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  1. We have not yet begun to defile ourselves.
  2. With the Chargers cap being a mess the calculus was easy... Kennan is too old, Big Mike is expensive / injury prone and Eckler turned to dust before our eyes last season. You do all those thigs so you can keep Herbert, not trade him.
  3. We ve had so many head coaches and interim head coaches it’s hard to keep up.
  4. Is Corales the love baby of Matt Corral and Dave Canales?
  5. And comp picks if/when he becomes a head coach.
  6. B/c he’s good at what he does and still under contract. Panthers d last year was an injury riddled mess and he still had them performing. Itd dumb to let a guy like that walk away.
  7. if they played Pet Sounds in its entirely thatd be one helluva concert.
  8. I enjoyed buying a killer lower level rolling stones ticket on the secondary market for a quarter of the face value and seeing them perform 10 min from my house. No reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The venue has to be available and logistics approved for the promoter to book it. That was never the case under Jerry. They bought a house in south CLT.
  9. Im not reading the whole thread so forgive me if the convo has devolved into a discussion about wether BY fooled the scouts with his hair cut but... maybe they arent proud of what they have accomplished on the field to date and this is just an honest answer. maybe when the finally figure it out they can say their proud of that too... but I mean what do you all expect her to say " I really enjoyed that 2-15 season last year!" More events at BOA is legitimately the best thing they have done thus far.
  10. great move by the FO They dont have to waste their time negotiating with him anymore, let another team do it for them.
  11. Yeah well he was part of them. I hope he succeeds too but Im not getting my hopes up.
  12. I watched 2 clips of him from yesterday. one was 12 seconds long & the other 11 seconds and he said uhh or umm 4 times in each of them. dude is spitting 16+ uhhs / umms a minute.
  13. They should pay Burns so everyone else on the team knows that they will take care of their own. You wanna build cuuture? This is where it starts.
  14. Luke will moonwalk into the hof next year.
  15. Wilks has moved on and good for him, we should too.
  16. theres not a better picture than an antenna picture. no compression. when you stream over cable your quality goes up and down. antenna is what it is, raw uncut dope!
  17. cable tv companies are just turning into data providers... same infrastructure more or less, the only diff is the customer has more a la carte options for what they wanna watch.
  18. The last bullet point is where I’m at. All I can say is just win some games and I’ll be willing to listen again.
  19. comment sections can be pure comedy gold tho... if you're not peeping them, you're missing out!
  20. nor the opposite. 25 pages of this yall? i mean, really??
  21. Dude dislocated his finger mid play while shedding a blocker, popped it back in and made a perfect form tackle. Absolute beast of a player.
  22. I heard he playing the role of Toad in a live action mario kart style story.
  23. How do you think the commanders feel? Like being left at the alter.
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