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  1. came here to say Arron Mosby. when the UDFAs were signed I went hunting as many highlights as I could, and he stood out as someone with some urgency to his game. kind of a Luvu type impact. I think he could stick, maybe get in some decent defensive snaps towards the end of the season.
  2. I love how neatly Fitterer's picks correlate to RAS numbers. the higher the RAS number, the higher round you get chosen in. not that I think this is the be-all, end-all. but I do think you get better results paying attention to RAS and using it to guide your valuation of players, than you get by ignoring it (see: Gettleman era). totally agree with the sentiment that having a good RAS doesn't necessarily make you a great player. but having a great RAS means there's a probability that you have a better chance to be a good player. better late than never having this philosophy filter throughout the entire drafting apparatus IMO.
  3. let's not paint a third round pick averaging nearly 4k yards per season over the first 8 years of his career with more than twice as many TDs as INTs and 3 Pro Bowls as anything other than a colossal win for the franchise.
  4. Horn was looking 100% legit before his injury. assuming no issues with that, I expect he will make a huge impact. I do anticipate another signing. Fitterer brought up the idea of a DE/5 technique player being a potential add earlier in free agency, so Clowney is a potential move, or someone who does the same kind of things. I've been watching some tape on Brandon Smith, and I think he's quite a bit away from being a rotational LB. maybe training camp does the job to get him there, but I doubt it honestly.
  5. the draft edition of Panthers Huddle came out today, and at the very end they teased the upcoming Panthers Confidential, so have no fear, it's coming
  6. the Saints have a very good record of draft decisions in the last few years, and they've regularly traded up to get their guy. it's really no different from their strategy last few years, and I don't think they've got much to regret about it so far.
  7. if the Panthers pick an edge rusher at 6, that will tell you that the market for a trade down was absolutely brutal. in that situation, it would mean that any QB or OT worth the pick was already drafted, as well. in that case, it will have been the right move. otherwise, it's 1) pick a franchise OT, 2) go all-in on a QB you *love*, or 3) trade down.
  8. Sam Darnold is never ever going to be part of a trade for Baker Mayfield. it sounds nice but it's not gonna happen. the Browns are definitely not afraid of Mayfield signing with the Steelers or whatever if they release him. if they were worried about that, they wouldn't have ponied up the assets they did to get Deshaun Watson. I think it's important to reiterate that Mayfield and Darnold are not on the same level as a QB right now. as meh and as volatile of an asset Mayfield is, he's proven far more in his rocky career than Darnold ever has. I hate that the Panthers have arrived at a position where this appears to be their best option. just gross. you only get here through a plinko game of bad decisions. and there's no reason to think the bad decisions have stopped by now.
  9. I remember the narrative when Rhule was hired being that he had been waiting for the right spot to do the NFL thing. he turned down the Jets. "I want to be a part of the game at the highest level, and I just gotta figure out where" was the quote from his opening press conference or something like that. so if he's looking at this job as one he can't wait to walk away from, guaranteed money or no, that's a bad look for him. no matter how bad Tepper might be.
  10. just the kind of late-free agency pickup you would hope to see. still young, but with some experience, and some eye-catching physical traits. a lump of clay for Steve Wilks.
  11. the 2000 cutoff misses Rae Carruth by like two weeks.
  12. Fitterer has literally said he's going to be adding lots of competition to the QB room. if Darnold somehow comes out on top of that competition, I can't imagine it will last all that long. there will be a rookie (or injured ) QB waiting in the wings to take over.
  13. the Panthers could benefit from a trade for Baker, given Cleveland's motivation to move him for cap purposes. it's not out of the question that a pick swap (Cleveland 4th for a Carolina 5th or something along those lines) that ultimately benefits the Panthers would be part of the trade.
  14. there's a price point where Mayfield makes some sense, and that price point will realistically only be available at the draft. so I'm assuming that's when something goes down.
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