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  1. Holmes and Alexander got ran to the ground. Idc how much muscle he puts on Mccaffrey is naturally a small RB, you don’t give that type of RB 30 touches a game, that’s not counting all time he’s asked to block or get hits on a play action.
  2. Adversity? We never trailed against bottom 5 team starting a rookie QB. Lol
  3. What???? No he didn’t. Wilson had around 100 yards lost due to drops, and was going up and down the field on us in the second half throwing lasers.
  4. We should of kicked the FG the Texans offense can’t do squat
  5. 60 touches through 2 games gets you that. That’s doesn’t include all the play actions he gets hit on or blocks he throws.
  6. The Texans are trying to beat us using smoke and mirrors lol. If we get a double digit lead it’s over, that offense isn’t built to come from behind
  7. Theirs a reason we didn’t have sustained success after that season, cause Cam literally had to play out of his mind. Put any other QB in the nfl on that roster and (I mean any) and they would be lucky to win 9 games. Defensively it might be close. Norman also played out of his mind that season, our pass rush was struggling so bad at one point we had to trade for Allen who was a fossil.
  8. Nope your just taking offense to me calling him a one read QB. Here’s Greg Cosell backing up everything already said. God knows where the other guy is getting 3rd and 4th options from skip to the 2:00
  9. Thus him making up sh*t. You can watch the highlights yourself
  10. A hot read is the first read, Mccaffrey movement is part of the play, there was no audible called, Brady like Payton use pre designed movement to throw off defenses or to clear space for the hot read. who saying he should look deep? And who is criticizing for throwing into tight windows? I said you can tell by his head movements he is throwing to his first read a lot and that’s why the coaches want him to do. So even though it won’t lead to a lot yac it’s the safer play. You can tell just by our second half adjustment and the type of offense we are using the coaches are trying to minimize Darnold recklessness. The defense has allowed the offense not to be put in a tougher situation where it has forced Darnold to carry it.
  11. Cause it hard to win it all with Alex Smith as your QB, everything needs to be near perfect. And that’s why the chiefs moved on. Take someone like Tannehill (many hope Darnold turns into) who is more talented than Smith, if you look all the Titans lost in the regular season or playoffs they always have one thing in common defenses shutdown Henry and force Tannehill to beat them. He can’t You could win it all with a Alex Smith, but it will take a Herculean effort by the entire team.
  12. Who saying he should go through more progressions? I’m just point out the facts that’s he’s not. Brady offense always has a pre determined hot read that you can clearly see Darnold is going to quite often. In the vid I posted he’s actually throwing a into some tight windows and the receivers didn’t get a bunch of YAC, so the whole “open favorable matchup” is not quite lineing up with the tape of Sunday’s game.
  13. You just making up stuff trying to prove a point. Every single throw outside of the Arnold, Zylstra and Mccaffrey (checkdown) was his first read, you can tell be where his head is focus from the snap.
  14. No he’s not, outside the rare scramble play it’s either first read or his check downs here is all his completions from his last game. Maybe one completion time his 3rd option on that Arnold throw, outside of that it’s all first read or under
  15. How exactly I’m a wrong? Oh I forgot you were crowning Kyle Allen after two similar also carry on
  16. I wonder if Broncos fans are saying the same thing about Teddy right now. Darnold is playing the Alex Smith role right now, the way the gameplay is going you can see he’s barely throwing to his second read, and that’s the way the coaches wanted. These two games have been on a silver platter, any halfway decent QB would have done what Darnold has done
  17. This is the fastest defense we have ever had.
  18. Both Teddy and Sam are managing teams with great weapons and good defenses. Neither them have been put in tough situations yet and I don’t either of them could carry teams on a weekly basis.
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