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  1. Guy has 77 starts on the interior line. If they completely cut him, you just have to laugh. He was a serviceable starter who looked "below average" last year. Along with an entire offense that looked below average, bar none. I am all for trying to upgrade the OL but you don't cut a C/G that has 77 starts for some unproved youngster. At worst he is the best backup interior lineman we have. He isn't "trash". He had a bad year while being flanked by the worst starting guards I have ever seen on this team.
  2. It's two grass fields plus an eventual covered/enclosed field lol They are already contracted with a company to build the two new full length fields.
  3. Depends what his opinions were on all these players evaluation, trades etc. If he challenged or doubted some of the moves and made it aware to the team, then sure, he deserves a shot. If he blindly agreed with Fitterer and never challenged the poo-show that ensued...bye bye. Almost every move in FA or the draft was backfired spectacularly. But as anyone on a work project knows, if you have people that object to what you are planning, and they do it anyway...do you fire the guy who was right, but was overruled by the boss, just because the project was a failure?
  4. Former head of officiating…”not a catch”. tv announcers after they call it a catch, “looks like they got it right.” lol
  5. We need someone to fix this freaking mess and he has a proven formula for long term success. Instead of wanting our new coach to win us a Super Bowl, how about we get successful foundation first? This team ain't winning poo in the next couple of years, but with right coach we could at least build to winning the NFC South. He would bring instant credibility (as would Bill) and right now this team has none. I am trying to imagine NOT wanting a coach with 170 career wins. The Carolina Panthers franchise has just 214 wins over the past 29 seasons LOL
  6. Hard to tell because teams don't have to try to score a bunch of points and we play a ton of bad teams. But considering when we played a team that are likely in the playoffs, we gave up: 37, 42, 42, 33. We could be top 10 when everyone is healthy but we would need a offense that could chew up some clock and score a point once in a while. If we played in the AFC, I don't think we could be top 10 statistically.
  7. And we all forget about Mr Mopey Head his first couple years. He too was handled with kid gloves, especially whey he acted like a 10yr old who didn't get his way on the sidelines. Steve Smith tried to make Cam accountable and they got rid of 89 LOL.
  8. LOL - When your own dad says "nah" to you inheriting something he built, there is usually a reason.
  9. Imagine being Andy Dalton and sitting on the bench knowing your are worlds better than Bryce.
  10. If you haven't noticed...only a handful of "that" team are on this offense. New QB, RB, TE1, WR1/WR2/WR3, OG1/OG2.
  11. Tell me you don’t have a daughter without telling me you don’t have daughter.
  12. Y'all realize, if David Tepper (66yrs old and overweight) kicks the bucket tomorrow...his wife will be likely owning the team? His kids are still in their 20's and they will have billion dollar trust funds to occupy their time. God forbid she learn some of the business before that happens. No one ever said she is making football decisions. Is her husband going to let her have input on what she sees? Obviously, it's his wife. She is learning the business by being in these meetings. But do you REALLY think these billionaires with huge egos are letting their wives make on the field football decisions? Come on.
  13. Backup rookie starting game 1 on opposite side than where he played the majority of preseason is doing poorly? Color me shocked. Are we really expecting a 4th round lineman to be thrown into a starting gig at the very last minute to be playing well? What does he have...10 padded practices as the starter?
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