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  1. Graham making plays while TD is dropping should be INT's
  2. Yeah if Ginn would've at least made a play on it he would've given the ref no choice. But he looked like he gave up on it anyway
  3. Lockette just went up and made a play, earlier Funchess had a chance to make a play and he failed. People here were happy Funchess just made contact with the ball. Funch is 6'5" he needed to catch that. Plays like that are the difference between this team and a legit contender like Seattle
  4. And do what? He's got no one to throw to, the defense can just stack the box, Cam can't carry an entire offense by himself against teams like this. This is just like SF in the playoffs in 13, eventually your lack of skilled players show up
  5. But don't you dare suggest we trade for a real WR (not Kevin tugging Norwood) this isn't madden
  6. This is what happens when you play a real team and have no WR's...
  7. 2nd and short and you run Fozzy!!! Brilliant! 17-7 incoming
  8. Leaving points on the field like they did at the end of the half will end up being the difference
  9. New year and still can't beat anyone worth a damn. Nothing like pissing away a 2nd down play only to hand it over to Seattle to let them add points before the half. The pure talent and lack of comp over the last 8 weeks combined years hides so many coaching blunders
  10. Why we waste a 2nd down play is beyond me. got cute instead of getting the first down
  11. God forbid Olsen ever makes a person miss, why he's ever running anything before the sticks is beyond me
  12. If that's not leading with the crown of your helmet I dunno what is
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