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  1. While not the "rockstar" everyone wants he'd actually be a solid hire for OC. Having someone with NFL connections and experience could be able to help bring in more NFL level assistant coaches instead of the current rhule's temple and baylor boys club that we have right now. He was a big part in developing Kirk cousins form RG3's backup to a starting caliber QB. By no means does that mean that we should trade for Kirk at his current price as that would be cap suicide.
  2. As a cheap vet it's honestly not a bad idea. One of our biggest mistakes last year was not having a vet QB on the roster to mentor and push Darnold. He can also come in and start some games when Darnold inevitably falls off a cliff and we won't be stuck with the Pj walker show.
  3. Please let the raiders be dumb enough to get rid of Derek Carr dude is a super underrated QB.
  4. Mike Tomlin was able to coach a successful team with the egos of Ben, Brown, and Bell all in the same locker room. That man can flat out coach and if he ever chose to leave the Steelers, he'll have a long list of suitors.
  5. If Scott Fitterer and Dan Morgan identify a franchise QB in the draft, then you run to the podium and select him. No more trying to take short cuts at fixing the most important position in football. Cam isn't the player he once was and he's not coming back to play for Rhule and Sam while he shows just some truly great throws and physical talent at times his mental game is just completely shot, and our staff has no way of fixing him.
  6. I'm watching for Evan Neal and our 2023 draft pick Bryce Young
  7. Put deonte in he's strong enough to stop vea
  8. The issue was never OC. Brady while being inexperienced as a play caller was a big problem his ability to design some nice plays was actually very good, he just had no idea how to call a game. The main issue is all the positional coaches are from Temple and Baylor and just simply aren't NFL level coaches. Will the new OC have the power to bring in some of their own coaches? My guess is no and that's why no one with any other options is going to take this job.
  9. This would actually be a good year for us to coach the senior bowl again because a lot of the top QB's look to be attending. My Top 3 1. Kenny Pickett- Is the most Pro ready QB in this year's class but his sudden massive improvement over his previous seasons is a topic that needs to be discussed. However, the tape doesn't lie, and the tape shows that he's worthy of a 1st RD pick. I think he projects to be around a Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill level QB. 2. Malik Willis- Will need the most development out of the top 3 QB's in the class but he is the only QB this year that flashes superstar QB ability. His throw against Middle Tennessee at around 2:25 in the 2Q is the best throw of any QB this year. 3. Sam Howell- With the injury to Matt Corral I think Sam now slides into the number 3 spot. He did have a down 2021 season, but he lost a lot of his weapons on Offense and the UNC Offensive line was atrocious. As the draft process starts up, I feel that his stock is set to rise. I know based on recent reports that it looks like we are going to try and go after a veteran QB in the offseason I highly doubt that unless the want to rerun next year with Cam that we will be able to acquire one. We lack the spare cap space and draft assets that are need in order for us to get a veteran QB.
  10. We will start a stadium chant called "the process"
  11. You're right John Miller sacks do happen but not at the rate of 15 sacks over the past 2 weeks
  12. We can't take a QB unless we find some way to improve the Oline. No matter the age or experience of a college QB they all need time to adjust and develop to the NFL game.
  13. Don't forget that Rhule was going to accept the jets job, but the jets backed out when Rhule said he was going to only bring his college staff and wouldn't allow the jets to make any input on his assistant coaches because Rhule wanted his guys. Let it sink it that THE JETS where smart enough to see that it was a bad idea so much so that they chose ADAM GASE who already failed as the coach of the dolphins. They chose a coach that they got to see fail fist hand over Rhule and his guys.
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