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  1. You cannot pass on a guy like Pitts if he is there at 8.
  2. His play won us the game and cost us 5 draft spots. SCREW HIM!! Not serious.
  3. Move them to a hotel?... away from the doctors and nurses on site and away from the medical facilities on site? Who feeds them? Makes sure they take their meds? I get what you’re saying but there’s a lot going on there. They’d have to send them to a hospital.
  4. they have lots of staff on multiple shifts.
  5. Agreed. Active cases, % of tests positive and current hospitalizations.
  6. Seems more like a great success.
  7. you have some good sources
  8. that’s a really good question. I guess as long as it takes? But there’s definitely a breaking point. its a tough spot for all of us and I wanna get things back to where they were as much as anyone. But not if it means stop and go stop and go... I fear that will be worse for the economy in the long run.
  9. Own a business, have two kids and a wife and I would like to do this lock down thing one time. So let’s do it right... even if it takes a little longer than we might prefer.
  10. Lol... It’s just the flu!! AMIRITE?!!
  11. sweeden has a total population of 10 mil that hibernates half the year... it would be a disaster in a country thats 35 times bigger.
  12. Nfl would do it in a heartbeat. TV contracts are where they make most of their money.
  13. thats a pretty low standard... dont go if you can breathe.. jesus.
  14. All construction, in any phase, is considered essential. Its wack as hell but theres no distinction btw someone putting in a new swimming pool in time for the summer and repairing a roof so it doesnt rain in the bedroom.
  15. Say it or dont... at this point it's what is going to happen.
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