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  1. What a pathetic bunch of whiny babies in here! You were all jerking each other off earlier today and now you’re ready to write off this game. Hahahahaha
  2. Eh, I wouldn't expect anything less from the LCD posters in here, choosing the lowest hanging fat, I mean fruit. She's probably going to die a lot earlier than she should because of her weight. I'd wager a decent number of the posters piling on ITT should be worried about the same thing. Panthers fans don't exactly skew 'fit/healthy.' But by all means, pile on fatties, pile on!
  3. What were they week 1? Did they improve or regress?
  4. We finally have the players to make whatever scheme work. Doesn't matter what inspired it, or where it came from, as long as it works, and Snow is willing and able to adapt to different offensive challenges, which so far he has.
  5. It looks like he was hesitating a little bit and was slow getting to wherever he should have been, and that's when Erving got manhandled right over top of him. He'll get it figured out once the game starts to slow down. He's definitely got the physical tools.
  6. My favorite thing about these two games is that you can tell they’re learning from their mistakes. They don’t get everything fixed week to week, but they improve enough that you can tell they’re focused on it and there isn’t any lack of effort. If they’re this good and still learning, think about how crazy it’ll be when things finally click.
  7. Here come all the negative Nancies. Calm down. They’ll be fine.
  8. He was drafted in the 6th. That's typically where you draft projects, not starters. I'm guessing they saw his performance in college and thought with better conditioning he could be a player in the NFL. They're probably right. It's still early in the season.
  9. Not at all. I remember bumping into Norwell when he first got to Charlotte. Huge guy, but athletic, not someone struggling with his weight. He was like Jordan Gross during his time here, chubby around the middle, but only because he needed to be to anchor himself against d linemen. If Deonte still has conditioning issues, then he's a liability, especially if he only plays one position. Hopefully these new sports science guys Rhule uses will get him into game shape fast.
  10. I know everyone is questioning Horn over Slater after Slater's big game Sunday, but I still agree with Rhule's rationale for going shutdown corner. We couldn't get off the field on 3rd down last season. I think focusing on keeping the other team off the field first is solid, even though I'd have loved to see them build a great wall for Darnold or whoever to play behind. Looking forward to an all-offense draft in 2022...fingers crossed.
  11. Zod as always with the easy layup post to get the hand-wringers and paste-eaters all riled up. It was the first game of the season, with a new QB trying to get settled in. You have a second year OC with a new QB and shitty offensive line that is trying to get settled in. Darnold/Brady are lucky to have CMC, and will probably lean heavily on him while they gets things ironed out. If he's still not spreading the ball around by game 4, then perhaps there's a problem, but we should be fine in a few weeks.
  12. Has nothing to do with benefit of the doubt. You all are bitching about 'trends' when you have one game to go on. The steaming, hot, shitty takes you guys are making on this board days after a win are hilarious, but also exhaustingly dumb.
  13. It's one game. I know everyone is desperate to talk football, but this poo y'all are reaching for is ridiculous.
  14. Maybe everyone should give the team 3-4 games before they start ripping anyone.
  15. LMAO! Ben Shapiro has entered the chat… Yeah, Roethlisburger is rapist scum. Just because he paid off the women he raped, that doesn’t unrape them. Peyton Manning is just scum. He didn’t rape that trainer, but there’s a ton of evidence that he did sexually assault her. Whose alt is this?!?
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