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  1. Nice to see some old faces in the hornets forum it’s going to be a great year !
  2. Told you guys chill out, lol J No killed em! I'm really concerned about the team this year after this display but we just need to get out of here with a win and figure out everything else quick
  3. You guys are pessimists, chill out and let's see what happens, we are still winning..
  4. Wow I can't believe jacksonville is a challenge to our team
  5. can anyone pm me a link to watch... everywhere i keep going i cant get the annoying ass ads off my screen
  6. "God told me to lead the Seahawks, but only for an insanely high price" - Russell Wilson
  7. Batum got plenty of time at SF in portland.. more than sg.. 1. Lillard 2. Matthews 3. Batum
  8. I read it's like u have a beer gut but also have toned Arms and chest.. it's the balance of beer and lifting to achieve a dad bod (read this online)
  9. Read an article saying they are abstaining from sex... looks like you may be wrong
  10. I just read an article where wilson says that he and Ciara and abstaining from sex until marriage... Wilson wants to be T3B0w so bad
  11. checked her out at like noon after I saw some little documentary on espn about her. She's gorgeous
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