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  1. The game is being streamed on the Panthers app and the feed is working great. WSOC is still down on YTTV for me, so I’m watching on my phone.
  2. I love the Panthers and been a fan since 95 at 10 years old. I've been to every playoff home game except Dallas '96. I would love to go this year!
  3. Philly awesome work as usual! I just laughed out loud while eating at work, got a few stares. The painting is a true masterpiece. You should seriously send it to Cam. I can just imagine it hanging in a place of honor next to his Heisman.
  4. I hope Panthers fans in Fayetteville give this guy tons of poo for acting like a whiny little bitch. I wish Cam would have saved the pieces of the torn up sign so the Panthers could have mailed it back to this guy along with a copy of BoA's rules on opposition fans banners and a signed picture of Cam cheesing with the dedication of "Deal with it"
  5. It looks a lot better then I thought it would. I think our best uniform is the black tops / silver pants. Wish we would stick to that more often, I understand there is concern about the heat early in the season though.
  6. How can you not be excited by this move? Even if Allen is a shadow of his former self, he's still much better then anyone else we have outside a healthy CJ. Moving back to a 4-3 DE should help his production too. We also didn't give up much to Chicago to acquire him. I'm excited to see how this pans out on the field!
  7. Ronde Barber announcing today will lead to my newborn son hearing profanities hurled at the TV throughout the game. Hope you can sleep at night FOX, do the right thing and fire Ronde!
  8. fug the Jags, fug Ronde Baber, and fug the Refs. Panthers win anyways! Gotta take a nap before work!
  9. Panthers winning 20-9 announcers still talk about the Jaguars
  10. Davis with the INT! Sealing the win! Keep Pounding!
  11. Offensive line struggling in pass protection ? Call a long developing screen pass....
  12. I will take 15 yards on swag like that all day everyday.
  13. Ted Ginn dropping passes again. Haha made me look bad
  14. I hope they bring a Jaguar out at half time so Ronde can suck it's dick at mid field.
  15. Good looking drive, we needed that before the half. Keep Pounding!
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