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  1. There's an entire subreddit of creepy age difference relationships. 48 and 22 feels a bit like grooming to me. I mean, sure, you could argue that 22 is an adult, but how many 22 year olds have the life experience to connect with a 48 year old on anything more than a physical level?
  2. It sounds like DJ has bought into Rhule and Snow's 'process.' That's 180 degree change from those Hard Knocks clips where he basically blew off the entire secondary group's counsel. Super excited to see what he can do with better focus and consistency. He really is one of our most exciting players.
  3. Why are so many of you goobers up in arms about it being taxpayer funded? Most of you don't even live here, so you're not paying for poo. It'll increase my property value even further, so I say bring it on.
  4. It was great. Dylan Hinchey's parents did a terrible job raising him. What a little shitstain.
  5. He was drafted on his elite athleticism as everyone knew he was extremely raw with like one year at the position in college. His first season here, he got by on his athleticism and no one having much tape on him. His second year, he could easily be game planned out of the picture, and it was probably super frustrating, and he reacted poorly by quitting on routes, etc.. Hopefully the coaching staff had a come to jeebus chat with him and he's refocused on becoming a true NFL TE. Guess we'll see.
  6. Great show! I looked forward to it every week. I'd usually just stay up on Thursday night and watch it at midnight, haha. The train scene was wild. I'm betting Seth Rogen's character and Mark team up next season. I know there's a comic book/graphic novel this is all based on. I wonder how close they'll stick to it.
  7. Rhule and Tepper are both invested in sports science, and giving their players all of the tools available to be their best. I can't wait to see what an offseason with in-person interaction and practice will yield. I would bet their staff will be able to get Brown a little leaner and mobile without sacrificing his raw power. Should be fun to watch.
  8. Pretty sure the Mo’z was slang/shortening of his last name.
  9. I remember an interview/tv excerpt that talked about how the Vikings had a handler for Cris Carter that basically followed him around and scared off dealers, sycophants, etc.. That’s crazy to consider, but it was good for him and for the team. Pro sports/media/fans expect so much out of these guys who are just regular humans with extraordinary athletic talent. Lots of other types of celebrities have handlers/minders. I can’t imagine that NFL teams wouldn’t also employ them.
  10. This story makes me queasy. Not only that we had such a dolt as our GM, but that our reanimated corpse of an owner would let the Brandon Beane get away and hire the dolt a second time. So glad that era is over. Happy to have Dan Morgan back with the team. May he do even better in this stint than he did in his first one, which was awesome obviously. Oh, and #bringbackCheeseMoz...with a different name though.
  11. You’re getting poo’d, but you’re not wrong. Dumb, tough-to-market name, but great food. Hopefully he’ll try again with a little better branding partner. Restaurants with clean coal fired ovens are hot right now...
  12. I'm glad we invested a late round pick to get the best collegiate long snapper. I get why everyone is joking about it, but it's just due to their outmoded thinking. We need to hit a homerun on JJ Jansen's replacement. We've been spoiled for over a decade, and long snapper isn't something you can just sign a guy off the street for if you want anywhere near the continuity/performance we've enjoyed.
  13. Why would anyone give even a hammered piece of dogshit what Mel Kiper thinks? He's literally NEVER right about anything in the draft. He even screws up the top 5 most years.
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