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  1. Rather get Wilson or Lance. Dak doesn’t have the it factor
  2. It might turn out like Carson Palmer situation where he doesn’t get traded until mid season
  3. All those guys listed won’t be here in 3 years, that’s why you what to win while on their rookie contracts
  4. Seems like everyone has Wilson as the number 2, I was hoping the jets don’t take him so we could, but it looks like a forgone conclusion. Fields remind me of Dak with a stronger arm.
  5. Trading those guys we would just end up like the Texans
  6. Lol who the fug is that guy? Just some random twitter user
  7. I bet Wentz has a better year than Stafford
  8. They need to change the definition of deep ball. It should be passed over 40 yards.
  9. Matt Ryan is washed and is a garbage time QB, they should draft a QB. Hopefully they don’t a continue on the path of mediocrity.
  10. Not a fan of Fields, but I'll take any of top 4 over Teddy or any of the vets available
  11. Except for the fact Trubisky was also terrible under John Fox. He was terrible in 2019 when he got benched for Daniels, terrible last year when he got benched for Foles. He’s the one common denominator in the bears terrible offense all these seasons. The vid you posted he nitpicked highlights of one game vs a bad defense lol. Why not show his last two games vs the packers and saints when they barely did squat on offense? Oh and the vid he’s literally throwing to his first read every throw, just goes to show how limited they are. Im not saying Nagy is great coach or eve
  12. I can find a vid breaking down how good Teddy was this past season. Anyone who knows anything about football can tell you Trubisky is a terrible QB. The bears need to run a one read offense cause he so bad. Nagy is using smoke and mirrors to make him look respectable.
  13. If you think Trubisky is any good you don’t know sh*t about football.
  14. That’s a BS excuse. Trubisky is just flat out terrible, he’s the one holding back that offense. And Darnold also stinks, he’s the same QB he was at USC.
  15. Yep, theirs a reason he was a practice squad QB most his career
  16. That’s a lot of money for a guy who started one game. Heinicke reminds me of Minshew or Keenum, guys who threw the ball a ton in college so they know the nuance of the position but have little talent.
  17. How many NFL players was Wilson playing with? The last time a BYU Qb put us similar numbers to Wilson was a decade ago and that’s without his rushing numbers.
  18. He will make it, but it will take a while
  19. There point difference was 0.3, but over an 80 yards in ypg. At no point would anyone say the KC defense was better than SF. KC defense was also skewed playing much weaker schedule offensively. Bucs won cause the refs and KC injured line
  20. That’s the point this isn’t the old nfl. Offense has become the focal point and will continue to do so. Your last sentence is also false the niners defense just lost to the chiefs last year and they had the number ranked D. So your whole hurr durr defense wins championships is wrong, offense wins the proof is in the numbers.
  21. How does that change the fact offense>>>>defense? last two SB champs the offense were ranked higher
  22. Why on earth would we go after any vet at this point?
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