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  1. Bull Semen..,..I told you I can do it with any Semen?
  2. Snow gets the game ball
  3. I think coaching for me as well. I’m very concerned that we didn’t seem to make or anticipate any adjustments after half time.
  4. It is ridiculous that I’m supposed to believe this! the Jets have a fan? Really
  5. It also might give JJ a legitimate chance at a ring. The Bills are a win now team, so they might pay more for a guy they know they can count on right away.
  6. It seems the team has clearly emphasized “athletic” lineman over maulers. I don’t expect to be good on short yardage power plays. I am assuming we will see more pulling and zone blocking schemes. Hopefully, the people we have can be successful at that type of game.
  7. I think this year we are going to be the worse team ever… to win a super bowl
  8. Is Reddick hurt? I haven’t heard anything about him in camp.
  9. What I am excited to see is how we play. I want a fast hard hitting team that bullies the Division. I want a team that nobody wants to face because they know how much pain they will feel the next day. That is what I hope Rhule can bring to the table with these young guys.
  10. He has 33” arms, so I look forward to see how he holds up at left tackle.
  11. Great moments in sports: Willis Reed limping out of the locker room 1980 USA hockey team beating the Russians X-clown Dale Earnhardt finally winning the Daytona 500 SCP kicking open the door to a smoked filled bathroom to type out an editorial on his Commodore 64 prior to heading out on a sales call! Making one small adjustment to the helmet before hitting the road.
  12. I want every big name in free agency no matter how they’ve performed. I want them all at vet minimum. I want to be way under the salary cap. I want answers!
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