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  1. no but I did always combine Godfrey and Sherrod Martin into one player in my mind
  2. my understanding is that Kawaan Short was not a June 1 release. especially since the team already announced it and stuff. if he was a June 1 cut, they couldn't make it official until the start of the league year. so with Boston looking like a June 1 cut, that leaves space for another June 1 cut if the Panthers are so inclined.
  3. methinks David Culley is set up to fail with the clown fiesta going on within the Texans organization.
  4. incidentally, another person who shares that agent is Joe Brady. which I always thought played a big part in the open secret of him getting the OC gig while they were still preparing for the National Title Game at LSU last year. while we're on the subject of open rumours.
  5. if Joe Brady gets a job this cycle but Eric Bieniemy doesn't, that will be quite a thing indeed
  6. I always thought it was going to play out this way, just I thought Pat Stewart was going to be one of those type people to be a part of a triumvirate at the top of the organization or something like that. not sure if that's still the case. or if Stewart and Suleiman are already entrenched in that capacity. listen to Tepper talk about how the Panthers operated when he got here and this starts to make a lot more logical sense. or at least the "plan" starts to become a bit more clear. he was concerned that expertise was "siloed" in both the business side and the football side of Panthers ops
  7. gonna duck a hail of tomatoes after I send this, but Adam Gase would be worth looking at
  8. yep, and as Rivera said in a video a few days before the draft, "it's going to be hard [for newcomers] to make this team. we're not drafting guys to cut them, we're drafting them to help us win." so it's prudent to consider how a guy like Sandland will fit the team. he seems headed straight for the Brockel/Swole role as 4-team ST guy + goal-line packages. at least to start. then, maybe he'll usurp Dickson or replace him.
  9. worth noting: this is where that cap space that was "inexplicably" unused in the offseason reeeeeeally comes in handy. $$$ salary.
  10. I let out a 6-second "whaaaaaat" when I saw the tweet from Glazer. all-in kind of move, depending on the pick (?) they gave up.
  11. breathless descriptions of trai turner vs reserve d-linemen pls.
  12. I see you've got Chris Houston as a goner, which honestly I am a little surprised by. he's got veteran bonafides, and has been doing some work on special teams in camp.
  13. good lord I do not care about the guy having some grinders and a bowl in his car. but I don't make the rules. maybe he can say PJ Hairston loaned him the car or something.
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