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  1. Everytime I hear the FO talk it feels like Bryce. It’s interesting.
  2. Pressures according to PFF (Sack numbers are a little different for some reason) Young (They have 7 in 2020, 35 in 2021, 18 Sacks in 2022) 2020 - 14 Pressures (50% Pressure to sack) 2021 - 226 Pressures (15.5% Pressure to sack) 2022 - 144 Pressures (12.5% Pressure to sack) Stroud (They have 12 sacks in 2021 and 14 in 2022) 2020 - 0 Pressures 2021 - 111 Pressures (10.8% Pressure to sack) 2022 - 99 Pressures (14.1% Pressure to sack)
  3. Stroud handling pressure worries me about as much as Bryce’s size does. As long as we aren’t talking Levis im all good.
  4. You think Gesicki is angling to be the 20th highest paid TE in the league right now?
  5. That feels in line with what TEs get right now, he's the 20th highest paid TE in the league right ahead of another guy who signed this off season in Josh Oliver.
  6. Not surprising, coaches bring in players that know their system and like them, I doubt he’s gonna cost a ton.
  7. We should be at least in the hunt for a division title this year, I'd say if we haven't made the playoffs by next season I'm pretty disheartened tbh.
  8. Ok? Then its basement level starter money.
  9. The amount of negative reaction in here from signing a backup QB to backup QB money is hilarious.
  10. Even with his injuries he’s not a bad depth signing, I doubt he gets paid a ton. Bringing guys in that know and like Reich and know his system is helpful. Also hard to turn any receiver help down right now.
  11. If we go with a Dalton I would argue it knocks out any shot we draft Richardson, which is fine with me. I think with Young/Stroud you just need a guy with a lot of experience, comfortable with the knowledge of what his role is, and could potentially start a game or two max.
  12. His summary at the end is kind of how I feel about him, his improvisation stuff did peak out more and more as the season went on and definitely did during the Michigan game. Felt like I saw hints more toward the back part of the Season and then it just fully came out in the Georgia game. I have no idea if he can develop it enough to become great at it, but I would argue the signs are there. I flop between him and Young pretty constantly and it really comes down to how confident I feel he can develop that part of his game.
  13. This is how I feel, if teams are waiting on the draft we could possibly get a nice little steal contract wise. I wouldnt mind taking a second one during the draft as well tbh.
  14. This is my opinion. I actually really like them both the more I watch them. I think they both have profiles that can excel in the NFL. Find it funny how divided this board can be on them at times.
  15. I'd say assuming Goff is his ceiling is as closed minded as assuming Bryce is going to get hurt just because he's 190-200 lbs. Both these players can ascend past their profiles. Goff capped out and wasnt capable of carrying his team, I would argue CJ has shown more upside in terms of managing pressure and development there than Goff did in college. Cousins is actually a pretty good QB if he wasnt so scared to throw it deep. I think narrowing your sites on a comp and specifically assuming the same exact scenario will play out is dangerous. Stroud for all my issues with his handling pressure showed development in that area even before the Georgia game last year and i'd argue there is still a ton of room to grow there. Especially once we get him in our system and he's able to develop with a decent line in front of him for a few years.
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