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  1. I guess I'd say we could have valued it highly and the media not yet caught up fast enough to actually know to try and share it yet. Just think S2 was massively more reported on this year than in the past after the Purdy stuff. Wilson is a good example of how a high score doesn't automatically mean good, also there definitely isnt enough data to say a bad score automatically means bad. Just trends that we cant really judge because we only have incomplete data as fans, but the teams seem to think the trend is real I guess. Sounds like there are certain pieces of the score that correlate better than the entire score as well, and we dont get to see any of those.
  2. Can you find other s2 scores from last year I havent been able to? I know Purdy scored in the 90s but that didnt come out until after he was successful. Feels like no one leaked the scores last year and then the Purdy success lead to the media being more focused on it.
  3. B for me, personally am glad we prioritized Bryce early on day 2 with Mingo. Need to keep adding receivers around him. Zavala was a guy I thought could go in round 3 so I was psyched about him. Mingo was one of the few receivers that I liked that could play outside, love his RAC ability, feels like someone Reich is going to absolutely love with his scheme. Robinson feels like a classic Fangio/Evero nickle, Florida State fans seem to love him, I’ll keep an open mind. The trade up was the only thing I truly disliked, DJ is whatever I can see why he fits really well with Evero so I’ll give him a shot. Overall this draft completely rides on Bryce and I’m super high on him so I’m very happy. After that it did feel like we drafted guys that complimented what the staff wants to do and that’s a plus as well, also I’m never opposed to missing on Athletes if we are going to miss, glad the days of limited athleticism players are gone.
  4. Wonder if Sean Tuckers medical stuff is gonna stop people from signing him as an UDFA, would love to get him.
  5. One positive for me is Gaulden was a basement level athlete, at least now the picks we question have elite athletic traits.
  6. Rams know Cohen his OC in 21 well, and it sounds like they are concerned about his long term health, it makes a lot of sense.
  7. I love watching how happy CJ was. I'm so glad the NFL didnt let the bull crap drop him. The CJ and Bryce celebrating together video just made me so happy. End of the day I think they are both great people and are both going to be enjoyable to watch play for a long time. Its fun to see the positive sides of this experience after being so frustrated for CJ for so many weeks leading up to it. I of course love Bryce and love his personality as well, and I think he's just so genuine. He'll be someone I'm proud to have at QB and the face of the franchise.
  8. At least if we miss we have his #2 QB in 2020 to fall back on.
  9. You gotta respect how he doesn’t waste any time peeling Bannanas so he has more time to watch film.
  10. It does feel good to hear Cam say that, don’t know why I felt like I needed his blessing, but it got me more psyched for the draft.
  11. Could be, I just think back to the combine though and you can hear Reich focusing on Young. I remember leaving that presser shocked how into Young he was. That’s why I started taking him more seriously and then he did it again in that presser before the pro days.
  12. “There were inclinations early… the conviction built gradually for us coaches… the scouts were ahead of us” Sounds like Fitt knew who he wanted and Reich liked him but needed to go through the process and confirm what he thought originally.
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