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  1. When rumors are that “strong”, especially involving the draft, take it with all the grains of salt. Like you did. Who knows the exact reason but it never made sense. If the Panthers took Jones, this article would be about how the 49ers were scared y’all would take him. Or Denver. Schefter is as good as it gets, but he believed the wrong people on this. As did many people.
  2. He’s still pissed he swallowed the hook so hard. What’s the difference in league sources now as opposed to then. NE wouldn’t trade up any to get him. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/2021-nfl-draft-adam-schefter-confident-49ers-pick-mac-jones-no-3%3famp
  3. Neither did the Giants or Dave Megget from 30 years ago. I made my point that it’s a trick play(on any team)that in no way relates to a QBs mobility and effect on a DC game plan. I made my point several times. You, once again, have dodged why you made that statement beyond desperation. You started this. Not me.
  4. Your the one who brought up a “stupid response” to a question you won’t even acknowledge you made. I’ll defend myself same as anyone would. Then added… “why am I not surprised”. Bringing the past into it. Your hypocritical self brought this stuff up. Was I supposed to just say “Ok, you’re right and we are all wrong?” Pick a move, pick a trade, cap issue, any discussion on the teams future, from the last 5 years. Let’s go to the tape if I am imagining all this. CMC is my only miss. So less talking. Let’s get to this. If it’s imagined, this should go quickly.
  5. One would think if I wasn’t being truthful, since it happens so often, someone would take me up on what lies right here on this site. Why was I smart when bashing Hurney that you agreed with? Plenty of those threads. Why is it when I start a asking the questions of you, you go to default mode and do this. When people like you attack a posters “smarts”, I just point to the scoreboard as my resume. Once again, the Facts fail you.
  6. Yep. Imagining results seems to work for you. But I know there is no way you would ever try to have a factual discussion. The uninformed never do.
  7. Anyplace Anytime you want to test that knowledge and prove I’m stupid, let me know. Any football related topic. Or maybe we just look at all the Hurney threads where I was always right, according to you. Once I disagreed on something, I was a troll. Sort of how you tell people not to complain about the team, after you spent the last decade doing just that. I’ll put my record against you of any source, or reporter, or any kid in his moms basement that you would cite if it agrees with you.
  8. I always forget you treat facts as stupid. But, I, and many others, showed you numerous times how there were many more than that. You asked. It got answered. And you stuck with “because I said so” no matter what. Comparing it to plays that rarely happen. That was good times….
  9. For a ridiculous question on your part. Comparing an every couple of year moment against the importance of accounting for QB mobility on every snap. Not surprised either that you have talked your way into a box you can’t logically get out of. Just throw up statements like these to take the attention away from the facts.
  10. When the last time a Panthers RB threw a pass? 2018? Comparing QB mobility equaling to a trick play is embarrassing.
  11. Maybe we should compare Cam with Andy Dalton. Or Gabbert. So if a DC doesn’t run a spy(specifically), they don’t even think about anyone’s mobility besides Lamar? Good Lick with that.
  12. I did. Checked twice. You still said account for. You do realize that there are numerous other ways to combat a mobile QB without a spy? Did every team use a spy on Cam on every snap. No. No where close. Anyone discussed requires a defender to stay at home at least longer than usual. That’s the difference.
  13. Given that he rushed for more yards last season than Cam did ever, I’m fairly certain they would.
  14. I missed the part where they had to be specifically like Cam. I responded to what would a DC have to account for. The actual question YOU asked. You think OC don’t account for their “mobility” on every play? There are others on way. Lawrence, Fields, and Lance.
  15. Kyler Murray Josh Allen Russell Wilson Jalen Hurts
  16. Definitely can make that argument. And I agree. Which is why I’m failing to comprehend how his passing ceiling isn’t higher than a “bust(for now)” who is a consensus bottom 1/3 of the league starter?
  17. And those mechanics have led to what? Accuracy? Seriously. His mechanical advantage has him as a bottom ranked QB. When did he show he could refine his technique. And what became apparent later in Cams career? Everything after the SD game in 2016, is a different player.
  18. See…that was my bad. I didn’t realize you wanted to be able to just throw any opinion out you want with no questions asked. I gave you the chance(s) to respond to any of them and you keep backpedaling. I’m not the one spreading “creative” excuses for the teams two biggest questions. You brought up personal. I still want to know these “special” metrics are that give Sam Darnold a higher ceiling than Cam? From a “pure” QB perspective, of course.
  19. Which is where the “typical” comes in. Again. Spout nonsense to back up statements, then claim it’s “personal” when asked anything they are incapable of explaining.
  20. So I’ve lost my mind but not one example. We are back to typical. And most years he did. But it wasn’t in 2015. He spent most of that season throwing, with time, from the pocket.
  21. Really? Make another QBs case. If I’ve lost my mind, this should be easy. What metrics? List them.And based on what? His actual play, or what he was supposed to be?
  22. What are “traditional” QB metrics are you suggesting we use for this higher ceiling. Cams ceiling was a near unanimous MVP with no WRs and a average OL. Would have won without rushing for a yard. And Mike Shula as OC. What part of Darnold’ game shows he could approach any of these accomplishments? You’re just searching for optimistic outcome to make current issues not seem so bad. That’s fine. Just don’t get upset when folks think you reached for me.
  23. You’re talking about it because you wanted to say this years OL was as good as that one. Then , doubled-down on it by saying the 2015 OL wasn’t good to begin with. I haven’t discussed it in years. This is your hole you dug. Then comparing it to an OL with 4 big questions to be answered. And how does a QB who doesn’t have as high a ceiling, from a “pure” QB perspective, as Sam Darnold, win an MVP with no WRs and a subpar OL?
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