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  1. I always forget just how massive jeff otah was. Such a shame that injuries ruined his career.
  2. I really wanna see the new staff use Laviska on some down the field routes instead of the stupid orbit motion pass McAdoo only used him for last year. Dude is a nightmare for DB's to try and consistently tackle.
  3. The thing I can appreciate with Tepper is that he genuinely cares about wanting to win. He's not some no-show owner who only cares about turning a profit every year and doesn't care about building a sustainable winner.
  4. 1. Caleb Williams 2. Bryce Young 3. Drake Maye I like Drake Maye but 1 year of production in a weak ACC isn't enough to put him over Bryce. Now Caleb Williams on the other hand that dude is going to be an absolute DAWG.
  5. Going to Tampa would be the death sentence for AR's career.
  6. A franchise QB with an offensive HC? Definitely a new era of hopefully sustainable and successful Panther's football.
  7. 1. Car - Bryce Young 2. Hou - Tyree Wilson 3. Ten (From Ari) - CJ Stroud 4. Ind - Will Levis 5. Sea - Jalen Carter 6. Det - Devon Witherspoon 7. Las Vegas - Anthony Richardson 8. Atlanta - Will Anderson 9. Chi - Paris Johnson 10. Phi - Christian Gonzalez
  8. Unless it's coming from Charlie Campbell then I don't believe it. That dude has aced our pick every year it seems like.
  9. When you take a QB with the #1 pick in the draft the hope is that they are an elite franchise QB. With how the much elite QB's are getting on their 2nd contracts I don't have a problem with Tepper being in on the conversation about who we take. Obviously Tepper doesn't need to be making the pick or overruling the group consensus of our coaching staff and scouting department but if he wants to be in the room and be a part of the conversation then I don't got an issue with it because if Bryce Young or CJ Stroud turn out to be elite like we all think they can be then it's gonna be Tepper who's gonna be giving out that 200 million dollar plus extension. At the end of the day Tepper writes the checks for the franchise and it's clear he at least wants to be involved in the big decisions but he's not some super crazy meddling owner like a lot of people claim him to be. If he didn't step in an overrule Matt Rhule as he drove the franchise into the ground, then what makes you think he'd come in and overrule his new elite experienced coaching staff?
  10. Seeing Amini Slatolu again gives me PTSD from how bad he was
  11. It'll be nice having the NFL script writers on our side for once.
  12. Since it seems we are locked in on Young at #1 I want the rest of the draft to be pure chaos. Please take Will Levis at #2 Houston
  13. So many games in the NFL are decided by one possession or come down to one play and Bryce seems to have that magic that'll show up in those big moments. That is what separates and makes Bryce the favorite in my book. CJ could very well have that ability too but with Bryce, we've seen it where with CJ we just haven't.
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