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  1. Sam is doing a lot of "leader" type things that earn respect and our oline is giving him all the adversity and test he will ever need.
  2. liked: Sam willing to give up his body, especially his un-helmeted head for this team disliked: interior line putting the team in that position
  3. that scrum at the goaline where he lost his helmet and was pushed across the line will help to define the type of team the Panthers will become.
  4. they should just forfeit then and save themselves the embarrassment.
  5. I used to get the all 22 on gamepass, is there other ways for average folks to get it?
  6. the kicking in practice must not have been going well
  7. Sept. 14th might not be the best time to figure out the kicking position
  8. he might be moving on up to the east side?
  9. LOL, made me laugh! I'm over 60 and sound like that all the time now.
  10. I can't watch the game today, were there any significant injuries?
  11. Reid Sinett from Miami. I hope he gets a tryout
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