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  1. That's not really a response to the question, but he'd probably laugh. It's an insult, but it's not homophobic. It's right up there with 'Kiss my ass.'
  2. How is 'eat a dick' a homophobic insult? Pretty big reach, but clever framing by certain parties wanting to drive his value down.
  3. I wish him continued lack of success. Seriously, fug that guy.
  4. They should get that Kanye and Kid Cudi collab to perform at halftime.
  5. One of my favorite shows of the past few years. For me, this show rivals the movie Uncut Gems in giving the viewer the visceral feelings of anxiety/intensity that the characters are experiencing. I felt like I was on the line watching the tickets overflow onto the floor.
  6. I didn't make it past the little autoplay clip that starts whenever you scroll past a show on the Netflix app. Just so terrible. Honestly though, I've never enjoyed any of Rob Zombie's films. He supposedly loves horror movies, but he sucks at those too. 18-22 year old me loved his music though.
  7. Yeah, they could've probably spared some money out of the FX budget for a decent dialect coach. Overall it continues to be a pretty fun show. The actor who plays Wilf played an evil pimp on The Deuce a few years ago. He did such a good job that I find it tough to like his current character.
  8. Peacemaker and Loki are the only super hero shows I've really enjoyed in the last few years. The IP maintenance that Marvel and the tentpole DC movies cram into each story really kills my interest.
  9. I want the Panthers to win every week. If Baker can avoid hitting d linemen in the hands we should have a chance. Will be interesting to see how things go with Chinn back and Donte out.
  10. This. There are so many 'easy wins' Tepper could be amassing to build local/state goodwill in order to sweeten decision-makers up for an eventual new stadium, but instead he's nickel and diming operating costs.
  11. Wasn't Tepper worth 11 billion when he bought the team a few years ago? If he's almost doubled his worth in four years, after the past four years we've had collectively, that's more than enough reason for billionaires to not exist.
  12. He's a middling coach and a company man to a fault. Glad he's coaching another team.
  13. Chloe Grace Moretz has always irked me for some reason, so I ignored this show for the first couple of weeks it was out, but I finally decided to give it a try and it's pretty solid. The nosy deputy/ex-flame character seems superfluous, since the stakes for everyone are already super high, so those scenes are rather tedious. Otherwise the story is pretty tight and entertaining.
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