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  1. You going to start registering your sneakers so the city can add sidewalks, or nah? Or maybe cities just build safe sidewalks, roads, and bike lanes because it the right thing to do for all citizens...
  2. He is 8th all time in yards. All above him are in. He is 12th in number of catches. He got the receiving triple crown (one of only three in the modern era). He has better numbers then anyone else waiting, including Reggie Wayne, who played with the best statistical QB of our generation (Steve played mostly with Jake freaking Delhomme). That argument alone would put Steve above Reggie.
  3. Simeon Rice averaged 11+ sacks a year for 11 years and isn't in the HOF. CMC is the only person "currently" that is putting up potential HOF numbers. Burns needs to start hitting 12+ sacks/year and quickly.
  4. I mean he only had the first overall pick Alex Smith at Utah...but I guess having the nation's top QB in the Mountain West conference doesn't count as superior talent.
  5. He succeeded in college in large part to having superior athletes and bending the rules for his players to keep them on the field. Will be interesting to see if he is truly as smart as he thinks he is.
  6. Maybe just read the Charlotte Business Journal? I mean its not quite the "own the libs" stuff you read but they have solid journalism. If you want me to get copies of the Crosland/Tepper agreement for the Eastland site, I will get right on that. If you think Crosland is building him a 20 acre MLS soccer academy at Eastland for free, I would venture you are wrong. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/10/26/county-city-funding-for-eastland-makeover.html https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/11/10/eastland-mls-stadium-upgrades-win-council-approval.html
  7. If he buys all the pipe and foundry land, there is 20+ acres on the other side of 277. I am sure a parking deck would be part of that plan, if not in the entertainment district he is planning. But y'all need to remember....Tepper isn't in this for a few million bucks a year in parking revenue. He is worth almost 15bil. He probably wipes his ass with 2mil a year. A modest return of 5% on his worth is $750,000,000/yr. He is playing the long game. What is worth more long term...a mixed use entertainment district in uptown Charlotte, or a parking lot that brings in a few mil a year? Ev
  8. Keep digging that hole...because you like to leave out the important parts: Crossland and Tepper Sports are still investing 200mil to create commercial real estate space, a public park, soccer and recreational sports fields, a grocery store, affordable housing and additional residential offerings. It just isn't an MLS team HQ anymore. Its cute that you like to stir the pot, you just aren't that good at it. Peace out, enjoy your Waze guided drive to get fireworks and booze off of Carowinds Blvd this weekend.
  9. I dunno…maybe you should pay attention more to economic development news? He has clearly stated in the media about his desire to build an entertainment district around the stadium. I dunno…there might be an empty 33 acre lot uptown that his current stadium sits on. Plus another 20 acres of Pipe and Foundry land on the other side of 277 (assuming he buys all of their property). But please tell me more of your “make Steele Creek great again” plan.
  10. You should probably stick to sports as I don't think "economic development" is in your wheelhouse. Tepper is going to make a great deal money by developing the area around an uptown stadium. No one is developing anything off of Carowinds Blvd. Its a sea of warehouses and distribution centers. Please, just stop with Carowinds being "possible". It's not. It's a poo location. It's currently a profitable business. It isn't going to be redeveloped in his lifetime. It's just as "possible" that he buys Crowders Mountain and bulldozes and puts it there.
  11. LOLOLOL. You think 70k people leaving on Carowinds Blvd is going to be quicker for almost everyone...apparently you have never even been to Carowinds on a weekend. Any yes, I am sure it would be cheaper to buy out a theme park that whos parent company brings in revenue of about 1.5bil a year. Their value is almost that of Tepper.
  12. It would actually be a pretty big boost for Rock Hill. Getting your small cities name in hundreds/thousands of by-lines only helps (I mean unless you are beating black people at a gas station). Plus there would be be hundreds of rooms booked down there. I am sure press will be allowed back next year. I am sure they will bid on for 2024+ We know they have already bid on the draft and I am sure Roger is eventually throw a bone to his richest owner.
  13. But he hated Trump (called him demented, narcissistic scumbag) so that makes him a lib of course LOL. I mean, other than him being a Republican and all.
  14. For more about the "independent news writer", convicted fiancé abuser, admitted cheater, and author: https://ballotpedia.org/Will_Folks
  15. I would assume half of a TE coach’s job is analyzing and scouting the defense his TE were playing against, no?
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