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  1. Yep I swear Rhule fixates at all the wrong analytics.
  2. Best comment in this thread. He needs to coach his way out of the hole he created without any further damage. That’s if he can, which isn’t likely. He would need to hire new offensive and defensive cords. I know the defensive coordinator idea isn’t as popular but I thunk we can do better.
  3. I think that’s most peoples thought process. Donte keeps playing at his current level with his tackles for loss, speed combined with his age he will probably be the top free agent CB . If that happens I rather take Gilmore for around a 3 year.
  4. Maaaan whatever Sam sucks. We had threads complaining about PJ and how he couldn’t get it done. PJ played well and Sam is a dud. A rich dud but a dud.
  5. Facts! I just hope he can get up to speed with the offense for WFT.
  6. CMC opens up the offense and hides our deficiencies on the offensive line. Our lineman were getting beat like a drum in the first three games but the quick outlet passes prevented the sacks. We seemed to have finally have found a complimentary 2nd option out of the backfield with Abdullah also. We will stick with the run and use quick passes in this game with an occasional downfield shot. Defensively I hope we begin to see that top 5 unit shining through with Gilmore locking down one side.
  7. Quarterbacks know they need time to go through their progressions. I don’t think it’s the market. Players love Charlotte. As a quarterback you want a fair chance at success and our line doesn’t provide that.
  8. He is even improving his kickoff depth.
  9. We talk about our luck lately but I’m glad we picked up DJ over Calvin mainly due to his availability. I pray Ridley is okay but to miss two games due to a personal matter seems extreme. I hope all is okay with his family.
  10. Quarterback play is Rhule’s to own. He released Cam for a lesser quarterback. He was unhappy with Teddy’s play as we all were ( unable to throw deep ball but accurate) and traded away draft capital for a lesser quarterback. I get it Darnold has a higher ceiling than Teddy but he also has a lower floor. Last 4 weeks we have gotten the floor and the head ball coach needs to own that.
  11. Call me a bit of a pessimist on this but I don’t think a former defensive player of the year (2 years removed) would be willing to make a position change in the final year of a contract he was already unhappy with. Absolutely love the idea for the team. Sounds great but……. He’d personally be crazy to do it as a player especially when the open market would pay him so much more at corner.
  12. Exactly. Claim to be a staff that takes an analytical approach yet we abandon analytics in the draft and take the shiny flashy pick that has the least impact on each snap.
  13. Agreed while Rhule has made mistakes the roster just isn’t complete. Anyone expecting us to rebuild and be 5-1 in year 2 hasn’t given Rhule his fair shot. Our team roster just isn’t deep either. Arguably 3 of our most valuable players are injured in CMC,Shaw and Horn. We are 6 games into a 17 game season. Read some of the posts and you would think we are 3- 12.
  14. I don’t understand what happened on the long ball. Maybe it’s a lack of practice or repetition? I remember Darnold being money with USC, and the Jets on the long ball. Decision making was questionable at times at USC. The pressure up the middle could possibly have Darnold antsy and incapable of properly stepping into throws. Just a guess based on the elements.
  15. Yes I agree with you, but the frustrating part is this regimes claim to use and follow analytics and fail on so many levels for an injury like this. No reason he should have been practicing on a limited basis the very next week after the injury. I truly believe if they put him on the IR 3 weeks ago he would be playing this week due to adequate rest.
  16. Brady had one of the best RAZ scores for athleticism in this past draft. Brady’s shortcoming would probably be he doesn’t have the ideal playing weight. I believe he is right around 297 pounds. He is athletic enough to overcome the arm length argument at tackle. Why on earth does half this forum think he would be the answer at LG? He played left tackle in college and he would not hold up well to an NFL defensive tackles interior bull rush. Think about a tackle like Derrick Brown bull rushing the rookie. That just wouldn’t work. Please leave Brady at one of the tackle positions, preferably the side he excelled at in college. My vote would be Moton at right tackle where he has excelled and feels most comfortable. Brady where he has the most experience. Deonte Brown should help slow up the push right up the gut. Those options don’t fix our line issues but it should slow up the leak.
  17. Didn’t they practice all week opposite of this ? In addition to both players having multiple years experience on the opposite side. I hope I am dead wrong but this doesn’t make sense.
  18. Based on the chatter from Jaguar fans and his introverted nature this may be the perfect city for him. The Carolinas have a nice blend of “southern hospitality” and peaceful options where you can be left alone and enjoy your peace. If needed I hope we have sports psychologist on staff that he feels comfortable with as well.
  19. While Tunsil would be a huge upgrade our problem is more so up the middle at center and left guard. In addition we have tons of salary cap space but we have some of out top players (Burns & Moore ) due for extensions. If Darnold continues ar his current trajectory he will also need to be renewed.
  20. He really wasn’t progressing through his reads. He was staring down Brandon Cooks. We need to see how the league adjusts. Kyle Allen had a similar issue.
  21. I have no idea why this guy got an entire freaking Pie for that excuse laden post. You play with the cards you are dealt. What’s the excuse for your defense giving up almost 30 points? That’s the equivalent of us complaining about losing Cam for 2 years back to back and playing with our backup quarterback all season long. I didn’t see Saints fans making excuses before the game. All I heard was “whodat gone whip dem Cats” Game 17 indeed sir. Hopefully we will have the playoff locked up by then.
  22. I was wondering about that. 363 pounds going into the final preseason game is heavy for a LT. I know he has always been a big guy at around 350. Even 350 is considered heavy for the most agile position on the line. Hopefully he is okay. His head injury does sound severe.
  23. I completely agree. Roster spots are valuable. While not a major factor you also have to include his lack of ability to attend any internal after hour Panther team-building events due to his vaccination stance. Whether you are for vaccinations or against it teams are at a disadvantage that have unvaccinated players.
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