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  1. How could John Miller be banged up? He didn't block 75% of the time, I guess the turf monster grabbed him.
  2. Henderson got beat on a double move by Cooper, but watch how he made up all the ground on the play! It was a perfectly thrown pass by Prescott and he CJ did kind of stumble at the end. The blown coverage on that play was Franklin not providing help on top and being sucked in by the underneath routes Dallas was running. Either way it turned into 1 on 1 coverage and Dallas made the play. Henderson is a steal for us, just wait.....the way he made up the ground he lost initially was really something.
  3. Dallas also has Quinn as DC (where he is best) and he has some familiarity with Brady's offense and schemes. Dallas is pretty darn good on both sides of the ball. Again, we are on the rise. Our offensive line is trash and we still put up 28 points. People are overreacting to this loss.
  4. Dallas's offensive line is very good and they honestly have talent all over the field. They should have won and did....I liked the way we hung in there and played as hard as we could the entire game, shows maturity and growth. Our time will come.....
  5. CJ's speed was actually pretty impressive on catching up to Cooper after being fooled on his double move. Prescott threw a perfect ball to Cooper otherwise that probably wouldn't have been a touchdown. Anderson is and will be good for us, great trade. Dallas has a lot of talent and a big old payroll to boot, they were the better team today. We are still growing and getting pieces we need into place, I am sure the O-Line will be addressed in the draft, trades, and FA...it and getting a solid kicker are what's left to do for this team. Oh and not having out guys getting injured would help too.....
  6. Rhule said he didn't really want Arnold included in the trade, but that was what sealed the deal. Arnold was a solid pass catching TE, good at finding soft spots in the zone, but I will say he didn't relish contact. I thought we would see a little more YAC from him. I wish him luck in Jacksonville....just not when/if he plays against us.
  7. Why no Ricos Hot Dog and Coke? That is the real question here.....
  8. D.J. has been solid....overlooked because of playing for the Panthers the last couple of years. He is a top 5 receiver EZ. Smitty was right about him, hope he has him on his fantasy team like I do!
  9. Only one man for this job: Earl F'n Campbell
  10. Davis Mills got tagged and bagged last night. He showed he's tough enough to be in the league...I wouldn't mind having him as a backup.
  11. Darnold has better pocket awareness and bigger brass balls than Teddy Two Yards did so he's actually made our offense better than what it really is. He steps up in the pocket, avoids sacks with some decent moves, and isn't scared to run the ball if he has to. Our O-line is atrocious, there are no other words for it. The two fumbles Sam had was because our line can't hold for three seconds - Sam has to know this and protect the ball from here on out. I am also tired of Rhule and Brady trying to lift the O-lines spirits by trusting them to get one damn yard on 3rd and 4th and 1s....they can't do it. Again, we need to implement zone blocking schemes, misdirection and designed runs to get outside....we won't be getting more than one or two yards a carry up the middle or off-tackle.
  12. So I am just guessing here, but I think Horn's cleat got tangled in the turf and when he went to push off and "explode" into the play that's where he broke the bones. He's a pro athlete and his leg muscles are probably off the chart strong....he started to get into the play the cleat held his foot in place and him being so strong probably fractured his metatarsals. I am going to guess the three laterally (3rd, 4th, 5th metatarsals) which means one could be a Jones Fracture (5th metatarsal) (which I had and sucks balls when you have to let it heal by itself without surgery....think like 5 months non-weight bearing). Really sucks for Jaycee and the Panthers. Let him heal up and don't even think about rushing him back. Also, turf sucks but I also have to wonder if there are shorter stubbed cleats these guys could be wearing to help prevent this kind of thing. I am guessing the answer is no.
  13. I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night....where's my NFL Head Coaching job at?
  14. I hope Turbo dangles a lot this season.... (that sounded a little off didn't it?)
  15. Hell to the naw trading Jackson for anything the way he's playing. I've been a big critic of his play, but my man is balling out this season. My hope is it isn't just because it's his contract season though.
  16. He throws a nice ball, but probably doesn't have the elusiveness that Wilson has or the arm strength. I will also throw in the fact that his offensive line was able to literally hold our defensive line without getting called for the penalty 98% of the time and that helps you look better than you are too.....Wilson didn't get that luxury. I can see Mills being a solid backup QB who could run a WC offense pretty damn well.
  17. Dude I am right there with you, but the NFL probably has that "Contact the NFL" linked straight to the Spam folder where they have an intern press Empty several times a day. The league doesn't care...if they did half of the referees would be bagging my groceries at Harris Teeter.
  18. Reddick blew Davis up multiple times, that kid is going to be sore for sure tomorrow...probably should ice up all night.
  19. I can't believe they never called holding on the Texans. You are on the money about him and Burns being held all game long. Fox was held multiple times too.....refs have to call this poo.
  20. Dude these turf fields are a killer for these players....Horn breaking multiple bones in his foot without any contact whatsoever? Damn turf and cleats are tying each other up and killing these guys. Grass is so much better and I don't care if it's dead grass, these guys deserve better.
  21. Need to run a zone blocking scheme for Chuba...if he has a hole and can hit it he has good speed. Not much of a pass catching threat so as Mr. Scot has said he needs major improvement there.
  22. This...they never showed a replay when they called our Defense offsides. Maybe once and then it was very questionable and they never did it again the rest of the game. These refs were in for some down home Texas cookin'.
  23. You usually know right away if it's a ruptured achilles....it rolls right up your leg and you have a lump right below your calf. I know - it happened to me. Seems like it is a broken foot so hopefully he can heal up in due time, don't rush him back.
  24. Sam Darnold: Dual Threat QB leading all QBs in the league in rushing TDs Leeeeegooooooooooooooooo!! WHOOOOOOO!
  25. We may line up offsides numerous times a game and it's never shown but we are 3 and oh..... Fug the Texans and Fug the Refs
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