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  1. We were more active in free agency in Rhule tenure than Rivera and Fox’s combined, we tried to trade for Watson and Stafford, so what is Rhule even talking about?
  2. I’m taking into account everything. When it comes to OSU QBs all you can really off of is measurables, they have biggest talent gap between a single teams in any conference. Ohio state has more 5 and 4 stars than every team in the big 10 combined, they also play the most QB friendly system outside of OU.
  3. Yeah it makes a lot of sense to compare Texas tech QBs who rarely get drafted to Ohio state QBs who get drafted every other year and never succeed
  4. So it makes no sense to compare them. You can use USC QBs as a comparison to OSU QBs.
  5. The difference is none of those schools QBs get a lot of attention.
  6. With how bad the Texans are we have zero chance of ever getting Bryce Young, so that leaves Stroud, that’s who you guys want to tank for? In my opinion I think Young is the only legit franchise QB in this upcoming draft and the rest of the first round QB prospects are interchangeable, so I have no issue where we end up drafting. I still think we end up drafting a QB
  7. His daughter seemed to like it, and supposedly they are moving to a new stadium so no point in making a statue now.
  8. We were never getting a top 3 pick, our team has to much talent.
  9. Op saw one comment saying this and decided to make a thread about it lol
  10. Don’t like any OSU QB, almost impossible to evaluate outside of the measurables. I want Bryce Young but I highly doubt Houston doesn’t take him
  11. The offense might have some excitement with Darnold’s reckless play
  12. The lowest o/u of any game this season and the lowest of any game in recent memory. At least since 2012
  13. Lol our defense is plenty “tough”, we have a though running game. But when you have no QB and incompetent coaching it doesn’t matter, todays game it’s not about toughness.
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