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  1. What if in 2015 we played the Patriots in the Super Bowl instead of the Broncos? We matched up a whole lot better to beat a team like the Patriots than the Broncos and with the whole deflate gate scandal maybe we would've been on the right side of the biased officiating as the commissioner and the league would've wanted to stick it to the Patriots instead of wanting to give their golden boy Payton Manning a feel-good story send off.
  2. What if Rhule didn't stop Hurney from trading up in the 2020 draft and we ended up with Justin Herbert?
  3. I can't give an honest evaluation on Bryce because of how inept every phase of the offense looks so far. From receivers not creating enough separation, the Olines trouble in pass pro, the turnovers and Reichs vanilla play calling. That whole side of the ball has to get it together quick, or this will be another year of wasting a really talented defense. I think in time the offense will get it together let's just hope that we aren't too far out of running for it to matter.
  4. This is Rhule level of offensive incompetence.
  5. This is the Baker we all thought we were getting last year.
  6. He got baited twice by one of the best safeties in the league. He's a rookie QB with receivers who struggle to create separation down the field but overall, he looked like he belongs, but he'll need time to fully adjust to the NFL game and that's alright. Expecting him to come out of the gate and be elite was always a pipe dream. Today's performance will definitely be a good learning experience for him.
  7. We gave up 3 turnovers in our own territory on the road. Doesn't matter who the coach or QB is you don't win in the NFL doing that.
  8. Arthur smith choosing to risk his job on a 2nd year Desmond ridder instead of trying to sign Lamar is hilarious.
  9. It's almost like guys play better in schemes they fit in.
  10. This is the most excited I've been for a panther game since Cam's return against the Cardinals.
  11. Bryce Young throws for 515 yards and 6 TD's and is crowned king of charlotte by the end of the night. Then Jeremy imposes a new rule on the huddle where any Bryce young slander will result in a perma ban.
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