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  1. Be annoyed, but slowly buy in to all the inevitable off-season fluff pieces, only for reality to strike at the start of the season.
  2. Last we heard of Gamble, he was announcing Carolina's 3rd round draft pick. I think that was 2019? Looked well. Heard that he was a bit of miser and lived in a middle class apartment complex during most of his career here. Don't know if that is true or not.
  3. Natrone is the RB Coach/AHC for Fayetteville State. For like a millisecond, there was a rumor that Mack Brown was going to bring him on UNC Staff when Gillispie left for Alabama last week. Last I checked, David Gettis was a quality control coach at Syracuse. It's still in his Twitter feed, so I guess he is still there Patrick Jeffers. Jordan Carstens Tyrell Sutton Mike Goodson Preseason Jesus Brandon Wegher Stefan Lefors Tony Pike
  4. I became a member in 2009, but have been on of the edge of the roster the whole damn time
  5. Don't get this one, Jimmy G is only slightly better than Bridgewater when he is healthy and is injury prone on top of that, would rather trade up in the draft if Watson is off the table.
  6. Derek Carr rumors are starting to ramp up, I wouldn't be surprised if Carolina are in those discussions.
  7. Before some of y'all start taking this out if context, these are the QBs assigned to Rhule's team at the Senior Bowl.
  8. This will put us in a bind, bc Rhule would in all likelihood promote Peetz. . . who is currently interviewing for the LSU OC position. Hate to put him in a position where he would have to back out of an agreement if he wants to stay in the NFL.
  9. Rivera said thanks when they shook hands LOL
  10. Where's that dude that was talking about how teams don't tank? lololololol This was gift-wrapped specifically for him. That said, that was too obvious. At least let the players play.
  11. Love Samuel and I feel vindicated that he turned out to be a good pro when we got an OC worth a damn, but he's gone. We'll probably draft someone like Chris Olave (if he declares) or Anthony Schwartz in the middle rounds to replace.
  12. Interview Lake Dawson again. For real this time, not like those farce interviews that Rivera and Becker did when they knew they were just going to re-hire Hurney.
  13. Yeah, I've commented on that before. What's the use of the function if I see their posts anyway when they get quoted? It's annoying af.
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