I don’t want to guess what the Panthers have been this season. I think he is okay at best but not worth giving a head coach job. Mahomes and company are struggling at times this year with the best quarterback in the league. I saw a post above saying Bieniemy had nothing to do with KC last year, but everything to do with Washington. Thats a short sighted take. It’s amazing how we throw rocks from the bottom of the barrel.
  10. It’s his influence. The meetings weekly and making coaches do it the Tepper way. You need to run more screens because I saw Sean Payton do it. That’s the $hitt you are referencing…. He has to stop.
  11. I have been a Burns supporter and man it doesn’t look good at all. He looks average at best. He will never approach the 30 mill conversation again.
  12. Coaches running that dumb zone blocking scheme with huge offensive lineman that didn’t fit. I believe they changed the scheme back when Frank left.
  13. We never picked up a true 1-technique nose tackle after cutting McCall. I’m surprised the run defense wasn’t exposed more often this year. Nevertheless a 3-4 would work much better with a pro typical 335- 345 pound hog mollie that can take on a double team, without getting pushed around. If the reports about Evero staying are true I expect the new GM to help support the 3-4 conversion by bringing in another edge and a 3-4 nose tackle.
  14. Sadly as much as that makes sense we know it’s unlikely.
  15. Validation that we were right about 60% of the decisions being Tepper’s. I’m sorry Fitterer co-signed this dumpster roster and made the free agent signings that haven’t worked out so he has to GO! Scott signed Von Bell and 2 defensive ends that haven’t made splash plays all year, while guys like Calais Campbell remain ageless, and will torment us for another year in 2024. Atlanta also signed the better safety from Cincinnati (Jesse Bates) while we use trickle down economics as our philosophy (Bell). How long has the Huddle pleaded for a ball hawking safety? I mean, it makes sense to me. The league has moved to a passing league. Get someone that has a nose for the ball in the air!! We were the only team to pay a running back when we had 2 backs that would have done the job admirably (Foreman & Chuba). Foreman would not have cost us 25 million to resign.
  16. We struggled to stop the run that year, which in turn limited chances. He also whiffed a lot in 20,21. It wasnt due to a lack of getting there. I guess I am still in the minority that hopes his $$ number comes down, but hope we keep him. We need talent to win. I have no faith that Fitterer would turn those picks into talent if traded.
  17. Mods close the thread and pin this response lol. Nothing left to be said.
  18. He just has a low sports IQ. His business acumen is impressive considering he wasn't handed millions like most billionaires. Teppers problem is he has the big head because he was able to make billions from buying undervalued stock . He thinks he’s the smartest man in the room, when he’s far from it, when it comes to team building, picking players, picking coaches. I would be surprised if he played anything past pee wee soccer because he doesn't understand the importance of camaraderie or a coach that garners the respect of their players.
  19. This needs to be an open editorial in the Observer.
  20. Right!! Sadly Tepper tries to say things that sound intelligent while the team continues to make head scratching decisions that don’t involve analytics. For example a 5’10 rookie quarterback excelling without a formidable receiving threat. Historically there have been very few quarterbacks that have excelled without a top 15 receiving talent. The only QB that comes to mind, without wasting time to look it up, would probably be Brady while in New England. I guess we could make the argument for Cam in 15’
  21. Very well said. At best, Bryce will be a competent game manager. He doesn’t have any elite traits. You don’t win championships with league average game managers unless you have elite talent everywhere else around him. Bryce is smart but being smart doesn’t get the ball 40 yards downfield on a rope. Tepper and this front office are a joke.
  22. Russel Wilson has 19 touchdowns with just 4 interceptions. Wilson leads the NFL with the best TD:INT ratio That situation is no longer a black hole, or the worst in the league. This team right here is.
  23. You have too. His hands are dirtier based on this sorry roster. While Frank is no savior if he had a decent roster I know he wouldn’t be the worst team in the league. Fire Fittz
  24. Marshall was open on that 3rd down drive ending play
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