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  1. Thanks for sharing these each week. I continue to share on Facebook!
  2. Willing to help if on xbone. It's been a grind but I'm up to 297 TAG: compton535
  3. When it's all said and done Luke will rank amongst the greatest all time lber. So glad he's with us and no one else.
  4. I'm online all of the time. Already pre ordered Taken King... compton535 is my tag. Hit me up.
  5. It's a shame articles like this don't make headlines. way to much gloom and doom.
  6. Jimmy starts. Pats win 4 in a row. Trade Brady to QB needy team for 1st Round pick. Patriots win/win. Seems like thier recipe. Tell me that wouldn't be a secenario that could play out. lol.
  7. i added you and Kurb. If I'm online shoot me a party invite and we'll get things going. Same to you as well Kurb
  8. I find VoG harder than Crota... I seem to get better gear from Crota than VoG. Both are fun as hell though. I'll actually be online this evening if you guys want to do a couple strikes. Just let me know.
  9. I don't usually start til 8 or 9. During the week I do some bounties and patrols. Friday or Sat is when I try to do some raids. I could do this Friday but not Saturday for the raids. My wife's social life gets in the way at times...
  10. I would be game. Add me tag is compton535 I usually have 2-3 others that want to raid anytime. Would be nice to get a huddle group going for once though.
  11. All good man. I work 7-5 Monday thru Friday. So I'll get some in here and there during the week. Fri/Sat nights mainly.
  12. Xbone or playstation? I'm always looking for guys to jump in with.
  13. Xbone or Playstation? If xbox add me (compton535), i'm always looking for a challenge.
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