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  1. If we can get a 3 year starter on a 3rd round contract I can live with developing for a year. Not the end of the world. Have alot of dead money coming off this year so extend DJ and get a Tackle via 1st round or FA like another said. If Brown starts 2-3years here at guard on a rookie deal even better! Both guards on a rookie deal will free up money for other positions.
  2. Excited. he may throw for 30 picks and 30 TD's like Jaboo, but it will be much more entertaining than Teddy. Really thinking about an 8-8 year and on cusp of being a playoff team with our weapons and defense if we can add a corner and oline help.
  3. Would love for this draft to happen but of course it isn’t realistic. IOL is on lock for next few years. Get a TE and DE to develop. Secondary depth. And an immediate contributor on offense to replace Samuel as well as CMC’s back up to replace Mike Davis
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