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  1. Gen X and Millenials are the first generations to be raised primarily off of processed food w/additives in world history. Most people think that was a post-war 40s/50s thing but processed foods and additives for hygiene and cleaning products only really started to take over in the 70s. There was a really great deep dive into this on Spilled Milk some weeks back. There’s a lot of things that we may find out weren’t so good for us to be stuffing into our bodies. I think a clear indicator is how colon cancer is up so dramatically in both sexes for people under 35 in such a big way. Being a survivor myself, I find it to be a major issue. This is off topic but yep, it’s a concern. Problem also being the worst stuff is the most accessible and inexpensive. Again off topic but it’s interesting. RIP to these young folks
  2. Fair, it’s unfortunate. Took quite a strange turn.
  3. I wasn’t meaning to bring them out of the woodwork, it’s all varying reasons. Just a lot of kids from purely a numbers perspective. It’s just sad for all cases and unfortunate it seems to be more these days for whatever the cause. If anything, it more just broadly stresses the need for us all to look out for each other and just not ourselves. Feel like selflessness and empathy need to hit the forefront these days. Less toxicity and more support for our health and well being. RIP to the kid.
  4. Jeez this stuff is awful this year. There are unusual amount of passings in pro sports for the active/recently active types. Haskins, Swanigan, Gladney, these CFBs, Marion Barber, Adrein Payne, I’m missing some but it seems like unusually high tick up this past year.
  5. We spent a 3rd on Henderson. He may not have shown to be worth pick 9 overall, but he’s looked completely respectable as a pick 70-100 selection.
  6. Very excited for Taylor. He looked like a steal. Had some rookie moments but the good and flashes of potential far outweighed the bad. From a CB producing program as well.
  7. That name rang a bell, I had to look it up and holy crap never put it together but I went to school growing up with Scotty. That’s crazy. Hornets are definitely in a good spot. They have leverage to keep Miles, have Lamelo, 2 firsts to work with and Hayward to trade. Could put themselves in a very good spot in short order. This is an instance where you’re definitely more right than wrong. Those constant ellipses stop bug the crap out of me lol
  8. Athletic Football Podcast is the best thing going for talking the game, rosters, projections, the stats. PMT is digestible at times for humor, can only do clips here and there of Pat. Unconsciously stopped listening to Simmons and Russilo the past year.
  9. He's not one of the mega-wealthy outlandish bozos or anything but he's just made a lot of ill-timed, ill-fated, or just poor decisions and it's wearing thin on the city and fans. I don't think he needed an entire search committee but bringing in an NFL-experienced exec on contract for demoing and building the team he was prepared to dismantle post-Ron would have been ideal. A strategic blow-up is just as important as the build, and I feel he's just moving forward with the biggest splash possible. Rhule as the hot college name, Stafford as the big trade candidate, same with Deshaun. Anc I'm sure it's why he liked Scott's "In on every deal" approach because of his big splash wishes. Not too late to right the ship, I think Morgan and Scott seem capable and would be able to find a HC that could work for their vision. That may be the next step in what seems to be a winging-it build. Even if it was a yes man, having some sort of extra NFL guru at an exec level would be beneficial for him navigating his decision making from a high-level perspective. I do think the roster build has calmed down and is on a good trajectory but it's after we had to make poor decisions at HC who basically ran it all himself for 1.5 years. Just get a good team together and save the swooping changes until we are. Minus maybe a uniform modernization.
  10. It's good particularly for rollover which I have not seen mentioned. And also the fact that Burns is the only one needing a substantial pay day (The entire 2019 draft was a bust minus Burns ). Those looking at 2023-24 need to check back to see where 2022 stood at this point in 2021. We're easily going to rollover $20 mil+ and restructure a few contracts. That alone gets us back to the green before any moves, releases, etc. Cap is very fluid, which is why I've chosen to not really get too opinionated on the space available at a given time.
  11. Rhule is at the point where he simply needs to win. Doesn't matter what he says. He knows it, the staff knows it, management knows it, we all know it. So, at this point, might as well see how favorable we can make him in the event this staff that's been brought together starts winning games. He's shown a bit of anxiousness in his pressers that seems to tell me he's gotten a few chats behind the scene and his confidence has been brought down some pegs. The last 2 years don't show well and have honestly felt like 5 years with him. But who knows, maybe he's gotten a dose of reality this offseason (and anger from the top), now with NFL level guys around him, maybe he's learning a bit. It mostly hinges on having an offense that doesn't turn to Clausen-level when CMC misses time. Problem is, we still are in the QB experiment phase. The big question is--does this new experienced staff coach up the units enough to give some decent hope with Corral at the helm? Or does it all fall apart once the NFL reads what we've put out there this year? They're finding out more about Corral this summer. We'll know A LOT as camps progress and how confident they are to try him when preseason rolls around. If they're holding back in preseason, then we should have some pause (i.e. Love in GB). If he's getting bulk playing time like Huntley & Mills did (but not the last week, that should be QB3/PS guys), then we should be ready to see what we're packing sooner than later.
  12. It'd be a weird thing to come up with out of nowhere so Andy Bernard seems fairly credible. I can imagine it being done in the gearing phases towards a soft-rebrand or just in general marketing strategies on how they use particular elements of the franchise. They probably wanted to know how pliable it is as a motto or if it has more legs as a brandable outreach component or whatnot. Nothing too complicated, they probably wanted to take a temperature on how much legs it really has in-game versus just using it for general community work and outreach. I mean, the whole rallying cry thing can be cool if a team is winning and if not super lame. Who Dat, the Skol stuff/Gjallarhorn, Eagles fans booing, Go Pack Go, J-E-T-S, teams have these elements. But historically, NFL didn't have many mottos, rallying crys, or whatever. What we all know they did was take away the in-game initiator of the chant. (Do we still have the drum? It's been some time since I was in NC) They may see it more usable in that respect and didn't think of it to have a ton of significance in-game. We'll see. It's cool to hear and see on broadcast when the crowd can show some sort of atmosphere or culture permeating through the screen.
  13. I think it’s just a rookie photoshoot. Some of y’all are freaking nut jobs
  14. I think RPO had its benefits and I don’t get why it’s a dog when so many NFL offenses have incorporated its concepts into the modern schemes. I’m a bit high on the koolaid right now but it’s also because there’s a food chance Corral can be put in a good position to succeed. Not so much in thinking he’s some rockstar but he could have the tools that fit the guys we have.
  15. Rhule knows him and well so he basically has a handicap to make it to the final cut/possibly the 53 lol
  16. Well 3 starters listed, SEA and HOU won’t have another. So wonder, is it Corral, Willis, or maybe another backup that’s getting the extra slot left?
  17. Too many ifs to feel comfortable. DL seems iffy, LB crew aren’t sound enough once guys get to the second level. TE room is unproven. WR is very iffy after DJ. RB situation is expected to be like the past 3 years with CMC in and out. Over relief on, not as high as others on Foreman or Hubbard. OL is much improved and the secondary is set. That’s about it.
  18. Re:Chargers video—The production behind that mixed with the level of jokes was impressive Ours was pretty cool as well. Lol at the town drunk calling this childish.
  19. Per the past 3ish years, that's every home game my man haha.
  20. Thanks mascot account. As the OP, I hope more is reflected in the games. It's not some made up drama. But this is great that it's part of the org's outreach. Won't discount the continuation and importance that it is to good causes.
  21. Reid Sinnett or Chris Streveler could be the types to target. Just take a shot at randos at this point.
  22. We had two R2 trade downs, missed two promising IOLs and 2 OTs. Cosmi graded out super well before his year was cut short. Radunz, Carman, Eichenberg. Eich had a slow start but all played and are on good trajectories. Overall, I liked our strategy but Marshall needs to perform.
  23. I wouldn't say excited, but TMJ better be able to make an impact this year. I don't care who's spraying the ball, if he's still inactive for gameday to start the first few weeks, it's likely in bust territory for him. I really hope he can become something considering the trading down and everyone we passed on to wind up with him as our second pick.
  24. Marshall, Hubbard, Brown, Shi, & Nixon are the ones that have a lot to prove IMO. Fletcher is pretty much the first confirmed bust. I'd love to see Marshall pan out/would hate to have drafted the one bust from the greatest college offense in history. Hoskins was actually quite good and the best surprise on the DL last season. Overall, Horn, Christensen, Tremble, & Hoskins seems promising. I'm not getting any hopes up for the rest, would love to be surprised by any of them this year though. Hope they prove their 2021 experience wrong. Horn is the only legitimate starter that will have substantial playing time. Christensen likely, hopeful for Tremble.
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