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  1. Corral has the best arm talent. Strong and Willis might have a slightly stronger arm but they can’t make the throws at the angles or on the run Corral can. I also Corral has the best natural throwing motion with the quickest release. None of these guys run a pro style offense.
  2. Draft a QB. Rather use a pick on a high potential unknown than waste money on guys like Jimmy G or Cousins
  3. We need to draft Matt Corral. He’s the only guy in this upcoming draft with the potential to be that type of prototype. He has the cannon arm with escape ability, Pickett ceiling is Derek Carr.
  4. Brady defense carried him in the playoffs last season and everyone knows it.
  5. Middle of the road teams… The Vikings were 11-5 before Cousins arrived and the redskins also were in the playoffs with RG3. You posting stats without context. Signing Cousins will lead us further into purgatory picking in the middle of the draft like the Vikings have the majority of his tenure. Cousins the master of lightning up bad teams at 1 pm and sh*tying the bed vs a good team in prime time.
  6. Not gonna happen if any team picks a QB is gonna be us and Tepper will force it. Also RB are not even worth a second round pick. Hubbard was better as rookie than Mccaffrey
  7. Not going into next year with with Darnold as our QB. Also what makes you think Washington needs a QB more than us? a RB in the second round? Lol
  8. I feel bad for the team who overpays for Jimmy this offseason. He’s another Jared Goff it better not be us
  9. I’m on the draft QB train. We can’t keep going on the cycle of free agent QBs
  10. Moore on offense most of the young defensive players
  11. I swear we have scored on more opening drives this season than I can ever remember.
  12. It begins with the QB. Theirs a lot of playoff teams with mediocre coaches and good QBs
  13. Washington will never win a SB with Ron as a coach.
  14. For todays NFL we have a top flight defense. It’s impossible with the offenses and rules to hold down an offense forever. Especially when your own offense is putting the defense in bad positions. How many unassisted TD drives have we gave up this season I’m willing to bet is near the top.
  15. NFL teams are way to thorough to let Brown play if he was “seriously injured”. He’s basically implying his doctors know better. Before the game even started it was Brown himself who said he wanted to play.
  16. I like Corral more but I don’t mind Pickett or the UNC QB
  17. Every fanbase wants to trade down, I bet we won’t
  18. He’s been like this since USC, that’s why I compared him to Fitzpatrick
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