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  1. How they have a paper mill in town is beyond me (or how people can stand to live there).
  2. Assuming he has fully blown through his earnings and maybe has some motivation to get into shape? Your habits can fully change with some maturity. He has/had the talent. At the very least, it's likely he has at least gotten physically in shape.
  3. Dude, its not all the same players on kick off, kick return, punt, punt return.
  4. So then almost everyone on the 52 is a starter since most "extras" play ST. OK got it.
  5. In what world is LS considered a starter? Do we count ST gunners as starters too?
  6. Making a tackle and being where you were supposed to be are two very different things.
  7. The gate expansion is going to be the biggest improvement for the NFL. Looks 4 times bigger than the security gate to get in now and should make a huge improvement on speeds getting through security.
  8. His ex-wife is worth 58 billion. Let that sink in.
  9. Umm yeah OK. Well at least two other CB graded worse out of the 121.
  10. Did you watch the same games as me? Pride was lost. TBH I didn't see anything that showed promise of a starting corner.
  11. Marshawn can run a 4.46 and can squat almost 500lbs. He is an athletic freak. Jones is high school pudgy who can run a touch faster than his 315lb lineman. Might he be strong under that pudge, sure maybe so. But please don't compare him to that at of an athletic freak like Marshawn.
  12. Voth hinted on Twitter Obada wouldn’t sign his tender. That would explain some things.
  13. Tepper has donated $125m to Carnegie Mellon. I am sure JR's number of $150m is no coincidence.
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