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  1. Why are people mad? We’re in a rebuilding phase.
  2. I wasn't wild about the whole youth pastor energy of Canales at first, but man, there is no doubt he is a sharp guy, and he's already polished when it comes to handling media questions. Another thought I have when watching him is that it's evident that HE believes what he's saying, and that's what makes it easier for others to believe what he's saying. I'm finally starting to feel like he's close to the perfect guy to pair with Morgan to rebuild a young team with a weak culture that we've suffered through this last decade. I really like the different energies they both bring and feel it meshes well. I hope they don't break my heart, haha. I'd have more of an issue with XL's one year of production if it came earlier in his college career and then he fell off. He made the most of his opportunities when his number was called, and did it in a pro-style offense, so I'm bullish on his potential to be great for us. If they can go into rounds 2 & 3 and get a stud center and one of the defensive guys that fell during that run on offense last night, that will make my weekend.
  3. I'd like a center with one of our first two picks. There should be several plug in starters at the 33rd pick. Even if Bryce isn't the long term answer, an elite center is good for the long term growth of the team. We were spoiled with Ryan Kalil for all those years. We need to at least try to replace him.
  4. I don't trust Dan Morgan, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and I am rooting for him. I do think that an ongoing theme with Fitterer was that he was always convinced that we were in win now mode, and he made a bunch of, in hindsight, terrible decisions/trades with that mindset. I do think they held onto Burns because he talked all that wanting to stay in Carolina talk, and we were going into a new, hopeful season with what a lot of talking heads were saying was one of the greatest assemblings of NFL coaches on one team ever. The reality was the coaching sucked and Burns didn't perform up to the hype last season. If he'd had a season like Brown, we'd have a real conundrum on our hands. He is absolutely not worth the money the Giants paid him, at least not based on his past performance. Some of y'all let Sheena get you too hyped up over her buddy. I love them going out and getting two big, nasty guards. You have to put Bryce in a position to succeed in order to evaluate whether he's your long term starter or the guy whose terrible play gets you the first pick in the 2025 draft. Either way, a dominant line is a good thing to have going forward.
  5. Does anyone else get a Steven Furtick vibe from Canales? I find it unsettling and off putting, but I think maybe it’s a generational thing. He’s a millennial coach, coaching Gen Z players, so he’s on a completely different wavelength than I’m used to.
  6. I mean if you can admit to your wife, and the book reading public that you’ve been raw dogging side chicks for basically your entire marriage, then I have no problem believing you can and will be completely honest with your coaching staff and players.
  7. These kids on the Huddle nowadays ain’t ready for a Fiz Effort Post.
  8. I know all the doomers are lamenting this hire/promotion, but I can totally see Dan being a guy that stands up to Tepper. His interview probably consisted of him telling Tepper, “I fuging warned you, Dude! I told you bro!”
  9. LMAO You of all people shouldn’t be throwing around short jokes, small fry.
  10. The only person that could possibly talk straight with Tepper is Nicole, and you know she’s embarrassed as hell that this season has gone so badly after she was gifted an executive role. I’m holding out a shred of hope that she presses him to hire an experienced consultant to find a GM and HC and stop trying to run the damn thing like a hedge fund. Beyond that, I’d say we’re screwed long term. Ugh.
  11. I fuging hate Reich so much. Two great plays and then he shoehorns Sanders into the mix and boom, 4th down. He just can’t help himself.
  12. LMAO, well that certainly tracks. He’s a geriatric drug addict nepo baby who still wears Ed Hardy and True Religion.
  13. Sanders’ biggest contribution was knowing not to make a play on the ball when Theilen caught it for a first down. I hate it for the guy; he seems like a good dude. At least he got paid.
  14. If we can figure out why our offensive line fell off a cliff since last season, maybe. Oh and Chuba Hubbard needs to start full time.
  15. Donte Jackson even had a good game!
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