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  1. I thought this would be helpful for the board to have a roster to look at. (I'll adjust it when the last move is made) Offense (26) QB: Darnold, Walker RB: McCaffrey, Hubbard, Cannon, Smith FB/TE: Ricci TE: Arnold, Tremble, Thomas, Thompson WR: DJ Moore, Anderson, Marshall Jr., D. Moore, Smith, Zylstra OT: Moton, Erving, Christensen, Scott OG: Miller, Elflein, Brown, Daley C : Paradis Defense (25) DE: Burns, Gross-Matos, Fox, Haynes, Johnson DT: Brown, Jones, Nixon, Hoskins, Roy LB: Thompson, Reddick, Carter, Luvu, Stanford, Johnston S: Chinn, Burris, Chandler, Franklin Nickel: Hartsfield CB: Horn, Jackson, Taylor, Thomas-Oliver III Special Teams (3) K: Santoso P: Charlton LS: Janson Suspended (1) CB: Bouye
  2. Michael Jordan (yes, queue the MJ 23 jokes) just got cut from the Bengals. Starting experience at both center and guard and still young. I'd like to give him a shot here.
  3. Couldn't have said it better
  4. He looks a little antsy, but good. I'm encouraged.
  5. Some of you just talk right out of your ass without using any basic logic. It's really infuriating. This deal does nothing to prevent DJs. Nothing.
  6. Nice. This ensures having a great starting trio for the next 3 years. I don't think it is any accident that this length of contract coincides with DJ needing a new deal and Terrace developing. I like it.
  7. I felt like Grier did what he could yesterday. Receivers weren't getting open and he wasnt given a ton of time in the pocket. In fact, he made some sleek escapes from pressure protected the ball.
  8. Kenny Robinson has earned a look with 1st string next week. Has stood out among the other guys.
  9. Which is why they should have given up on him as a tackle and moved him to guard a long time ago. At least his size and strength will mask his lack of agility.
  10. Maybe I'm not seeing it clearly but it looked like he was playing the ball. I wouldn't have had a major issue with that play as a coach. I'd remind the guys that we are teammates and to play smart, but that was not a malicious hit.
  11. I think we go into the season with: LT Erving LG Christensen C Paradis RG Miller RT Moton And I think we end the season with: LT Christensen LG Brown C Paradis RG Daley RT Moton with C/G Moore and C/G Elflein taking heavy reps rotating with interior guys and T Scott being our number 1 swing tackle
  12. It is hard when you consider that Morgan Moses would be taking the roster spot of an offensive lineman that is younger with more potential, while also taking up a significant chunk of the cap. Signing Moses could mean the end for someone like David Moore who would need that 9th or 10th spot for O-line. And David Moore's upside is much higher than Moses'.
  13. The issue, to me, is that if Washington's offensive line was so stout, it wouldn't be purging starters and replacing them with a rookie and a low-level starter from Chicago. Morgan Moses is not going to do more for our offensive line than what we already have, and we would have to overpay to get him.
  14. I just want one square to put in my yard.
  15. Ideally? Christensen Brown Paradis Moore Moton Because that will mean 3 rookies EARNED the starting jobs over vets and still have room to grow and build chemistry for the next 3+ years.
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