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  1. Sam has to get the ball out quick because everyone not named Taylor Moton can't block. CMC is always open for the check own. Once our Oline can at lest gel and be serviceable then we can start punishing teams for triple teaming CMC.
  2. The 2020 Carolina Panthers would've lost this game. We had a lot of mistakes but they are all fixable and Sam actually looked good.
  3. Panthers win 28-13. Defense looks great and Darnold makes some nice plays but he also makes a few bad ones and the huddle crashes for 10 minutes.
  4. We really though we could turn Nate Chandler into an offensive lineman
  5. Plz let us see Moton at LT and Brady Christensen at RT
  6. I do agree that somethings would have to break our way for us to make the post season but to put us in the "no chance" tier should fire everyone up.
  7. Good we need him to be rested and be able to stretch the field since now we have a QB who will actually throw deep to him.
  8. 4-7 for 55 yards. He'll get almost sacked by a ravens defender and the entire board will scream for Moton to start at LT.
  9. CMC just looks so much better than everyone else
  10. This was Greg Little's 3rd year with the team and he still looked lost at times like he was still a rookie 1st year lineman. Brady Christensen showed more improvement in half a training camp than Little did in 3 years with us. If he just was struggling I would have been cool with sticking with him and tryna make it work but I don't think he's improved on ANYTHING since he got here and that's the unacceptable part.
  11. Darnold gonna earn Brady a HC job at the end of the season.
  12. Wonder how much Moton's inexperience at the time played a factor? He didn't play very much his rookie year in 2017 then if I remember he was gonna play guard after Norwell left. But then Darryl Williams hurt his knee in camp so he went to RT. Then matt kalil got inured so they put him at LT for two games when Williams came back. But Demarcus Lawrence decided to dive helmet first into his already injured knee so we signed Chris Clark who said he was more comfortable at LT so they put him there. Now Moton's an experienced vet who's had time to adjust to the NFL. While he may not be a true LT it's absolutely worth giving him a long look at the position.
  13. On the bright side at least we only have to get blown out once instead of 4 times by the 76ers.
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