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  1. USC? I doubt it. However if USC takes James Franklin from Penn St I can definitely see them reaching out.
  2. Looks like "versatile/versatility" is going to be the new coaching buzzword that I hate.
  3. Fitterer needs to get on the line and convince Larry Warford to come out of retirement if he is still in shape.
  4. That's gotta be his career right there, this will be the 3rd straight season.
  5. The concern I have with Rhule is that I feel like he believes that he is fixer-upper. That can take underachieving guys and make them good. He did it with Temple and he did it with Baylor, but the NFL is a whole different animal. This insistence on shielding Darnold from scrutiny furthers my believe.
  6. Rhule isn't giving Grier much of an opportunity to show what he's got.
  7. Cmon, Christiansen, you were having a good game before this.
  8. Walker is weird. Like his stat line looks good but almost every pass he has completed has been behind the receiver.
  9. Christiansen has looked good in pass pro this first drive.
  10. Really don't understand what they see in Walker and Grier to not bring in a 4th. Should explore trading for Minshew if the cost is low or bringing in Matt Barkley or Blake Bortles, neither are good, but at least provide veteran presence.
  11. This list is invalid considering former Arkansas State DT Dee Liner isn't up here.
  12. It'll probably be retractable. Gonna have to find year round use for it beyond outside sporting events.
  13. If the Panthers suck next season, this will be getting a lot of use.
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