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  1. Tremble will be a fullback/blocking tight end this season until they are confident in his routes and catching Have high hopes he can be good for us for a long time
  2. Think it was because of the trade rumor during the draft
  3. That's the deciding thing . Whether he is worth the money.
  4. 25 G.M.'s passed on Aaron Rogers 32 passed multiple times on Tom Brady Does anyone think Fields is better than them
  5. After 2 years of not being on the field We read Marty Hurneys report by mistake Hope i'm wrong but he does look like a Hurney pick
  6. The best middle linebacker in the league (whoever that is) He won't be as good as Luke but will improve our biggest weakness from last year.
  7. We had 5 of the top 100 players on a site of concensus big boards 14 Horn 35 Marshall 55 Nixon 73 Christensen 85 Tremble plus Deonte Brown at 105 & Hubbard at 153 & Moore at 160
  8. Rookies will make mistakes and that is expected and exploited by the opposition Our main problem last year was the experienced players were making more mistakes that cost us than the rookies
  9. not 100% sold on Sewell Pitts is a generational talent
  10. Sewell Pitts Lance Surtain I think they will all be gone
  11. There is no guarantee any of these Quarterback prospects in the draft are better than Teddy. They were willing to trade for a proven NFL Quarterback in Stafford. I think the price would be too high for Watson , we are more likely to trade down than trade up.
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