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  1. Always down for an exhibition game. Chaymbah on Xbox.
  2. Yeah, RTTS is getting a lot of hate on Reddit. I feel the same way but can't really be mad since this is my first time playing The Show (Xbox user) and I don't know how it was in year's past. I'm god awful at hitting and my pitching isn't much better. Come to think of it, neither is my fielding. Still tweaking a bunch of settings and playing around with all of the controls. I was playing my cousin last night and switch to analog throwing while using Pinpoint for pitching and my catcher kept throwing down to 2nd base because I was pointing forward on the stick at the wrong time. All that t
  3. Anyone playing? I'm on Xbox so this will be the first time I've ever played the game; it's been way too long since I've played a baseball game. Pretty excited. If you're playing what controls are you using? I'm torn between all of the options. This is what I'm currently rocking: Pitching - analog Hitting - PCI / Zone Running - Default Fielding - Drifting ball Throwing - Button accuracy
  4. I'm so confused....is this a bot posting or something?
  5. That’s what I saw, too. He’s in surgery right now.
  6. I’m sort of stuck in the middle of season 4. Someone tell me to keep going.
  7. I’m just so mad about the final episode and not because it’s “not the way I would have wanted it” but because it doesn’t make sense and it feels like they just threw something together in the last 15 minutes to end the show. I haven’t been able to rewatch it since. Maybe in a couple of years.
  8. I do know the CEO of RobinHood has a House committee hearing on Feb. 18th. That’s a start, I guess. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2A13O2
  9. Might have to get it earlier than expected if cyberpunk gets delayed again.
  10. Was just about to post that. I don't really understand it though. I mean, maybe next year for backup purposes, but I think we're pretty set here.
  11. Four... count them again, FOUR home games in a row. Damn, I stayed on this sentence for like a minute trying to figure it out....I should have read the next sentence first.
  12. Good stuff, Jeremy. I really hope we can get back there within the next two years for TD's sake. That man has so much passion, it blows my mind. He deserves one before he goes out.
  13. I'll pie you, but I can't look at this today... I know within that article there are brilliant pictures, but I'm still in my depressed Monday. I'll look tomorrow.
  14. I had a birthday party at a Panthers game back around 2000. One of my friends knocked off my Panthers hat and it fell over the top of the stadium wall. I never found it :( On the way back home, we stopped at a Burger King where the lady working refused to give us ketchup saying they were out. My Mom, being Spanish, got pissed off and went inside to talk to a manger. At this point the lady working got really irate and had to be held back by another employee (she was really having a bad day). One of my friends started crying in the back seat because, well, he thought someone was going to s
  15. I didn't win the Jackpot last night, so free tickets would be nice.
  16. This announcer has messed up like 3 times already. He just called Olsen, "Witten"
  17. I swear the football is Greg's hammer returning to his hands. He's had so many crucial one-handed catches, it's insane.
  18. lol even if they did block it, the chances of them returning it are very, very low. Talking for the ratings at this point.
  19. I don't understand why you wouldn't kick the field goal here.
  20. lol this is so much fuging bullshit! It wasn't even catchable
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