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  1. Whoa. . .tap them brakes Big Al. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time. But it is going to be nice to have a few extra days to prepare for the Cowpokes.
  2. Holy Pooh. I forgot we had him. Bwahahahaha And our rookies will only get better. This could be a historically epic defense.
  3. We must not be watching the same game/team.
  4. Bears Colts Dolphins Texans If any of the injuries are significant enough who does Cam get a call from?
  5. Saints have the momentum now. We need our 1st half defense back now!
  6. It was 4th and a short one to begin with before the penalty and Saints were desperate to get some momentum.
  7. SMDH. Both our over paid free agent O-linemen have been hurt in this game.
  8. Ok. Keep the pressure on Winston in the 2nd half. None of this prevent nonsense. And for the love of gawd don't keep running CMC into the ground in the 2nd half. We have at least 19 more games to play this year. Yeah. . .I said it.
  9. Can we try something other than run CMC when we're 2 yards from the goal line!?!?
  10. CMC won't last the season if they keep running him up the middle so much behind this line.
  11. 35 seconds. Enough time for our defense to create a turnover.
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