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  1. Trending toward All-Pro after 3 games?!? He has a couple nice games against some of the worst offenses in the league...lets not get crazy.
  2. I am more referring to when Ian is on the field and Tremble on the sidelines. Tremble was drafted as a blocker and pass catcher. Get him on the field more, especially now that we need better run blocking with CMC down.
  3. Unfortunately we will need more than 2yds per carry in the first half of games or he ain't gonna be getting many second half opportunities.
  4. But why do I still see Ian Thomas on the field? Ian has had zero impact in three years.
  5. And a HOF QB on defense. And a borderline HOF TE. And two running backs with about 1000 yard rushing each.
  6. Happens all the time at Williams Bryce. They don't need a cheerleader to start "GAME" "COCKS". Do the cheerleaders lead it at certain times, yes. Does it happen mostly organic, yes. Everyone knows their side and what to do and when to do it.
  7. "Unofficial Depth Chart" This is put out by the PR team, not the coaching staff. Nothing to see here.
  8. Well at least he completed 41% more passes in the preseason than I could. Maybe.
  9. He donated to New Orleans because it’s an NFL city and part of the NFL brotherhood. He isn’t donating a million bucks every time a natural disaster hits somewhere.
  10. He didn't say bad long term. It's not good short term however. When has a team with a bunch of super young players gone on to do anything (college or pros)? Most rookies don't pan out, even if they did make the roster year 1. We need players that have been in the NFL for 3 years. Lets judge this again next year and see how many of those rookies make 53 in 2022.
  11. Bill does what is best for the team. He doesn't give AF about Cam's future or feelings. If he thought he was the best backup QB, he would keep him. He knows Cam isn't going to take it well. Hoyer is a proven backup QB (as in he knows how to be a backup QB).
  12. 2/5, 10yds. 1 INT in the preseason finale. If Sam had that byline in the 3rd preseason game you would be there with pitchforks and torches.
  13. Calling plays and having the QB execute them are two different things. I can't imagine Brady called for all of those 7 yard dump-offs last year, it was just Teddy using his check downs. At least from Darnold's past, he is more times than not, running the play as designed. It's just those times when he shouldn't be running it that was is when he got in trouble. I think we truly know this year. We have a QB willing to sling it now. If we still have all these issues scoring/red zone again, its a Brady thing. If it's a ton of INT's, its a Darnold thing.
  14. And in "shocking news", he is at practice today in the same hat he was wearing Saturday in the stadium...
  15. Those are 100 level on the sideline (probably the 20 from the photo). Not like he is sitting in 552.
  16. I think Robby has a case of "I don't really wanna practice that much in Spartanburg". I am sure he will be 100% by the regular season. Being a proven vet, that is fine by me if that's the case.
  17. Smittys career stats make him a lock. Like others have said, probably not first ballot just because, but no doubt he will get in. 8th in receiving yards. 9th all purpose yards. 12th in receptions.
  18. I'm sure he was given that gear the moment he stepped into Beans/McDermonts office. Of course he is going to wear it. I am sure they are salty at Morgan getting poached and might be feeling out his interest.
  19. The defense gave up like 225 TOTAL yards that game. It would have taken a miracle to lose it. Lets look at the rest of his stats for the season. Downright horrifying (and that includes the DET game).
  20. Playing good/fine against backups isn't the same as playing against guys that make 10-25 million per year. Let's hold off on our assessment until he gets some snaps with the 1's. I am sure he will.
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