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  1. watching the highlights of Robinson is a real treat. He is about 190 lbs of 100 % effort. all 190ish pounds is divided between heart and dog. It is kinda like a steve smith playing safety. It will be interesting to see if it translates to the NFL. If so, we will be hearing " it is ripped out by Robinson" a lot. So fingers crossed.
  2. we won today just because we signed bumper pool.
  3. one of my late draft pick crushes charlie jones just got picked...
  4. Im old and getting lost, do we still have pick 132?
  5. with this QB and this coaching staff; these are hopeful times.
  6. division rival on the clock... Lord please send some temporary insanity their way
  7. Paris' dad was drafted by Arizona in round 5 in the past!
  8. that was pretty good camera work. the seatle fans in that shot were Like: "who dat?"
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