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  1. Cowboys Panthers 2004 playoff game for me. Everyone was so drunk for the nighttime kickoff and the crowd was louder than it had ever been. Only time it truly felt like a big time college rivalry game in the stadium. It was better than the 2015 NFC championship. Wasn’t in town for the first time we played and beat the cowboys in the playoffs.
  2. Sounds like a Panthers scouting report. I'm sure we will thank them later then Rhule picks up the cut guys from Baylor.
  3. Yep. Hubbard will be CMC's backup but Foreman should be the #2 guy off the bench. As in if CMC goes down for any stretch, Hubbard probably gets the call because he has a bigger toolbox. Foreman has 18 catches in his career but his is molded as a traditional RB...which we haven't used in 5 years.
  4. His offense consists of zero active game day roster players Kind is hard to judge lol.
  5. Future work on the site, not future projects. You can be damn sure they had contracts with suppliers and builders to build out the site and most of that was never started or completed.
  6. If Rock Hill accepts payment, there is probably no lawsuit. A STFU and go away parting gift. It would cost more in time and lawyer fees to drag this on.
  7. They filed bankruptcy so they don't have to pay for other contracts they signed for future work. They never said they weren't going to pay for work done. They said from the beginning that want to pay everyone who is owed. But there was probably 500mil more of contract that were awarded for work on site that was never started and if they didn't file bankruptcy, those with contracts could come after their money. Chapter 11 is a finances reorg to pay of debts and cancel contracts.
  8. Fitt would overrule Rhule on that one and designate him to IR at the worst. Rhule could be dumb enough but the FO is not.
  9. Based on media reports of his snaps...about half of the fourth quarter.
  10. Based on last year's o-line evaluation, no. Based on moving Chinn from DROY candidate to JAG, no. Based on cutting Perryman for Carter last year, no. Based on TMJ inactive 1/4 the year, no. Base on Ian Thomas, no. I mean, what "evaluation" did he get right last year? Kicker?
  11. I’ve spent the 4th of July in London a couple years ago…not a single firework. Sad. Probably had some this year though with their buffoon PM getting the boot.
  12. Comfortable with the playbook for one. Not being in mini-camp puts him behind. Accurate downfield passing. Finding an open TE. Not relying in 22 after the first read is covered. Excited teammates.
  13. This is like complaining to your dog about your working conditions. If you have a problem with work related stuff, how about you talk to your boss about it if you want something done? He wears a C on his jersey...act like it, not complain on twitter about it.
  14. The only stat that will count is wins. Who cares if he has 15 ints and we win? The top 10 highest thrown interceptions list is littered with hall of famers. darnold threw ints but also never threw us back into a game. He was fine with a lead and protection.
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