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  1. I still think Bill the coach is great, Bill the GM is horrible
  2. The panthers, Texans, colts, raiders, Bryce was the number 1 QB in the draft
  3. Lombardi would always scoff when they called Reich an offensive genius
  4. Bryce was always the number one prospect, both the Colts and Texans were gonna take him if given the chance
  5. That terrible run play killed all momentum
  6. God damn every time we get a positive play we get a stupid penalty
  7. Jay Glazer reported everyone in the coaching staff wanted Bryce
  8. If that’s your conclusion after Sundays game you don’t understand football
  9. Bryce got pressured on almost every drop back
  10. No more HB dives from shotgun on first down
  11. The bills are not that talented, it’s Allen and Diggs on offense and that’s it. How many seasons has Allen led them in rushing? They either need to get a legit number 2 WR or get a legit running back
  12. Noah Brown is running open on every play, and that o-line is playing well above expectation
  13. He wouldn’t look remotely this good in Carolina, his receivers are running wide open on almost every completion and his line actually gives him time to throw
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