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  1. If you’re old enough to remember the Marlboro man, you might be...
  2. That one little dash between two words is the difference between joy and sorrow.......:(
  3. normally nap time over here at the old folks home but I don't want to miss any of this ...
  4. I would choose Talanoa Hufango from USc
  5. Is the GM increasingly the odds of something sticking or is he planning to surround our core with players that fit his culture or neither? Hoping for the best!
  6. 1. You seem to have mastery of a wide range of subjects. 2. It looks like Luke envisioned that whole sequence before it happened. 3. It's disturbing to think what that panther is about to do to that beer mug he stole. That was most entertaining! Thanks for posting.
  7. I predict a fishing trip will occur with Jared Allen and Brandon Wegher.
  8. I don't meet the criteria to win, and that's alright. I've told you before, this is one of my all time favorite photos of anything, anywhere.
  9. The segment where it was unanimous that the dolphins dominated the panthers both days of practice was very interesting. (disheartening)
  10. I was able to see the first two weeks of camp. (just a fan's perspective). I would just give Luke an honorary distinction, since he is kinda in a different world. I would then vote Josh Norman defensive, MVP.
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