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  1. I saw that! Boy, wouldn't that be some terrible luck for Washington fans!?!? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  2. Same reason they're putting out there that they'll trade out of the first pick because they like more than one QB. It's a dumb theory, but equally dumb is the fear that Rapaport has some inside information on who the Panthers are picking.
  3. The Levis mention is next level smokescreen by Fitterer and Reich. Rapaport earning his paycheck.
  4. This is a fair deal honestly. We only lose one first rounder, so we would still have trade ammo next offseason if worse comes to worst. Hate to lose DJ, but WR is less difficult to replace than a starting QB. I hope he balls out with Fields next season unless they're playing us.
  5. LMAO. Lombardi and the rest of them are just throwing poo at the wall and seeing what sticks. Don't know why so many of you are waiting there to lap it up as it slides down the wall. He has no idea what Reich and the Panthers are doing.
  6. Kunkels sounds like something you catch in a third world country.
  7. I'm not counting any player out until this staff has made their assessments. You never know what can happen for a player when they receive actual quality coaching.
  8. Twitter comments say Frazier's wife used to be a team reporter, so probably just her giving a friend the scoop?
  9. Remember when Brian Griese missed playing time because he tripped over his dog? LOL.
  10. You have to wonder how they sold him on this when so many other teams were after him for a more prominent position. I wonder how much legacy has to do with his decision. By that I mean, do you think that the pitch involved the opportunity to come in and mentor rising coaching talent? Evero is already on board and this will hopefully be a springboard for his next opportunity. How cool would it be for the Panthers to become an incubator for rising coaching talent? With older, veteran Head Coaches taking consultant roles where they get to continue to grow their coaching trees, but with the better quality of life that comes from a consultant role vs. HC.
  11. Seeing teams with good to great QBs opening up to the idea of trading them for a bunch of picks honestly makes me feel better about us using a bunch of picks to trade up and get our guy in this draft. These teams trying to trade away their QBs for picks obviously feel there are some upgrades available in this draft, so we should go get one of them ourselves.
  12. Don't get sucked into an argument with a geek who thinks living in Brooklyn is an entire personality. He's still mad that Phil regularly ate his lunch whenever he'd try to butt into a Tinderbox discussion.
  13. He's stated, in several interviews I've read online, that you have to fit your scheme to your players and not the other way around, so I'm guessing he'll go with whatever works best for our young core. I'm particularly excited to see what he does with Chinn. That guy deserves to be put in a position to shine again.
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