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  1. I appreciate the work you did to flesh this stuff out. but for all of the positive aspects of his roles as position coach, none of it has led to tangible results that suggest even an average play-caller. he's a great speaker and can outline a vision from behind a podium, but as a coordinator and head coach he has a dismal track record. great speaker, great ability to sell a vision, great testimonials from some of his peers, but with ample track record of results that belie that vision. reminds me a lot of a certain head coach around here that is currently in the process of underwhelming an entire fan base. obviously if he is hired I will hope for the best, but the warning signs are blinking rather brightly with this candidate.
  2. I didn't know who this guy was so I looked into what he's done in his career. I'm sorry, I'm not seeing it. sure he is on an upward trajectory as a pro coach and may have a bright future, but I am not seeing any kind of track record that indicates an NFL OC who will make a meaningful difference in the 2022 Panthers. in fact the opposite. each time he has been given a more significant role, he has not driven positive results at all. absolutely no signs of him excelling as a play-caller. good record of success as a position coach in the NFL, but as OC at Duke his offenses were barely in the top 1/3rd of scoring in the NCAA. as HC at ECU his offenses got worse, and by the end of his 3 years (9 wins in 3 years btw) his scoring offense was in the bottom 20% of the NCAA. as OC at Maryland the next two years this same pattern emerged. bottom 20%, then bottom 1/3rd of NCAA in points per game. I am not seeing any kind of momentum for him blossoming as OC of the Panthers.
  3. I think Jaycee's still in the walking boot. though I don't know if he still has his leg cart thing. so any hopes of him accelerating his timetable won't start a second before he's walking in a normal shoe.
  4. gotta agree with those saying Henning. if Chudzinski had stayed around longer then he might take it. the success he had in his seasons here had as much to do with the weapons at his disposal as anything else. it's a shame the team never really achieved that potent two tight end look again. not to mention still having Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Steve Smith, Mike Tolbert, and a veteran offensive line. I always appreciated his feel for incorporating gadget and trick plays, though. but Henning did more with less, and his offense was one of the few offenses in Panthers history that carried the team at times. you always felt like the team had a chance, even when it came to erasing deficits. and having the ability to build a viable running game no matter who was toting the rock was something I think I took for granted at the time. Brady just isn't in their class at this point. whatever advantage he might have in play design (dubious IMO, especially compared to Chudzinski who basically wrote the playbook that Shula used in 2015) is offset by the lack of feel he has shown for getting weapons involved. he could grow into the best OC the Panthers have had, but reading the tea leaves, he might be gone before that gets a chance to happen.
  5. man, the comp pick rules have got to be the most convoluted, confusing thing in the whole NFL landscape. wtf.
  6. bingo. the pick given is a 2023 pick, which just happens to be the same year the Panthers would get a comp pick for Gilmore if he doesn't re-sign this offseason. and yeah, I'd probably put money on that comp pick being higher than a 6th. of course this is dependent on other FA moves the team might make after this year.
  7. lmao. that is a pittance to trade for a former DPOY.
  8. it's always a good idea to get early pickings on premium talent languishing on sinking ships. which is exactly what appears to have happened with CJ Henderson.
  9. re: plans with #26 going forward guys I don't think Donte Jackson is a "just throw him in the slot and he'll be great" guy. he's super fast but he's not an agile, two-way twitchiness type of player. he's a premium, explosive athlete but you have to be able to handle the shake and bake in the slot. that's just not his game. if you want the best version of Donte Jackson, you're probably going to be playing him on the boundary.
  10. just to flesh out an earlier point I made in this thread (lost in the insane activity of posts in here, wheee) calling this a great trade or great asset management is not the same thing as saying it's 100% going to work out in the Panthers favor. Henderson could not work out and this is still a great trade because the process and decision-making around the trade is sound. it's the kind of decision-making that perennially great teams make, and I'm totally here for it.
  11. even if it doesn't quite pan out and CJ Henderson tops out as an average type CB, this is the kind of trade that can build a defense that can withstand losses to injury and whatnot. took advantage of a team in a tough spot with their young player, and got a cornerback who has started every game he's played in two years, with supreme physical traits, and to do that cashed in a bit of draft pick capital, and a player at a position of surplus coming out of camp. that's very very solid asset management.
  12. the answer is o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶r̶o̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ "player acquisition"
  13. damn. CJ Henderson is a big-time acquisition, for it to be an in-season trade. you just have to know that Fitterer/Rhule loved him coming out. hard not to speculate what this could potentially mean for Donte Jackson.
  14. this isn't a huge reveal or anything, since if it was a significant strain there's no way in hell that he would have been jogging to the sideline after the injury. but it's still welcome news and welcome clarity on what he's dealing with. thanks for posting
  15. it's hard to agree to this hypothetical, to be honest. you'd have to know that a particular kicker was available. and really, there's only a handful of kickers who would be worth that kind of compensation. it's too easy to get replacement level production by scouring the waiver wire and plucking off practice squads like the Panthers have been doing.
  16. Aaron Parker sounds a lot like Terrace Marshall Jr. in his playing style. big receiver, played a lot in the slot with good success, solid on contested catches and in the red zone at Rhode Island, and has the speed to get YAC.
  17. Christian Miller and Spencer Brown waived
  18. I'm just happy for all the A&T alums that they get an Aggie on the Panthers. long overdue. is he the first ever?
  19. just because you want to find out things doesn't mean it's ethical to ask someone what their cough is about during an official news conference. Covid is a new kind of thing though, so this isn't completely black and white. but for what it's worth, I did study journalism in university and this would have been a legitimate discussion of whether or not it is ethical to ask about that in that particular setting. I lean towards it's not quite kosher, for the record. mind you, if this press conference were happening in person I think the legitimate concern of being in the same place would supersede that ethical concern, because it could potentially affect the reporters directly.
  20. I definitely noticed it and did wonder if someone would bring it up in the interview when I watched it, but I'm not sure that's an appropriate question for a journalist to ask, to be quite honest. as for league protocols, the rules differ for vaccinated personnel vs unvaccinated personnel, and Rhule is vaccinated. Rhule would have to be a confirmed close contact of someone who tested positive, or be showing symptoms himself to even require a test right now. a few coughs do not constitute symptoms, as far as I know. obviously coughing these days raises eyebrows immediately to many, but keep in mind it's allergy season and even aside from that, there's a ton of reasons why someone would be coughing like that. they weren't chest coughs, to my ears. I get that it's something that catches everyone's ears right now though. even considering all that, Rhule has at no point struck me as someone who would try to conceal something like that.
  21. agreed. Tecklenberg is a fighter, but he's not any kind of a solution at C. his tape against Pittsburgh was brutal. time to find a capable player in that spot.
  22. let me just walk back my "guarantee" a liiiittle bit. Darnold confirmed that he was just trying to get rid of the ball during that sack during his presser, so I get that he had a plan with it. I just don't think that's the right move. and given Rhule's point of view on Teddy extending the ball over the goal line last season, I think the head coach will have a similar opinion about it. good result, but bad process, if that makes sense. so much of the talk when Darnold came to the Panthers was about fixing bad habits. several times that has been likened to him playing a bit less hero ball, playing within the structure of the offense, not trying to do "too much" etc. that play was old Darnold in that respect. but I get that he intentionally wanted to dump the ball to stay in FG range.
  23. nah. there's a way to throw the ball away on that play, but it's not by going through your entire throwing motion while already in the grips of a defender with other defenders within arm's length of swatting the ball. I guarantee you he'll be coached up on that in film session. if he wanted to throw it away, he should have done it earlier. at that point, the right play was to take the sack.
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