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  1. Everyone knocking Bouye for PEDs has selective amnesia regarding Thomas Davis. Sure, he was suspended for the drug that helps you titrate off of steroids, but let's not pretend he wasn't taking them. And why did he take them? Because he wanted to be on the field. Playing takes a huge toll on these guys' bodies and more than making you stronger, PEDs help with recovery. That tells me this guy will do just about anything to be on the field, which means he's the kind of tough player that Rhule wants. He may only play half of this year's games, but I think he'll be a good, affordable addition to t
  2. Dude, you're an anonymous poster on a message board. No one's paying you to evaluate players. Your opinion on whether Mariota is better than Darnold means fug all to anyone. What are you guys smoking that makes you think your opinions carry any kind of weight?
  3. For all of the nimrods bemoaning the 'loss of a valuable pick'...NEWSFLASH: THE PEOPLE EVALUATING PLAYERS AND MAKING OUR DRAFT PICKS ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CHOSE TO USE A 2ND ROUNDER ON SAM DARNOLD. IF YOU THINK THEY'RE IDIOTS AND GAVE AWAY A HIGH PICK, WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY'D DO IF WE'D JUST KEPT THE PICK?????? Give them a little credit or at least the benefit of the doubt through training camp. Goddamn.
  4. Are you saying that paper products and gasoline are increasing in price due to the government 'printing money like crazy?' LMAO. PPE production has gobbled up a ton of what would normally be readily available materials used to make diapers, paper products, etc.. Scarcity of materials = higher production costs = higher prices. Kimberly-Clark even says as much in their press release. And gas prices rise every year as it gets warmer. Couple that with increased demand due to the country slowly opening back up and you have increases in price.
  5. What are you gonna do if he doesn't? Nothing. LMAO.
  6. Why would I tell you in 'private' what I have absolutely no problem telling you in 'public?' I think you need to take a break from the internet.
  7. "Advanced Analytics" LMAO. Dumb thread is dumb. Dumb thread creator is dumber.
  8. Seeing Matt Bowen's name reminds me of the game w/ WFT, where he and some other DB absolutely drilled Steve Smith as he was making a leaping catch. Looked like it had demolished Steve, which seemed impossible. Smitty got up, with the ball in his hands, crossed his arms and mean mugged for the camera guy. Ah, memories.
  9. Go look at the Jets fans' responses on Twitter. NONE of them are bashing Darnold; almost all of them think his talent was squandered by Gase and that he excels with a change of scenery.
  10. True, but there's no indication that any of them are NOT conditional either. Details are limited right now. Even still, I like the deal. I would bet that the 4th next year is conditional on him being the full time starter this year, but who knows.
  11. Looks like these people know how to party. Hopefully that's not their full-time residence. What really makes this person a super fan is the fact that they believe someone else loves their favorite team enough to buy this house 'as-is.'
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