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  1. Imagine this board if we traded all that for Watson and he played like that here.
  2. The browns look exactly how they did before Baker got there.
  3. Just look back at 2017 and that's how CMC should be used. The constant moving him around in different formations all over the offense but still taking some carries as a lone back. Getting 12-15 carries up the middle should've never been part of his game.
  4. Looking forward for more Mayfield and Hollywood Higgins
  5. I just woke up and Corral is already here with some Bojangles biscuits.
  6. Despite how we all feel about Darnold's play he's actually handled all of this well. This is just the org doing right by Darnold by telling the media that the job is still up in the air.
  7. He'll sign after the last day of camp at Spartanburg. He's a 33-year-old veteran DE he just doesn't want to practice in full pads in the SC heat and honestly who can blame him.
  8. It's gonna be a blood bath for the LG spot. Having 4 known starters at their respected spots going into camp is gonna do wonders for our overall line play by allowing the starters to build chemistry with each other instead of how it's been the last 2-3 years in just having everyone constantly moving around to different spots just to be able to find a playable combination. Now instead of trying to find something that works we can instead focus on getting better and gelling as a unit.
  9. YGM really came on at the end of last year and now that he should be a starter, he's going to take a big leap this year. We all seem to know that Horn is going to be great so him doing so wouldn't really be a big surprise. I like TMJ but until we know who the QB is and what kind of QB play we get the entire offense side of the ball is a ? expect for the 5-7 games of CMC we'll get.
  10. Trading for a one-year flyer does nothing to help the organization in the long run except help Rhule try to win this year and keep his job. Which with how often Tepper keeps saying how he believes in Rhule's "process" and "brand" he might have a longer leash than any of us realize and winning or losing this year might not even matter. I like baker as a QB and there's no question that he's defiantly better than Darnold and corral at the moment. But we drafted Corral with high hopes that he can be our long-term starter and we need to find out if he can be the answer sooner rather than later and trading for baker or jimmy just delays that even further. If we lose this year but Corral looks good, then we can trade our high pick to a QB needy team and continue to build this team around Corral and if he looks bad, we just take a QB in the draft and we move on.
  11. Mj been taking a lot of vacations recently, so I bet all of the 2nds we just got are all going to be given away for "cash considerations".
  12. Weather we do something dumb or smart I fully expect the NBA to cut too commercial during both of our picks.
  13. I fully believe that either Baker or Jimmy G will be our starter on opening day. Rhlue knows that he's on the hot seat and starting Darnold will almost certainly get him fired. All this faking pumping up of Darnold's confidence is just in case we might actually have to start him this season. While I love corral's talent, he's going to need time to learn how to run an NFL offense before he's game ready. I'd prefer us take a chance on baker because he would come cheaper and maybe the big dose of humble pie he got from the NFL will change him and allow him to hit his full potential. Jimmy G is just a more attractive Teddy Bridgewater with a bum shoulder.
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