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  1. LiAngelo ball had 3 minutes tonight in the greensboro swarm game. He had a great first game and has consistently had minutes cut since and it is starting to make me wonder if he’s being given a fair shot. Let’s look at his first 3 games before this game tonight having 3 minutes. Game 1: 24min 9/13 FG 4/7 3PM 22PT (led team in +/- at +12) Game 2: 13min 3/6FG 1/2 3PM 7PT (led team in +/- at +20) Game 3: 13min 3/6FG 1/2 3PM 8PT (-17 +/- only one player was positive (dj carton +1)) for someone to be shooting over 50% from the field and downtown while leading the entire team in +/- to be losing minutes rather than gaining them is beyond me. It’s not like the players logging more minutes than him at his position are playing even better to where it is warranted in fact they are playing worse let’s compare stats of LiAngelo and 2 other forwards logging more minutes: LiAngelo Ball 17mpg 12.3ppg 60%FG 54%3P +5 +/- Xavier Sneed 23.3mpg 8.1ppg 36%FG 28%3P -5.7 +/- Cam McGriff: 20.9mpg 9.3ppg 45%FG 22%3P 3 +/- This worries me what is going on because if the swarm aren’t giving LiAngelo a fair shot based on his performance I think that could rub lamelo the wrong way as he is extremely loyal to his family. Wouldn’t want this influencing any contract decisions negatively for our franchise player because we wouldn’t give his brother time in the minor leagues when he was playing well.
  2. It is a glorious day! Let’s goooo!!!! Bring out your number 1 jerseys!!
  3. Hornets App/Ticketmaster just hooked me up with 4 free tickets to saturdays scrim. Not sure if its for anyone or becuase i already have tickets for games this season but anyone who might be interested check your ticketmaster or hornets app to see if you got them too!
  4. I was a bit skeptical if darnold was the answer but he has definitely impressed me to this point
  5. Chuba Hubbard doesn’t look like he’s going to fill the void created by the McCaffrey injury based on the way he’s playing tonight
  6. Told you guys chill out, lol J No killed em! I'm really concerned about the team this year after this display but we just need to get out of here with a win and figure out everything else quick
  7. You guys are pessimists, chill out and let's see what happens, we are still winning..
  8. Wow I can't believe jacksonville is a challenge to our team
  9. can anyone pm me a link to watch... everywhere i keep going i cant get the annoying ass ads off my screen
  10. "God told me to lead the Seahawks, but only for an insanely high price" - Russell Wilson
  11. Batum got plenty of time at SF in portland.. more than sg.. 1. Lillard 2. Matthews 3. Batum
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