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  1. I'll never forgive Kelvin Benjamin for not chasing down that Chargers defender and forcing Cam to have to make that awkward tackle and causing Cam to hurt his shoulder.
  2. Dude's a great player. The more I watch and read about him the more I like him and want him on the team. I feel like he'll be a great fit with the DAWG culture Morgan wants to build. I imagine Evero is having wet dreams about having Horn and hopefully if we can convince him to come back Stephon Gilmore playing on the outside with Sainristil playing the slot and moving around the secondary.
  3. I like Trey Benson at 65 or 101 but no way would I spend one of the 2 2nds on him with all the needs we have.
  4. I just wanna feel like a game is still winnable after the opposing team put's up 17 points.
  5. If the board falls like that then I'm either trading down with a team who wants to come up and get Bo Nix or I'm doing back flips because Jackson Powers-Johnson is there and I'm running the card up as soon as the draft opens. I like Xavier Legette but I'm confident he'll be there at 39 also.
  6. Bryce will be our opening week starter for at least the next 2 years. The 2025 QB draft class looks really weak so the earliest we'd draft a new QB would be 2026. You could maybe bring in a vet to compete with Bryce next off-season if he shows absolutely no improvement this year but giving up on Bryce this soon is just being irrational.
  7. Bryce has had like 2-3 public appearances since the season ended. Are you wanting him to do some sort of media tour?
  8. I respect Clifford for stepping up and coming back to be our HC after Kenny Atkinson left us high and dry, but it's been clear for a while now that his time as an NBA HC has passed.
  9. Canales gets his Doug Baldwin at 33 with Ladd McConkey and Morgan gets the next great Panthers linebacker with Payton Wilson at 39.
  10. A true bring your lunch pail type of guy with sneaky athleticism and who just plays the game the right way.
  11. Xavier Leggette will be the receiver that we all talked ourselves into thinking Laviska Shenault would be.
  12. I'm all for Ladd McConkey at 33. Dude just gets open and makes himself and easy target for the QB. He definitely fits the profile of WR's that Canales had in Seattle like Golden Tate, Tyler Lockett, and Doug Baldwin so I wouldn't be surprised if that's they guy Canales is pounding the table for.
  13. Seeing Icky absolutely pancaking him in the run game is gonna be so fun to watch.
  14. My biggest issue with Burns is that I never looked at a game and said we won that game because of Brian Burns. I'm sorry but if you're making $30 million a season you better be the sole cause of at least a couple of wins a season and not just being a good player on a team that wins occasionally. I expect a similar season from Burns this year where he has a couple of flashy athletic sacks but continues to disappear in long stretches and get overpowered in the run game by opposing TE's.
  15. The giants definitely have the talent on the D-Line for Burns to feast but I feel that based on the QB spot situation they're in he'll be in the same spot he was in here where once the other teams puts up 17 points the other offense just runs the ball and goes to quick game passing knowing the game is already out of reach.
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