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  1. I don’t know what the Jaguar’s fan is complaining about, Tepper has been pissing on Panther fans for years.
  2. Call me when he gets rid of the turf. Until then I don't believe he cares about the players.
  3. The play that made me happiest from Henderson was when he looked back and knocked the ball away earlier in the game. It is the first time he hasn’t panicked when beaten.
  4. This McCaffrey guy is pretty good. I wonder why I haven’t heard about him this year?
  5. Baker Mayfield and they give us a 3rd to take his salary.
  6. Because we can’t stop a run play off tackle to the left.
  7. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told your mom….I’m not into fat chicks so quit hitting on me.
  8. I had a terrible dream that we had cut Cam, hired some college guy I had never heard of to coach, and traded to make Sam Darnold our starting QB….then I woke and saw Cam at the facility. Thank God it was all just a dream.
  9. Yes how many times do I have to tell you Watson isn’t signing here and Cam is not coming back….wait
  10. I would rather have turn overs and some deep plays then no turn overs and 65 yards.
  11. My fear is they are asking Darnold to be something he is not. He is a gunslinger the coaches don’t want to sling the ball. If they want a game manager they should have stuck with Teddy. Right now we are getting the turn overs without explosive plays. I know the OL is part of it, but Darnold looks very scared to let it rip.
  12. This is 5 head people. They purposely played terrible in the first half so the third quarter won’t look so bad in comparison!
  13. Everybody keeps saying one year rental, but I thought he was threatening to sit out without a deal. Isn’t that why New England let him go? Otherwise they just would have kept him for the year. I might be wrong, but I am assuming we are giving him something. Maybe just a front loaded contract for this year with voidable back years added. I don’t know a lot about the contract process to be honest.
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