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  1. you haven't done anything to warrant respect from me? your move in this situation is literally doing nothing, and calling it something. so no, I don't know what there would be to respect.
  2. I literally got polio from the Sabin vaccine as a small child. partially paralyzed for life as a direct result of the vaccine. you can find me on an episode of PBS's show NOVA somewhere in a dusty archive room. when I became a teenager I was obsessed with why a vaccine failed me. I learned everything I needed to know about how vaccines work and also why my situation was unique and EXTREMELY rare (6 kids out of millions got it like I did in 1980). I also learned about the role vaccines play in public health, and the nature of clinical trials, even in emergency situations, and how they can
  3. my guess is because either Pat Stewart is a close source of his, or Pat Stewart's agent called in a favor. the upshot is to portray Pat Stewart as an executive on the rise, aka feel free to interview him for a GM role, which incidentally is probably the only role he could be poached for with his new title.
  4. it seems to me that the way Phil Snow works as far as players' positions is: step one: find athletes step two: get them on the field step three: put them in position to make plays step four: call the positions whatever
  5. he's talking about being in his prime, feeling more relaxed in his process and in a good situation to get targets and put up numbers. he's playing for another contract, obviously. it's a good year to be a fan of the team he's on, is what I'm saying.
  6. great interview. Talib was able to get Robby to open up a little bit. I get the sense that Robby's locked in. sounds like it's reasonable to expect Big things from him this year.
  7. the thing that always stood out to me about Ian Thomas is how easy he goes down with the slightest bit of contact, and how awkward he seems changing direction or catching and turning to run, that sort of thing. when he gets hit, he seems to fall down a lot like me. aaaaaand I have a disability that dramatically affects my legs. which ain't good for a professional athlete. not sure if it's something that can be improved by stepping up your training regimen or not.
  8. I would like to know if Daviyon Nixon is still not at OTAs. I sure hope he has a good reason for missing them if so.
  9. I feel like this is a much more interesting poll if the choices are "who aside from CMC" or "which WR" gets the most targets. if McCaffrey is healthy, he's catching 100+ balls.
  10. idk I think it's entirely plausible that an agent would have his client's stats down cold while also having a good view of the free agency landscape and prospective teams. Arnold signed right in the first few days of free agency, so Burkhardt was probably on the phone about him multiple times a day. I definitely have suspicions about some of the scenes in the main Panthers Confidential video being staged to some degree, however. but it's fine by me, because it made for a compelling bit of video storytelling that still had a ton of super rare access.
  11. for the record I don't doubt there will be some semblance of a "we're not looking at last season, we're focused on the future" moving on type statement when they are inevitably asked about it, but it doesn't take very much at all to keep the back and forth going. the split appears to be very real, and raw to some degree.
  12. yeah the shitstorm rages on. we'll see how sticky the Panthers' brass "Teddy is an ultimate pro" stance is. methinks we haven't seen the last of the back and forth.
  13. maybe let's just update this thread with the Cole Spencer news https://www.washingtonfootball.com/video/meet-the-scouts-cole-spencer-20363618
  14. not sure if you were around, but this place was originally called Panthers Huddle years ago, and the Panthers got in touch with Igo to get him to change the name.
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