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  1. I appreciate his sentiments, he just got way to descriptive with it. He went for both kneecaps; you never go for both kneecaps. I think he'll be a good coach for the Lions, and I think, like Matt Rhule, what we may find corny, players will find motivating, once it's all meshed together with the effectiveness of his coaching philosophy, the way he treats his players, etc..
  2. I absolutely see where you're coming from, but in my opinion: No. We've had a better version of Watson in Cam, with a borderline elite defense and patchwork o line and we were feast or famine for the entire ride. I don't want to do that with/to another QB. If we already had the other pieces in place, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but we've got major issues we've still go to deal with, first one being the offensive line. Still, I have a much higher opinion of the guys doing the drafting for the Panthers now, so if they decide to pull the trigger on a trade like that, I'll trust they've don
  3. I want Watson, but not for three firsts. We don't have the draft capital to make a trade like that without it hurting us for years to come. We're not a QB away from being a complete team; not even close. If we can get Stafford for a reasonable price, I say do it. Rebuild the line through this draft, give them a year to gel with a proven QB under center and if we get to the playoffs, we package future picks together in the 2022 draft and go get Sam Howell or whoever is a good fit.
  4. Would like Ogbuehi. I thought about the Norwalk connection too, but isn’t he like only two years into the 5 year contract that made him the highest paid guard ever?
  5. I can absolutely see the parallels between Johnson and Rhule. I don't see the potential for a Jones/Johnson type of rift though. The Jerry Jones/Jimmy Johnson dynamic was unique in that they were college teammates. Both loved football, but only one of them was actually good at it in any meaningful way. Tepper is almost old enough to be Rhule's father, and he's already a billionaire. I just don't see the 'sibling rivalry' that caused the rift between Jones and Johnson being possible in Carolina.
  6. I can't see Watson doing all of this to get out of Houston only to end up in NY. I wonder if this is Caserio trying to start a bidding war for him since it's likely he's leaving. Get everyone to bring their strongest offer so they don't 'lose out to the Jets.' I wonder how it will play out. Edit: Also happy for Robby. Life is about more than your job. Making millions of dollars doesn't mean poo if you're miserable all of the time. He's been by all accounts, a great teammate and a huge boost to our WR corp.
  7. I would not be upset. I absolutely believe we need a true starting QB, but I don't like the idea of mortgaging the future on someone that still might not pan out. If he's there, take him, but don't give away a bunch of picks to do it. Kansas City was a really good team with an okay QB. Getting Mahomes was what made them complete. We're nowhere close to that yet. I am okay with trying to be competitive with Teddy for one more year if we can build the team through the draft to the point where once we get our QB of the future he's basically plug and play.
  8. I have yet to find a chain restaurant with good BBQ. I ate at the Jim N Nick's on King Street over a decade ago and it was okay. We were excited back when the one opened up in Steele Creek, until we actually got there. Everything had that mass-produced taste. It reminded me of a BBQ themed Applebee's. Franchising really ruins what makes a restaurant great. Just look at what franchising did to Tupelo Honey. Have you tried Sweet Lew's over in the Belmont neighborhood? Only place that smokes over real wood in Charlotte. I usually make my own BBQ, but if I'm going to buy it, it's going to be
  9. I think he stays. If he takes the money and runs, then he's not as sharp as I thought he was. Sure the millions are great, but he could have made millions at LSU very shortly. I believe he's smart enough to know he's not quite ready and that flaming out this early could set him back farther than waiting a year or two to gain some experience under a guy like Rhule.
  10. Here's another article from a link at the bottom of the one posted earlier: https://www.geekwire.com/2020/seattle-seahawks-deep-dive-analytics-starts-data-lake-built-amazon-web-services/ The first bullet point mentions using analytics to augment their draft prep. I'm sure this guy Fitterer's experience with integrating analytics into the draft prep process was a selling point for someone like Tepper, and Rhule, since it was Rhule that wanted the Sports Science department when he first got here.
  11. He was about 5-10 years too early for that area. We would eat there at lunch on a weekend and it would be DEAD. Food was always great, but there was no other reason to drive out that far in that area. If he'd started in the last 5 or 10 years, he'd probably have a chain of those restaurants by now. I guess it's good for the Hawks and Bills that it didn't work out that way.
  12. He looks like an adult version of Bobby Hill. I think he's going to be a legit hire though.
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