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  1. TL was easily the most talked up prospect since Luck. And honestly, he looks really shaky even being on a meh team. And it’s not like Chark & Shenault aren’t good. He has talent around him.
  2. It also gives me some hope in our scouting crew with Matt & Scott. Word was they really liked Trey. But we only sent partial staff to other pro days. We had both Mac and Fields there for us to take and passed and took the first defensive player in an entire draft. Sure he’s out for a bit but it’s not a lisfrank and he looked amazing. Getting who we got didn’t get the OL beefed up but they’re winning me over with most of their decisions. (Most—keyword)
  3. Teddy retreated into 2-gloves a few times today. Give him time and he will mediocre the sh!t out of Denver
  4. Let’s get past the Matt Moore/Kyle Allen 5 game threshold and see what we think.
  5. And it's not what you think. Definitely not looking at the 2022 NFL Draft prospects. Yuck do they look bad. Actually, even looking at 2021, they all look pretty bad. And yes, it is early. VERY EARLY. But as many players and coaches say, there are certain intangibles guys either have or don't and they know the SECOND they step onto the practice field after they're drafted. And the second they're in their first game. Where to begin?: Mac Jones: Even with a really solid Patriots team around him, he looks like he's barely scraping by. Doesn't pass the eye test for me. 2 tds, 3 ints in 3 weeks, a 52 qbr, Justin Fields Debut: 6-20, 30%, 68 passing yards. Did not look ready. Nagy is gone, I don't know if he'll survive a year with that offense. Trevor Lawrence: Mr Can't Miss everyone cried about missing out on? He's had some of the worst looking interceptions I've ever seen from a field awareness standpoint. That flea flicker today is near the top. What is going on there? 7 ints through 3 games. Zach Wilson: Lawrence does not own that stat, he shares it. 7 ints through 3 games. 2 passing TDs (1 gimme against us when we put on the brakes) Trey Lance: Looked decent in preseason, is with a good org and coaches. They seem to be bringing him along in an interesting way. He was out of range for us. But DO NOT FORGET -- he was the who we sent our entire staff to go check out. Davis Mills? Meh whatever haha So, I mean, I'm not really craving any of these guys over GEQBUS. This is a man. Sammy D ladies and gentlemen:
  6. If you keep winning, you'll get to the point when that argument is moot. Also, I don't care what anyone says, our defense is insane. An average joe can tell via eye test at a local bar eating his hot wings and miller lite.
  7. It's not like the NFC is unsurmountable. Wilson is proving he can't carry the whole org on his shoulders for Seattle Rodgers and GB are spotty at best and not some juggernaut anymore And TB w/TB can beat anyone, but has shown they can get beat against the right defense. It is AZ and LAR that are suddenly the cream. But I think AZ is quite beatable. The Rams are the tough ones. I see no reason why we can't compete for the SB this year, even with the OL situation.
  8. Sounds like it could very well happen. Sherman>>>>>>>>Melvin/Elder Bouye-Sherman-Taylor as the main CBs out there with Chinn along with Chandler & Franklin flexing in at safety/nickel would be totaly fine in the meantime. We can run our defense the way it's been rolling this year until Horn, Burris, & Hartsfield get back. Crazy how depleted this would see in other years. Just prefer to see Melvin and Elder as major last resorts.
  9. He’s younger in his career and a resident still working through the Minny Mayo days, but it’s a completely reasonable video of an aspiring doctor who also clearly has an intent on marketing himself (maybe more so than an actual medical career). Doesn’t disavow the video’s content.
  10. I like how the video posted of a Mayo Clinic rehab resident that analyzes sports injuries is somehow mocked. This is probably the one legit thing posted in regards to what happened on Thursday than anything else.
  11. Looking linen it may have just been a workout ha I support Hubbard-Royce-whoevertheshititis
  12. I consider our defense to be trending in the elite direction. So to compliment, I want to really see what the top teams have in the league. The easy answer being Pat Mahomes or Tom Brady, but it's worth consideration. (I may miss some top guys, but you get the picture) The notable cores: Buffalo QB-Josh Allen *Tandem backfield WR-Stefon Diggs LT-Dion Dawkins C-Mitch Morse Cleveland QB-Baker Mayfield RB-Nick Chubb+Kareem Hunt *Tandem backfield WR-...questionable TE - Trio approach OL-Bitonio+Tretter+Conklin+Wills Chiefs QB-Pat Mahomes RB-Meh, might as well be committee WR-Hill TE-Kelce OL- Brown+Thuney+Humphrey TB QB-Brady RB-*Underperforming tandem backfield WR-Evans & Godwin TE-Gronk OL- Wirfs & Smith Arizona QB-Kyler Murray WR-The entire Group SF It's the OL, Deebo & Kittle DAL Overall balanced attack w/Dak, Elliott, Pollard, Lamb, & Cooper So.... My takeaway: You either need a top flight QB, a top flight OL, or a good enough QB-Receiving w/a few top OL that makes the package click. Some of these have top RB talent, but are any really workhorses? Who has the overworked RBs? Us, Minny, Titans (good team, awful D), Cinci, Saints... Dallas has even adjusted and Pollard is getting more carries depending on the matchup. In light of the CMC discussion, it is worth considering how we prioritize the build that continues (and looking quite good at the moment regardless of injuries) We're getting close. And I don't think we're that off, and the next focus should be OL without question. Finally, after all these years. OL OL OL OL OL
  13. That's true. IMO, our coaches and management are too "in" with the trending playing styles, roster structures, modern building and scheming to not see it. They got low investments FAs that fit their mold this year. Erving can be okay, but there were just no adequate longer term ones really available so quickly grabbed the ones that fit. And we didn't find ourselves in position to find a guy we liked until trading up to pick 70 for Brady. Takes time. Get 3 of 5 on the OL that are above average to top-10 linemen, and you're in a good spot and it's what I hope we can find next if Darnold looks to be working out. We've got 1, who just had a bad game. But a good to great center and guard could do us wonders even if LT is just average.
  14. Whitney Mercilus took care of Taylor. Miller is the only linemen going forward here:
  15. Moton had a bad 3 quarters. Came around in the 4th, but when he has an off night, it will be a domino effect. Impressed at what Sam has been able to do with it.
  16. His legs are built as RB legs, not like Edelman and not like these trimmer college hybrids that turn into slot receivers. He's built his NFL body to be a running back's body with fine tuning and care over time. CMC is a very similar build to Myles Gaskin & Austin Ekeler, not Julian Edelman or Curtis Samuel. And the thing is, you still want CMC on the field when healthy and he's going to go 150% every time whether he is blocking in the slot, running routes, etc. So is it really worth adjusting his role and all when he's going to be putting in the same effort and get the same % of snaps? This was non-contact. 1 of his bugs last year was non-contact. So what are we really accomplishing versus just not using him on short yardage and bringing in Royce? I doubt they'll go for the hybrid approach RB/Slot that has been the dream for many. I just don't see the staff doing that but it could be damn interesting to try if Hubbard is working out these next few weeks and CMC is on the mend and ready in 1-1.5 months (or less?) But I just doubt it and don't think it makes sense, neat thought though.
  17. You look around the league at the best squads right now and what do they have? The QB guiding multiple weapons down field to score no matter how, with one primary feeder. Darnold is the lead The offense will be propelled by Moore We have the splash play arsenal in Robby I'd say it's time for Dan Arnold to really step it up And then for the the young major potential in Marshall, Tremble, Hubbard, & Smith to actualize Now is the time.
  18. I think this is where Brady has a chance to get creative with all of our new handpicked offensive weapons in Marshall, Tremble, & Hubbard. Not to mention Shi Smith returning hopefully ahead of Erickson and maybe Zylstra. now is time for the new cream to rise.
  19. That’s every post by that guy. they’re all self embarrassing with very strange misspellings. I think he’ll realize himself at some point. Just seems like a youngish fan in the teenish years. Hopefully lol
  20. The secondary could be okay with AJ. The pressure up front helps a crapload
  21. Understand where the frustration comes from but weigh more heavily on the good because he brought it when needed tonight. The guy is a pretty bright young coach.
  22. I will say this game will be able to show a lot fairly quickly given how depleted the Jets are with a completely green coaching staff. Joe Brady, Sam Darnold, and yes, the OL we are all questioning better show up. The leashes are not long after the Teddy debacle of 2020. We have too many promising young weapons to waste at this point and honestly need a system and QB that can start to get it all clicking in high gear. I won't have as much patience as year 1 with Rhule but I'm willing to see how these first ~5 weeks shake out. It's really one of the easier opening schedules in the league this season.
  23. Potentially. The win total and team trajectory needs to be upward. I'm not ready to give him slack because he has the HC gene. This team needs to click and improve this season no doubt.
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