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  1. I disagree, honestly. I think if it was Wilks, he would have been announced once we completed the final Rooney interview. The longer the process goes, the more I believe that Tepper has zero'd in on Steichen and is waiting for him to be eliminated or after the Super Bowl.
  2. Hopefully he'll be pleased with his performances in the NFL.
  3. If they can't play the game, copy how some high school conferences do it when all tie breaker options have been exhausted... have two team reps meet at NFL HQ and flip a coin. Do a best of 5 series. Or the NFL' could call it a 0-0 tie and just deal with it. There's no answer that's not going to be criticized.
  4. You already know it haha. "Let's wait until 2024 for Klubnik!!"
  5. I would snatch him up in the 3rd with a quickness.
  6. Is Tyjae Spears draft eligible?
  7. Duggan is going to have to play at his Heisman runner-up level for TCU to have a chance. Georgia will likely contain the run game better than Michigan did, but they can be vulnerable if the QB is game.
  8. Dylan Horton making some money today.
  9. I think it's more likely than not. Wilks is a Rivera disciple. He's not going to go searching for some hotshot OC and McAdoo compliments the defense he wants to run.
  10. Purdy hasn't even played a full game yet. Literally a month ago, Carolina coaches and his teammates were talking up PJ the exact same way after a close loss and what happened? The talent caught up with him and he put out a stinker in Cincy. Mike White has 8 TDs and 10 int career wise. This is premature, no? Especially Purdy.
  11. McKee has prototypical talent, but if were him, I would consider transferring to have a year to show out. Oregon is losing Nix and a backup just announced a transfer. Would see if there is interest there.
  12. If Wilks is retained, and he keeps McAdoo, then Levis would fail here. He needs someone that can develop a QB, like whoever hires Ken Dorsey or Shane Steichen. Same thing for Richardson.
  13. Penix is having a game. 381 yards late in the 3rd. Edit: And then he throws a pick lol
  14. It's like the team decided to go on vacation after clinching the Coastal. Pretty typical Mack Brown season, 6-9 wins mostly on out-talenting teams, but poor development leads to losses when not bailed out on great QB play. QB struggles, we lose. Can't really blame Brown for missed kicks though. I don't know about the Clemson game. Most probably expect us to get blown out, and I won't deny that it's a distinct possibly, but I have a feeling that UNC will show up and it will be a game in the forth. We need someone other than Maye to step up.
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